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harmony remote with hr20

Discussion in 'DIRECTV HD DVR/Receiver Discussion' started by heelsfinl4, Jul 23, 2007.

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  1. heelsfinl4

    heelsfinl4 Mentor

    Oct 20, 2006
    I am looking into purchasing a harmony remote for my hr20. I have the hr20 and a dvd player. All audio is run through my Onkyo receiver. I don't think I have a very complicated system. I was wondering which model would best fit my needs. Iwas looking at the 880, the 720, and xbox 360 one. I looked at hat last one because it is laid out really well, and already has the yellow, blue, red and green buttons on it. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. PoitNarf

    PoitNarf New Member

    Aug 19, 2006
    Any of the harmony models is a good choice. There are many users here with harmonies and few have any issues. I myself use a 880 and love it. It is nice that the 360 model has the colored buttons on it. In the end it all ends up to your personal preference. I like the 880 because of the color screen.

    Do a search on the forum for "harmony" and I'm sure you're going to get a ton of threads for further research.
  3. davring

    davring Hall Of Fame

    Jan 13, 2007
    This was on sale today, maybe they have some left, one heck of a deal. I bought one.

    Logitech Harmony 676 Universal Remote Control"
    Electronics; $49.99

    Sold by: Amazon.com
  4. sonicsi16

    sonicsi16 Cool Member

    Jul 17, 2007
    I am using the 720 from Costco. I am very happy with it.
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