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Has anyone checked their DSL speed for Sky Angel service IPTV

Discussion in 'Sky Angel (Closed Forum)' started by Emil, Jan 25, 2008.

  1. Emil

    Emil New Member

    Jan 24, 2008
    I have spent some time reading threads on this foreum to find out about the latest Sky Angel issues. We got our letter last week about cutting off the lifetime members. We have been a Sky Angel lifetime member since 1996 using Dish Network. I think back when it was called (Dommion Foundation). I would watch Bob Johnson Sr. on Angel One when I was on cable. I felt like I was part of his dream too. I wanted to be part on building our own satelite system, which never happened. I think that if Bob Sr. was alive today, this would not be happening. His daughter took my call when I was having problems getting set up back in '96. It took a few calls, she knew her job and was was there for me when I needed help. What a disappointment this has turned out to be today.

    Is anyone having a DSL speed issue? Even if I decided to go with their IPTV, I won't be able to get service due to my DSL service with Verizon. I ran the connection speed test today and the result was 0.29 MB per second. We need 1.25 Mb qualify. Maybe I am doing something wong, or am I the only one having this problem with DSL? We live in a rural area and glad to get this speed. I used the speed test that another person linked to the Sky Angel web site from this forum. Maybe this is why the IPTV box isn't out yet. I didn't see any threads sbout people thinking of going with any IPTV service running a DSL speed test before signing up.

    I am truly sorry to see all this happen with Sky Angel and their subs, especially after all these years. I guess we will stay with Dish Network. I have some time to check this forum to see what other are doing. Maybe something good will come of this situation. Miracles still happen. Sky Angel should honor the other lifetime members and give them a choice to purchase the IPTV box. Then continue their lifetime service to those who have the proper DSL speed. Something is not right with their thinking, or lack of it. Just to dump the lifetime members that shared Bob Sr's dream is unconscionable. The trust is no longer there, I'm afraid.
  2. dsharmon

    dsharmon Cool Member

    Jan 23, 2008
    Especially knowing what we have been told is not the real Truth.

    Fortunately, we have ATT DSL in Illinois and we enjoy 2.5M bandwidth which allows me to post to the net, watch IPTV, and receive phone calls on Vonage simultaneously.

    Due to the fact that I now can watch my favorite programming over the internet, including FOX News, I may be dropping Dish Network. So this little SkyAngel stunt has introduced me to free IPTV and I may come out ahead sixty bucks a month. That's more money I can place on the offering for our local ministry. God is Good!

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