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Guilty: Texas mother who drowned her five children.

Discussion in 'The OT' started by -, Mar 13, 2002.

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    "Rage, that didn't answer the question. Legal -- Sick mutually exclusive."

    I think it's evil not a sickness. I don't want to get into a debate over what people think about abortion.
    A morale debate is nothing but opinions and rarely are peoples' opinions changed in debates in the forums. My point was that the government thinks nothing is wrong by killing your children legally via abortion. And satan worshippers do the same because they're evil not sick. Does this answer your question, Tony?
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    Okay Rage, I'll let it go. :)

    I wasn't surprised by the life sentence one bit. Even the state asked for it. As far as costs are concerned it is actually cheaper this way and she isn'e eligible for parole until she's 77.

    See ya
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    I often find it weird to bring Economic issues into Moral arguments, in that a Moral argument should be outside of Economic concerns (at least the way I look at it). Since a swing in economic conditions could reverse the Economic Argument, while such swings should have no affect in a Moral argument???
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    People are hanged
    Phones are hung
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    Don't about half the people on the planet at least have a chance to be "hung" and be happ about it too? :)

    See ya
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    The death penalty is not moral, it is outdated and practiced in most third world, totalitarian and non-democratic countries,(except for the US). It is immoral when you consider that so far more than fifty individuals convicted of murder and on death row have been aquitted because of DNA evidence. The justice and prison system in the US is an affront to justice, and the "jury of your peers" is a system conceived by the ruling classes in the middle ages to give them a greater chance of escaping conviction. Plea bargaining and wealth can get a murderer an aquittal and often a lighter sentence. Just my 2 cents worth.
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    However, it used to be a deterrent, which it now isn't. Bring back public hangings, and I think you would find that the crime rate would eventually go down.

    Another idea I have is to make a criminal's family pay for the cost of imprisonment. Momma won't let junior run around with the wrong crowd if he might put her in the poor house by doing so....
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    Agreed! there are one or 2 states that still have hanging as wells as firing squards as authorized methods of executation.
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    I wasn't on the jury, or in the courtroom, so it is easy to armchair quarterback this one, but I truly thought that with her being in Texas, that they'd send her to the chair. Our last execution in Utah was by firing squad, and soon after the legislature took that choice away from the prisoner. The friggin' ACLU thought it was too barbaric.
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    So did I Karl, I was shocked.
    I thought for sure she would be put to death.
    Life sentence is probably worse.
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    I was surprised as well. My hope for her now is that she gets the help she needs.
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