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H24-200 vs Genie Client

Discussion in 'DIRECTV HD DVR/Receiver Discussion' started by shael, Jul 10, 2013.

  1. shael

    shael New Member

    Sep 20, 2007
    Memphis, TN
    We are getting ready to upgrade to the new Genie system. We currently have HR24, 2-HR22, and H24. What are the advantages/disadvantages of replacing the H24 with the Genie Client? We have plenty of tuner room - we have already been upgraded to SWM-16. Eventually we will want to replace the HR22 with a plain receiver as well - should we go to the H24/H25 or the Genie client?

    Unless there's some big benefit in the Genie client box, it seems like I'd want to stay with the receivers to keep the load of the main Genie unit for regular TV watching.
  2. dpeters11

    dpeters11 Hall Of Fame

    May 30, 2007
    Benefit of the client is rewind/fast forward live tv and full access to the Genie system, including the To Do list/Series manager etc.

    It only uses a tuner from the genie when it is on live tv or in the buffer.
  3. jayerndl

    jayerndl AllStar

    Aug 4, 2007
    I have only ever had DVRs and never had a standard receiver or one of the new clients. I understand the the rewind/fast forward live tv differences, but what specifically are the differences between a client and std. receiver with regards to "full access to the Genie system", ie to do list/series manager etc.. Thanks.

  4. RAD

    RAD Well-Known Member

    Aug 5, 2002
    A client is basically just an extension of the Genie, whatever you can do on the Genie itself (except PIP and some setup options) you can do on the client. That means things like getting the 12 day guide with all the additonal info like cast/crew and graphics that are not on the H24 are on the Genie client. You also have full access to the to do list and the series manager, which you can't do on the H24.
  5. Drucifer

    Drucifer Well-Known Member

    Feb 12, 2009
    NY Hudson...
    The Genie client is a dumb terminal. Because w/o the Genie it can't do anything.
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  6. haas

    haas Cool Member

    Sep 12, 2011
    Mini Genie's are slower than your H24's and have a VOD streaming pixelation bug. If you don't have a problems with slower speeds and VOD bugs go with the Mini. Have had both and went back to the H's.

    If you want full DVR controls at the client end the mini's give you that capability.
  7. inkahauts

    inkahauts Well-Known Member

    Nov 13, 2006
    My c41 tied to my hr44 is as fast as a h24 for me.

    Id say replace your two hr22s with a genie and one genie client. You will then have both and be able to decide for yourself if you ever want to change the other to a client or stay with a h24/25.

    Part of it to me also depends on how you use your system. DO you record everything you watch? How many tvs do you usually watch at one time?

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