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Got with Extasy on Ch 496

Discussion in 'The OT' started by -, Feb 17, 2002.

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    Extasy is the only "Unedited" of the channels but also the most expensive $27. If renting is a pain, then the $27 isn't a bad deal.

    GummyBear2001, In other posts you posted that you are 17. I remember being 17. Alot coming out of your mouth, but not alot worthwhile to say. Perhaps in 20 years or you will reverse one of your many personality defect. I think you live for someone to post this question so you can Preach. Preach somewhere else!!!

    As for the 17 remarks, No offense to Steve. As he has proven that being 17 can actually lead to well though out and welcome posts.
  2. Guest

    Sorry for the Previous vent, but I had to say it.

    Go ahead and close this thread. As it wouldn't be closed anyway :D
  3. Guest

    I see you've fallen for the same addiction. There is more than one reason to hate porn. The fact that it influences AT LEAST (i.e. we know of) five neurotransmitters, makes it a very powerful addiction, just like any illegal drug. And just like drugs, desperate addicts defend their use.
  4. Guest

    Aren't Power Rangers on? You don't want to miss that after your milk and cookies.

    I think your own fixation with this topic seems to imply an addiction of your own. Get your own house in order before you criticize others. Pretty Typical, in order to hide your own deficiencies you preach how others should act. Jimmy Swaggart and Jim Bakker should be very proud of you.
  5. Guest

    I see no need for this to continue. People-bashing is not an appropriate or dignified response. I told you how I felt and why I felt that way. There was no need for your reaction. I would like to request that the moderators who left this thread alone, PLEASE close it.
  6. Guest

    Just think about this. Prostitution is getting paid money to perform sexual acts. Being a "porn star" (legalized prostitute in my mind) is getting paid more money, to perform sexual acts in front of a camera for thousands of people to watch. One's illegal, one's considered a legit business. Now why is that?
  7. Guest

    Once both are legal, then it won't bother you about the inequality.
  8. Guest

    Thanks Espergarde :) Gummys religious beliefs are very important to him wheather you agree or disagree with them you should still respect him and his beliefs. For me religion isnt my thing but polotics is. I am a conservative republican, I dont agree with most of the Democratic/liberal views but I still respect them.
  9. Guest

    See, what he doesn't understand is my thoughts are well thought-out. I've read the Bible, I know what it says. I know what porn is. I know what we were created for. And I've studied more about religion than the large majority of 40 year olds.
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    As Gummy Requested this thread is closed, please dont start threads that specifically target and harp on other members. Thanks
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