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Have teenagers, Whereisthecar.com

Discussion in 'The OT' started by -, Mar 14, 2002.

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  1. Guest

    This just came in my email today. :D

    Do you need to discreetly check up on your teenage driver? Need assistance to know that your teenager or elderly parent is safe on the road and for your Peace-Of-Mind? Would you like to know where they are driving? NOW YOU CAN! Peace-of-Mind couldn't be simpler or more confidential for your young driver. Whenever you want to know where your loved-one's car is, simply send us an email with your PIN

    <a href="http://www.whereisthecar.com/" target=none>Go to the website</a>
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    While on the subject, I take my road test a week from this monday, hopefully I'll pass this time :)
  3. Guest

    Good luck!

    What state do you live in? I'm curious how different the driving tests are between states.

    In Georgia, at least where I live, the dirivng test was pretty practical... you couldn't fake it.
  4. Guest

    Thanks Neilster, I live in NY. The Road test here consists of 2 major parts: three point turns are parrelell parking. Last time i screwed up on parrelell parking, and the instructor said my turns were too wide, althought I didnt think they were :)
  5. Guest

    I hope they come out with a device that I can track myself.

    I don't like the idea of having to send someone an email everytime you want to check up on your car -- what's the point of having this intermediate step?

    I think this is a great idea for parents -- my two pre-teen daughters are each still at least five years away from driving, but I'm already worried.

    BTW Steve, I don't get the importance of parallel parking. I've been driving for about 17 years and have have parallel parked maybe 3 or 4 times total. Good luck anyway!
  6. Guest

    Yeah, I don't know why they make such a big deal about parallel parking. Most parking areas these days have plenty of room to pull straight in. I think it's a good thing to know how to do, but to fail someone on a driving test because they can't parallel park is unfair.
  7. Guest

    I remember my Driving Test well. It was a few weeks after my 16th Birthday.

    My driving School Instructor came over and picked me up, I drove over the the DMV for my test.

    First I took the written test, which was simple. (Circle the sign that tells you to stop) hehe

    After I passed the test I had to go for the actual driving test, I walked outside with the sargent of the DMV. I got in the car and waited for him to tell me what to do.

    Here is my driving test, quoted almost verbatum as far as I remember it.

    "Ok start the car and then take a left out of the Parking lot."

    "Good very good. Now continue driving till you come to the stoplight on Main Street."

    "Ok now turn left for me"

    "Very nice, now turn Right into the McDonnalds, we are going to see how you do at parking."

    "Ok now park the car. Nice. Ok I will be right back I am going to grab a coffee, do you want anything?"

    (Next he comes back with a tray with 4 coffees)

    "Ok good, now back out of the space and lets head back for the DMV office."

    "Ok now heres your real test, pull into the DMV parking lot being carefull of the speedbumps. If I spill any of this coffee on my leg you fail the test."

    "Very good, congradulations, you passed!"

    My test consisted of taking the guy to McDonnalds and back. I told my driving teacher what happened and he had a hard time believeing me, untill he saw the guy who gave me the test walk in with the tray of coffees!
  8. Guest

    That's really funny Scott. My driving test was pretty easy also. At the time my family car was in the shop and so we had a rental car. It was a red Camaro. During the entire test the guy kept asking me about the car and how it handled. He told me to do a few minor turns and lane changes and that was it. Pretty much the whole time we just talked.
  9. Guest

    When my second daughter took her driving test she failed for failing to come to a complete stop before she made a right turn on a red light. As I thought about it I realized that virtually everywhere she drove when she made right turns the intersections had right hand turn lanes with yield signs. She was simply not used to coming to a complete stop unless there was oncoming traffic. She did eventually pass. So will you Steve, good luck.
  10. Guest

    I can see the paralell parking bit for NY... don't have much choice there, I would think.
  11. Guest

    Thats funny Scoot, but very cool wish that would have happened to me back in Augest. I agree with you guys paralell parking is a bit out dated. I dont know how it is in other citys in NY but here in Buffalo when I go downtown, I dont see anyone paralell parking. Heres what happened to me when I took my first roadtest, the instructer had me paralell park behind a Caviler, I did fine until I slightly bumped the curb with the rear right tire, after that happened all I could think about is I failed, but afterthat becasue of by nervisness, when I backed up I didnt turn the wheel fast enough and I started to head in some guys driveway. After that I knew I was done. At the time I took driving lessons and my instructor has a Focus, thats what I took the test with. Now I have to take it with my moms Explorer. Thats gonna be a challenge, Im going to go out and practice this weekend.
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