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Gay TV channel may be in U.S. by fall

Discussion in 'TV Show Talk' started by Chris Blount, May 3, 2002.

  1. Kman

    Kman Cool Member

    Apr 22, 2002
    I know it won't be a porno channel, but I am sure it would have gay lyfestyle connotations. If there was nothing out of th ordinary that would be shown on this channel why have it to begin with???? I doubt very much that all the programming would be your typical WABC primetime lineup. I know gay people are humans like everyone else. My sister-in-law who is Godmother to one of my children is gay. She is one of the most "human" of human beings I have ever met. She is always welcomed in our house and she is also allowed to take the kids overnight. All we ask she be discreet when the kids are there, which she is.

    Ever see the Gay Pride Parade in NYC or news clips of gay demonstrarions? Sorry, I nor my children need to see men/women with large plastic penis's tied to their bodies or explicit sexual acts or tranvestites tongue kissing each other. Like I said I am tolerant of it, but shove it down my throat and I will throw it up all over you. Not that I am saying this stuff may or may not be aired on this channel, but I am quite positive there would be shows/news to cater to the gay community. If someone wanted to have a heterosexual white man show, there would be a lot more opposition to that. Remember I am not picking on the gay channel. I monitor all TV viewing of my children.
  2. dswoody1

    dswoody1 New Member

    Apr 17, 2002
    Kman, I'm not Damon, but maybe I can answer a few of your questions..

    You can check out the programing line up for PrideVision TV at http://www.pridevisiontv.com/ . This is what they are currently offering in Canada. You can also check out SHO2 Night Out schedule for Wednesdays starting on the 22nd. The schedule seemed pretty tame by my standards, but there are things that I feel that my child shouldn't be exposed to, just as I feel that about alot of the channels. I wouldn't like for my child to watch Sex in the City on HBO, nor Queer As Folk on Showtime. Both shows have great ratings. Why should I say that either of these shows shouldn't be on TV?

    As for the Gay Pride Parade, the news just shows the extreme side of anything... it's sweeps month now. What are the promo's for the news... sex, drugs... Oxygen, how it has been linked to 10 deaths in the tri-state area, more at eleven. There are "extreme" people in all walks of life. Have you ever been to Mardi Gras?, Some of the parade and events are great for children, but I wouldn't want my child there getting Beads. Rent/Buy any of the "Girls caught on Tape" videos and I'm sure that alot of the stuff was taped from Mardi Gras... it just didn't make the news because it wasn't provocative enough.

    Next is a little item I like to term PDA, (goes back to my days in the army) Public Displays of Affection (PDA). Hetrosexuals are the worst violators of the Army's No PDA rule... hand holding, hand in partners back pocket/belt loop, arm over the shoulder, public kissing, hugging, and this is just the light stuff. I allow my child to view... (not that I could stop her... its on just about every show ever made) why should I stop her from seeing 2 women or men kiss, hold hands, or hug. Sure she may have questions (probably asking it really loudly at the wrong time). But why should that bother me?

    The Gay Channels (sho2 night out, and Pridevision) are/will be pay channels and are not being forced down anyones throats, you have to request them and pay extra for them.

    Now here's where it gets tricky... I'm going to have to quote you...

    1. Yes there will be "shows/news to cater to the gay community", its a gay channel, what good would it be to have the "Gay Channel" and only news be the "Farm Report", and the prime time feature "The Walton's"?

    2. I really think you may want to rethink your " If someone wanted to have a heterosexual white man show, there would be a lot more opposition to that." statement. Where do I start.... All in the Family, Rockford Files, Mannix, Nash Bridges, The Guardian, .... pick up a TV guide, close you eyes and point, nine out of ten times you'll hit one, the other one is on Lifetime.

    I'm not picking on you, I'm sure that millions of people feel the way you feel.

    Note to Damon, I'm sorry that I stepped in on this, but I couldn't hold back. I'm sure you could put it better than I.
  3. Scott Greczkowski

    Scott Greczkowski Banned User

    Mar 21, 2002
    Hey folks...

    I am happy with the way this thread has carried itself. A good honest discussion with no fighting.

    We may all have our points of views but I am happy we can all be civil with each other. (And you guys are doing a great job at it!)

    Thanks All!
  4. James_F

    James_F Damn you woman! DBSTalk Gold Club

    Apr 23, 2002
    Ever seen The Man Show on Comedy Central?

    But isn't it interesting how most people assume that every Gay/Lesbian channel will have some sort of porn all the time on it? I can tell you that I have no interest in watching such a channel, but if the market supports it why not?
  5. garydw

    garydw Legend

    Apr 22, 2002
    Why would some people think that a gay tv channel would be harmfull to children?

    I see things on MTV, and Cartoon Network that can be a lot more harmfull.

    The Gay TV channel will be on DBS, and that is Direct, and Dish or the merged company. With the strength of Viacom, and Pridevision it will be on. I for one will be the first to step up to push for the removal of many other channels if Charlie tries to get away without adding this channel. It is time everone understands that Gay and Lesbian people are just that people, and they deserve to have their TV to.

    So Viacom, Pridevision, Showtime, Triangle TV, bring it on....I will subscribe.
  6. Karl Foster

    Karl Foster Hall Of Fame

    Mar 23, 2002
    I won't be watching much of Gay TV. As a military guy and active Christian (not to start a debate - just a fact), it just doesn't fit into my lifestyle.

    On the topic of blocking, on my UTV receivers I can actually go in and set the limits based upon what is actually on the program. For example, if a show is listed as having AS (Adult Situations), I can check that box so all shows with AS are blocked. There are about six different content blocks as well as rating and channel blocks. It is awesome for blocking violent cartoons on Nick or Cartoon Network. I can let my daughter watch those stations, and worry about what she watches. It really ticks her off that Powerpuff Girls automatically blocks and I have to manually unblock it for her, but I at least have absolute control over what is filling her head.
  7. Kman

    Kman Cool Member

    Apr 22, 2002
    I have little objection if my children see hand holding, kissing and other displays of "light" heterosexual affection that is viewed under my roof. To have them, or myself view gay affection under my roof is another thing. Sorry, I am not a prude, nor a Bible thumper, but I am not ready to view it under my own roof. My children have seen gays holding hands in public. I have not tried to avoid them from viewing it, nor have I told them that it was"bad" or "abnormal".
    I was born and raised in Brooklyn. I had the wonderful opportunity to be exposed to, and interact with many races, religions and sexual orientations. I also hope my children get the opportunity to do the same. But again, when it comes to entertainment TV viewed in my house, I draw the line at viewing gay affection. Now, there have been shows where the characters have been portrayed or imputed as being gay that I have watched that did not bring the gay affection aspect to the screen. I have no problem with that. The religion I follow says that homosexuality is immoral, but I also believe in tolerance. That is probably why I can view shows with gay characters, but I do not care to view gay affection.
    One more point. I am not one who believes that my children will become gay because they are exposed to it on TV or the real world for that matter. My sister-in-law's parents were very involved with the church and pretty strict. She went to Catholic grade school, Catholic high school and Lutheran college. Yet today she is gay.
  8. Jeff McClellan

    Jeff McClellan Hall Of Fame

    Apr 22, 2002
    On Oprah yesterday, it was about how rampant oral sex has gotten amongst the early teens generation. It kinda blew my mind.(No pun intended). But the reality is, no matter which channel you tune to, there is always going to be questionable matter, that kids are going to grasp to. Of course between school, playing outside, and even family life, can be detrimental to kids. Oh well.

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