Goodbye DISH, at least for now

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    If your equipment supports HDMI CEC, most of that could be taken care of by using CEC.
    You need to specify which remote you're talking about. The Xfinity website documents the "shortcut keys" functions.

    I share your disdain for the directional keypad.
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    I prog these remotes all the time for customers to do both the AVR/soundbar, & TV set. Did you go thru the remote setup menu that the X1 automatically walks you thru? It asks you to prog the TV code first, then will ask you if you want to prog it for an audio system...easy peasy for the most part & it does NOT require any setup for CEC. (note there IS a chance the remote might not have the code for your AVR, but I don't remember having this problem myself, as it seems to support lots of brands/codes)
    You might need to reset the Xfinity remote back to factory specs, then reprog; I just explained how to do this over@DSLR for a user & it fixed his prob:
    Programing the XR11 remote's TV Power & All Power buttons ? - Comcast XFINITY TV | DSLReports Forums
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    I probably blew past most of the setup on the remote because I wasn't sure if I was going to stay with Xfinity. I'll go back and see what's what.
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    Get a TiVo and a cable card. You won’t even notice the difference between Dish, Directv or TiVo.

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