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Has Anyone Noticed that Dish Network Customer Service is Going Down the Tubes?

Discussion in 'General DISH™ Discussion' started by Kricket, Mar 29, 2006.

How have your RECENT Customer Service Experiences Been?

  1. ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE! Dish CS is REALLY going down the tubes.

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  2. Meh - It's FINE! I haven't noticed a change for the worse at all!

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  3. Well - I haven't really needed CS lately but I just MUST participate in this poll...

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  1. normang

    normang Icon

    Nov 14, 2002
    Language issues aside, as Tony said, a CSR should be trained enough to deal with most issues and if they do have to check something, should take about a minute and if not, come back online and find a alternative means of resolving the issue depending on whether its a promotional order or a technical issue. They should be allowed to call the customer back after getting the needed information and do it within a pre-determined amount of time.

    Also, while there is this saying, "the customer is always right", well, unfortunately, they are not, and in some cases I've seen myself, a customer has caused his own problems and then escalates the problem with emotions that don't get the problem fixed, but merely make things worse..

    I can even blame these forums, the right answer maybe posted here somewhere, but it gets losts among a slew of incorrect answers or sort of close answers, and when the customer calls Dish with a "preconception" of what to expect, and then doesn't get the answer he expects because he "saw it on the forums", then the customer service experience can go right down hill again..
  2. John W

    John W Icon

    Dec 19, 2005
    Believe I've posted this before, but, obviously it needs to be repeated if wily old veterans haven't caught on yet.If you work your way through the prompts on the Dish phone system, as though you had a technical problem requiring human help, THAT person can handle an order of any kind.Has worked for me.
  3. Opynion

    Opynion Godfather

    Mar 21, 2006
    I wonder if this also happens with the competition/D
    maybe there will be less hassle and waiting when the Telecos install their video services with a la carte, if so, it will be the best option, :rolleyes:
    when the guy installed my Dish, he didn't bring the cable and he didn't even installed the dish pointing to the right satelites, I started missing some channels, I have to move the dish to the sides from time to time.
  4. jmsteffen

    jmsteffen Mentor

    May 4, 2005
    Another language issue is the "accent barrier". Twice, I've had to terminate calls because I couldn't understand the CSR. I kept saying "excuse me, could you please repeat that". I ended the conversations by saying that I would call back later. It's kind of embarrasing for both parties. They seem ok unless they have to go "off script". Then language and accents become an issue.

    Folks, remember that it's a competitive world and we are the consumers that DEMAND the best deals and lowest prices. Perhaps we ought to run a poll and ask how many people would be willing to pay an extra $5-$10 / month for well trained, US CSR's. (Dish probably did and found out that more people were interested in price than service).

    There's an old sales adage that goes like this: [salesperson] "I can give you the lowest price, quickest delivery, and great customer service... but, I can only give you two out of three at the same time. So, choose two."

    guess which one loses?
  5. Stalky14

    Stalky14 Legend

    Feb 18, 2005
    I've read of this before many times. Dish's system only allows one open work order at a time per customer, so if you have a pending install (for example), you can't even add a channel or do anything without expunging the previous order. For installs this puts you at the back of the queue again, even though the install and the channel add have nothing to do with each other in terms of what's happening or who's doing the work. Stupid system, and it's been like that for years.


    Feb 24, 2006
    CSR roulette is the name of the game. Hit and miss out of about 40 Csrs I have talked to 4 that acctually know what they are talking about.
    A for the Csrs in India, language barrier is a small problem to me but the amount of training these people have got is nothing.
    Every time you ask a question they respond with please hold while they read there written answers. Its like they have no idea what or how the systems work. Its just not right to put people in that situation. No help for us and a waste of money for DN.
  7. lifterguy

    lifterguy Legend

    Dec 22, 2003
    I agree - Dish first level customer service has definitely gone downhill. I've been a Dish customer for almost 8 years, and it had only been in the past 6 months that I have really noticed problems with CSR's who seem to have no clue what they are talking about. I just upgraded to a 622 and changed my programing package at the same time. My problems included:
    -Mishandling my programming change.
    -Telling me the installer would bring my receiver.
    -Unable to provide a UPS tracking number when the install service told me the installer would not be bringing the receiver.
    -Failed to remove both of my old receivers from my account.
    -Failed to send boxes or return address labels for shipping my receivers back, even though I requested them on at least 2 separate calls.
    My experience with upper level tech support has been good, but the mainline CSR's are awful. They seem to only be able to give stock answers and seem to have no access to any real time information that could let them know what is actually going on.
  8. Opynion

    Opynion Godfather

    Mar 21, 2006
    want to upgrade?
    get ready to be frustrated :rolleyes:
  9. Opynion

    Opynion Godfather

    Mar 21, 2006
    The CSR's can't even change the new area code of a phone on their computers, my old area code was 915 and now that the phone company changed it to 432, the CSR didn't make the change when I told them about the change, I even wrote the area code change in my bill and still they didn't change it on their computer, every time I call I have to use the old area code to get premium channels or to remove them. :)
  10. tdw

    tdw Mentor

    Apr 9, 2005
    I must say I was shocked this evening when I called to change my programming, my phone call lasted less than 4 minutes (I checked my phone timer), and my change was accomplished. No misunderstanding this rep, must of been from the US. Probably the least amount of time I have been on anybody's CS lines in the past year.:hurah:
  11. Fifty Caliber

    Fifty Caliber Banned User

    Jan 4, 2006
    Like anything else, we here all the people who complain about problems, however small or big, but we don't here about all the times it's gotten right.
  12. Kricket

    Kricket Legend

    Nov 18, 2005
    the problem is - ive been on the phone with dish over 10 times in the last month and have only gotten 1 person who seemed to solve at least one of my problems - and all of my problems are pretty darn BIG

    and btw - that one person got a great review to the supervisor from me applauding his fantastic service (maybe i just jumped the gun because he did what every rep should do - he solved my problem)

    EDIT - i THINK he solved one of my problems because hes sending me a replacement 622...who knows if thatll even solve the problem at all...
  13. Kricket

    Kricket Legend

    Nov 18, 2005
    heres just another update for those of you who care - i called up today just to confirm my install date for the 15th and - what do you know - there is NO INSTALL SCHEDULED! hurray - dish network does it again

    luckily, after a few reps and a supervisor, im able to get my original install date again (well, technically, the third install date but at this point - who's counting?)

    of course - the rep gave me a disclaimer "now when the installer gets there, he may look at what he needs to do and say something like 'well, you'll need another work order number - i can't help you' or something to that effect - if that happens, just tell him to call in - i put some notes into the system for you"

    gee thanks - good to know that when the installer gets here, for some reason, he may not want to do the install at all

    way to go dish
  14. UTFAN

    UTFAN Legend

    Nov 11, 2005
    Those folks over in India might even be more literate!!:lol:
  15. MSoper72

    MSoper72 Godfather

    Jun 18, 2004
    I changed mine from 915 to 432 by the online customer account on E* website. I then called up to verify and it worked. :)
  16. MSoper72

    MSoper72 Godfather

    Jun 18, 2004
    I called up to lower my programming package and I had an Indie person at first. He did not understand me at all. So, I got fed up and started playing games with him. I started asking him questions about programming packages; that I knew he would not have a clue to what I would be asking him. I did this till the CSR got ticked and hung up on me. :lol: I called back and another CSR answered and I said, I want to speak to your supervisor and what location am I calling into?! She replied, the El Paso location and may I ask to what reason that you need to speak to my supervisor? I said, really about time someone spoke English. :lol: She laughed and said, so may I help you? I said sure and asked her to lower my programming package; which she did to what I wanted it to be at. :) So I give this CSR an A+ :) I will give the Indie an F-, but for the :lol: he gave me a B- :lol:
  17. Mike D-CO5

    Mike D-CO5 Hall Of Fame

    Mar 11, 2003
    IF I want any kind of customer service with an AMERICAN voice , I choose the tech department . They help me with all my requests just fine and they never complain about having to help me. In fact I have had some long conversations about everything Dish and what new products are coming in the future, etc. If I try to talk to a regular csr and I get a foreign voice from India , Pakistan or what ever crappy country they are outsourcing to, I immediately hang up and dial again and talk to the tech department.

    Keep the CSRS In the U.S.A. if you want good customer relations.:D
  18. dlhuse

    dlhuse Mentor

    Apr 2, 2006
    "We have reviewed your account and show that the earliest schedule available in your area is on Friday, April 24, 2006, 8am-12. "

    This was cut'n pasted from an e-mail that I received from customer support. Does anyone see a problem? Like, Friday is the 21st?:lol:

    So I guess my install is anytime from Friday at 8:00am to Monday at noon?:confused: :eek2:
  19. westfield60

    westfield60 Mentor

    Jan 4, 2006
    I don't think it's only India now. I recently wanted to upgrade to HD so I called the first time and spoke with someone who was clearly an American (Darren) and I even asked where he was based and he said Colorado. However he clearly lied and promised me two new receivers and two dishes for free with no charge monthly charge whatsoever. I found this to be highly doubtful and told him to record this offer onto my account and I would call back after doing some research.

    When I called back I reached a woman with a heavy phillaphino accent. I asked for the offer that the first tech had offered and she told me that there was no such offer or no notes on my account. So I asked her what the offer was and now it was that I could get 1 receiver and install for $49. I told her that I was really unhappy that the first guy who was blatantly lying to me. She apologize profusely but could not comprehend why I was upset. I told her I would wait and sign up later.

    About a week later after doing a lot of research myself (on the plans, receivers and packages) I decided to sign up. This time I had a guy with a heavy phillaphino accent who basically would not talk but just say "Yes" and "Thanks" I was the one who had to ask the questions (is there a monthly fee, is there a contract?, will the receiver have a HDMI connector, What is the price, are my locals in HD, what HD packages do you have?). Luckily I knew the answers myself since I had done the research prior but the guy did not volunteer any information. He just wanted to sign me up.

    So overall, whether it is in India, the Philippines or in Colorado, Customer Service at Dish Network SUCKS.
  20. dpd146

    dpd146 Godfather

    Oct 1, 2005
    I just upgraded to to the 622, I think. I could only understand every third word but I think I got what I wanted, won't know for sure for 3 weeks when the installer is supposed to show up.

    Outsourcing CSR is here to stay (unfortunatley). I wish E* would spend the money to upgrade the website and make it possible to upgrade on the site.
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