Have you noticed an explosion in drug prices in 2021

Discussion in 'The OT' started by jimmie57, Apr 7, 2021.

  1. jimmie57

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    Jun 26, 2010
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    Well, there is more than 1 reason for this.
    In the past years if you bought a brand name drug it was charged to you using the Deductible of your insurance plan. If you bought the generic the deductible did not count and was filled as a generic.
    This year , many, many of the drugs that were not under the deductible have been moved by the insurance companies so that the generic is under the deductible.

    Second, if you use Walmart, they would use their $4 pricing no matter what your insurance showed.
    Now, the $4 list has very few drugs on it that are $4 and lots of items that were there are still there but the $4 has been replaced by a much higher price tag.
    $4 Prescriptions - Walmart.com

    Example: I use Clopidogrel ( generic of Plavix) to keep my blood from forming blockages in my veins and arteries.
    In the past I paid $4 for the generic for 30 days or $10 for 90 days.
    I have an order ready at Walmart for a 90 day supply of this and today it is $38. This is in the list for $15 for 30 days and $38 for 90 days.

    Be careful to choose and take this into account the next time you choose and insurance company or even where to fill the drug. Make sure that your drug store is marked as a Preferred provider.
  2. harsh

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    Jun 14, 2003
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    My gout medication (Allopurinol) went through the roof a couple years ago. It was $6 cash ($13 with insurance) for a 90 day supply back in the day and now it is upwards of $70 (for the generic) with insurance. I use GoodRX to get it for less than $18.

    It is a pain because the pharmacy wants to send everything through insurance and that's no longer favorable on half of my prescriptions.
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  3. Getteau

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    Dec 19, 2007
    GoodRX and the other discount programs work really well, but you also need to shop the pharmacies when you use them. I have one prescription that is like $6 with GoodRX at HEB, but it's closer to $40 with GoodRX at Walgreens. Because of the price and because Blue Cross was being stupid with how they would only partially fill the prescription each month, I moved that one prescription to HEB. A few months later when the rest of my prescriptions came up for renewal, I moved everything to HEB because it was too confusing to tell the DRs' office to send prescription A to HEB and B, C and D to Walgreens. Now I just confuse the HEB people when I tell them to put A on GoodRX and B, C and D on BCBS.
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  4. harsh

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    Jun 14, 2003
    Salem, OR
    Walgreens seems relatively expensive based on the drugs that I buy.

    I use Safeway Pharmacy and they offer best or near best pricing on my meds through GoodRx. If you have more than one prescription, the GoodRX Gold plan often pays for itself.

    The lists of discounted drugs seem to be shrinking and it doesn't always make sense that long-term maintenance drug prices would rocket but they sometimes do.
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  5. scooper

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    Apr 22, 2002
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    We use Sam's Club (we are Plus Members) as our Pharmacy. They have a number of drugs that the Club price is cheaper than the usual generic drug price, what they do is go the cheapest (Club price or Insurance price) for us - and they do it without asking us - i.e. they just do it.
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