Great article comparing all the streaming options for cord cutters and folks thinking about it

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    I could be mistaken, but its my understanding that for streaming "pre-prepared" videos they use TCP, but for live they use UDP.
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    Nope. TCP all across the board, including all the major live platforms (Vue, YoutubeTV, Sling, ATT whatever). The only variance is some providers are still doing HTTP because the content itself is encrypted, but some providers like Youtube are wrapping everything in TLS/HTTPS.

    The segments are all produced centrally, then pushed to a CDN where the small video segment files get replicated out to all of the servers in the CDN fleet. A fair number of steaming problems are when that replication process falls behind. (this is why services like Netflix tend to have fewer issues, because they can pre-position the content well in advance of demand)

    If you open up developer tools in a browser like Chrome, whether it’s Netflix or YoutubeTV, you can see it’s all a crap-ton of HTTP GET requests.
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    You see that peaky behavior because you have a fast link. If you had say 40 Mbps it would be a lot more steady because it can't burst at 200 Mbps. If Fox's peak is around 35-40 Mbps you'd probably want a 50 Mbps link to be safe, especially if you had someone else browsing the web or whatever while you were watching.
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