Genie mini client DOES work over ethernet

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    I am putting this info here as a courtesy, since I have searched extensively and haven't really found correct info pertaining to my situation.

    My installation as initially configured in 2013:
    HR44 base unit, 3 clients (one C31 mini, 2 Samsung RVU)

    The HR44 is hooked up via coax for the DTV network, and Gigabit Ethernet to my home network and Internet.

    One room with a 2011 model Samsung DOES NOT have a coax outlet. This TV was running with the internal RVU connected directly to my Gigabit home network (NO DECA).

    Another room DID have coax, and this one had a 2013 model Samsung with the internal RVU connected using a DECA on the coax outlet.

    At some point late last year, the 2011 Samsung RVU stopped working (banner and menu still displayed, but no picture). I read here that this may have been due to a Genie update that killed the RVU connectivity. This leaves it to the manufacturer to supply an updated firmware for the RVU in the TV. Since my TV was manufactured in 2011, Samsung is well past supplying any kind of update. SOL!

    **Let this be a warning for those who opt for internal RVUs: since manufacturers rarely provide updates beyond two years... at some point DTV can render your RVU connection useless and you will be left HIGH AND DRY!! You will forced to use a DTV supplied client, or buy a new TV.**

    My 2013 RVU did continue to work, but due to some flakiness (just about every time, after 20 minutes or so, the station would blank out and rewind to the point where you first started watching) I decided to go ahead and replace both RVUs with mini clients (I plan on moving the 2011 TV to a room that does have a coax outlet).

    Last week I received:
    2 C51 Genie minis.

    Being a Network Engineer by profession, I had always wondered... if the DECA is simply an Ethernet bridge between two mediums, why wouldn't it work in the opposite configuration? Two-way communication has to be involved, so there is no reason it shouldn't work... unless by some DTV self-imposed limitation. The system seems to only require validation of the client's MAC address.

    So, I got both of the minis configured and working off of the coax outlet. Then, using the DECA I removed from the coax connection... I took one of the pre-configured minis into the room without the coax, hooked the DECA up to the gigabit Ethernet, then a short coax into the Genie mini... HDMI into the Samsung... and....

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    Yep, had a discussion about this a while back. This should work no problem for mini clients, however it will not work for regular HD-DVRs or HD receivers as the DECA has a bandstop filter in it so the actual steams from the satellite are not transferred over the ethernet cables, only the RVU streams.
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    Yep, this is old news. Some folks even jury rigged a CCK-W to make a non wireless client wireless.

    But as we know this places you in unsupported territory with DIRECTV, even with the working units.

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