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Discussion in 'Cable TV Discussion' started by gores95, Jul 30, 2018.

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    Sep 19, 2004
    So we finally left DIRECTV after about 15 years. Grew tired of haggling for lower prices every six months, terrible customer service and losing signal every time it drizzled. I have Optimum Online in my area and had their Altice One boxes installed main box and four minis. So far so good but a couple of quick questions. First of all the WiFi I was told by the tech has a pre-chosen username and also I couldn’t choose the password, which is a hassle. The tech warned me about changing the name/password even though it looks like I can on Optimum’s website. Has anyone ever changed the username/password and is it big deal to do so? Also there are four different usernames in my WiFi choices now: first is username, second is username_ext, third is username_5g and fourth is username_5g_ext. I understand what all four are but is there a way that my iPhone would just choose the strongest signal without having to manually change it depending on which room in the house I am in? For example the 5g works best downstairs and in some rooms while the Ext works best in my room. It’s just a hassle to keep manually switching around different WiFi’s.

    Any other advice for a newbie to Altice? Thanks guys.


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    You can change it but if the box resets it will default back. I got rid of the Altice one and minis and Bought Tivo. Tivio Bolt 6 tuner and 4 minis and using my own router
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    How do u like the a1 box ?

    I know a few employees at that company and they absolutely hate getting calls about that box they say it's an epic mess

    But I do like some of the features ...

    There's a huge multi page thread on DSL Reports if u need more info etc

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