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H20-100 OTA Tuner Malfunction from New Firmware

Discussion in 'DIRECTV HD DVR/Receiver Discussion' started by winston4u, Aug 15, 2007.

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  1. winston4u

    winston4u New Member

    Sep 5, 2006
    Anyone here having new reception problems with their H20-100 OTA Tuner since receiving the new firmware (x2021)?
    Since this new firmware downloaded, channel(s) 13-1 & 13-2, which formerly were received flawlessly, have started dropping out on a random but regular basis and message "searching for signal on over the air tuner" pops up. After a moment to 1 - 2 seconds, picture and sound return and then the cycle repeats itself -- sometimes in a few seconds and sometimes after several minutes. A roof antenna provides the signal to this and an H20-600 in another room and the signal strength on both receivers registers between 98% and 100% on this channel at all times. There are NO dropouts on this channel on the H20-600, but this may change when the new -600 firmware downloads. There also is no problem on these channels when the same antenna connection feeds a Samsung 360 OTA tuner substituted for the H20.
    Thinking it was a receiver I problem, I had *D have a tech come to check it out. He replaced the refurbished H20 with a brand new H20-100 which, while he was here, seemed to receive these channels OK. However, after I had outlined all the problems, he seemed to believe the problem was not the receiver, but the firmware, and would return as soon as the x2021 firmware downloaded -- the new receiver had x100 firmware out of the box. It turned out he was exactly right.
    After the x2021 firmware downloaded during last night, the problem is back a bad as ever. So, obviously it's not the receiver, but something in the firmware that's effecting the OTA tuner on this particular frequency. All other OTA channels on this receiver come in perfectly, and interestingly, all are at lower signal levels (ranging from 68% to 90% on the antenna meter).
    Other than this single issue (a big one for me because this is the local CBS affiliate) the reception is flawless on all channels, both satellite and OTA.
    Anyone have any thoughts on what I might do or a possible solution? Getting still another receiver from from D* does not appear to be the answer.
    I have read that the H20-100 OTA tuner is not as sensitive as that in the H20-600, so maybe getting a -600 model as a replacement would solve the problem. Then again, though, what might be the chances of getting one from D*??
    I'd appreciate any insights anyone could offer.
  2. asherman

    asherman New Member

    Aug 18, 2007
    I am having similar problem. , all the OTA - 13 channels are losing signal and freezing as you described. My H20 -100 has done this with original firmware (100C) I believe, and is still doing this with the upgraded x2021.
    It must be the reciever, oh and my 13 channels are the local PBS network. This is only happening on the 13 channels, all the other locals work perfectly. When checking the signal meter on the antenna the 13 channels are showing 61-64 signal and will just drop to 0 then return to 61-64, I have other channels with similar signals that don't do this. I have a service call scheduled, will see.
  3. jimmyv2000

    jimmyv2000 Hall Of Fame

    Feb 15, 2007
    Manchester NH
    i am having issues with the new firmware and my ota is worse than the old firmware.:mad:
    but thats the least of my worries we need to fix the HDMI issue since the new update came.
    I just use OTA as a back up if theres a storm
  4. stevendsnyder

    stevendsnyder Mentor

    Aug 24, 2004
    I am having the same issue with my HR20-100. It replaced a H20-600 that had great reception for the OTA channels. Hopefully they will fix it soon. There do not seem to be many CE releases for the HR20-100. With I got a HR20-700 instead, but you get what you get.
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