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Haller Question

Discussion in 'The OT' started by -, Feb 28, 2002.

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    What service does Bob have now? Didn't he dump E* awhile back? If so, why did he dump it?
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    I think Bob still had Dish Network, although because of the Dishplayer problems his wife has wacked him a few times with a frying pan, therefore to prevent any further personal injury he has been thinking of switching. :D

    Or something like that hehe.

    Actually I was suprised to hear that he was no longer a dealer.

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    E gave me a small credit n my account yesterday. DPs didnt tape survivor, anyone have a copy? Rep confessed software will likely never be fixed. My decision to quit being a dealer was for several reasons, during my health problems I lost interest, tech glitches are a pain supporting, dealers get hosed by E for stuff thats NOT our fault, like folks dying, generating a charge back. ALL of this and the fact that loosing all this weight makes me erpetually cold led me to pack it in....
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    "DPs didnt tape survivor, anyone have a copy?"

    Did your wife hit you with a frying pan yet? Maybe you need to hook up the VCR as backup from now on.
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    Bob - send me an email.
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    Thanks Mark, but I see CBS is supposed to re run the first episode wednesday. If thats the case I am ALL set. From NOW ON cant miss stuff is going to be recorded on a non dp, as a back up.

    Cant miss is survivor, enterprise, providence, and thats life. What can I say, I like the preety ladies:)
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