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    doctor j

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    Jun 14, 2006
    Birmingham, Al.
    It has now been 21 months since SIXTO "retired" from the daily CONUS HD channel assessment that many of us had taken for granted.

    I was hoping that someone would take up the "Banner" and continue that data source. Sadly no luck.
    As the old saying goes "If you want something done ***** , Best do it yourself" !!

    OK here is my efforts toward that end.

    Some ground rules first.
    I will not assess the data daily.

    I already am committed to gct to scan the data weekly and assist in the Full Map published in this Forum. This update will follow that assessment on a weekly basis.

    If the situation arises where changes are seen or suspected, I could be available by PM to run a data check and confirm, time permitting.

    This is our first effort at catching up on 2 years of update so errors/omission are present. We will correct as notified.
    Hopefully I can complete the update over time to serve as a continued Historical Reference to Directv's expression of HD Satellite Channel availability.

    The first installment is an Excel file with 4 sections for Satellites D10 , D11 , D12, & D14.
    There are listed the available TPNs and the Channels assigned by Channel #, Name and vPID

    The second post is a "MASTER" HD CHANNEL Listing by Channel number. Additions/corrections are encouraged by PM.

    I also plan to post copies of SIXTO's old Data with updates as possible.

    Hope you all can enjoy the information, and please thank gct for his encouragement.
    I want to thank others for their brilliant work as well!

    Doctor j

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    doctor j

    doctor j Hall Of Fame DBSTalk Club

    Jun 14, 2006
    Birmingham, Al.
    The Directv Master HD Channel Listing Excel:

    Channel Count Updated 12/30/2015:

    49 CINE and CINE 3D Channels (Not all active, these come and go as other HD channels are ACTIVATED)
    90 "Cable Type" Channels ( Includes 205 SportsMix )( Some MPEG4 SD )
    8 DNS Networks
    10 Spanish HD Channels
    36 Premium Movie Channels
    12 Extra Movie, Extra and Playboy
    5 Sports Networks
    31 Full Time RSN (Including a seasonal Sports Mix channel )
    2 HD AD Channels
    1 International HD Channel


    There is an excel file at the end of this post.
    It is a condensed version of the CONUS tab in the Domestic Transponder Map, dedicated to the HD Channels.
    It may need a bit of explanation and a legend for some of my color coding.
    To capture the full utilization of the KA Satellites I have included the MPEG4 SD Conus channels and the TEST Channels for receiver Sat Beam internal testing. I also left the SD SAT tests channels in at the end to have a complete listing of them.

    The RED CINEHD Channels are not presently (on that day of capture) active. They come and go for Sports/Special Events and often as a precursor to NEW Channel Testing.
    Some channels appear in Multiple Positions (Ch #s). An Example would be AUDIENCE at 101,239,334,500, & 601.
    The Blue Channel is the Primary Position for my counting.
    The Purple Channel is a duplicate listing and not counted in the "Official Count"
    The Green Channels are The MPEG 4 SD CONUS Channels on the KA Satellites.

    Updates Since 6/2013

    Channel Number Change Monday 11/5/2012
    220 NBC Sports from 603

    Channel Number Changes Wednesday 7/31/2013
    553 The Movie Channel East HD from 554
    555 The Movie Channel Extra East HD from 556
    564 Independent Fim Channel HD (IFC) from 559
    565 Hallmark Movie Channel HD from 560
    566 HD Net Movies HD from 561
    567 MGM HD from 562
    568 Sony Movie Channel HD from 563
    569 Universal HD from 564
    570 Smithsonian HD from 565
    571 Crime & Investigation HD from 566
    572 Palladia HD from 567
    573 Shorts HD from 568

    New Thursday 8/15/2013:
    275 QVC HD also CH 70 & 317
    404 Galavision HD
    429 beIN Sport en Espanol HD
    580 Playboy HD

    Channel Changes Saturday 8/17/2013
    219 Fox Sports 1 from SPEED HD Ch 607
    618 Fox Sports 2 from Fuel HD Ch 618

    Channel Changes Wednesday 8/21/2013
    221 CBS Sports HD from 613

    New Monday 8/26/2013
    432 ESPN Deportes HD

    Channel Change Monday 9/2/2013
    259 FXX from Fox Soccer Channel HD Ch 619

    Removed Monday 9/30/2013
    106 ESPN 3D HD

    New Monday 12/16/2013
    361 WeatherNation HD

    New Monday 1/13/2014
    111 IAC HD also 512 ( Ad Channel)

    Removed Wednesday 8/13/2014
    107 3net 3D HD

    New Thursday 8/14/2014
    611 SEC HD

    New Friday 9/26/2014
    238 Reelz HD
    274 Ovation HD

    New Monday 11/17/2014
    674 Root Sports SouthWest HD

    New Monday 12/22/14
    333 MTV2 HD

    New Saturday 1/10/2015
    615 ESPN Buzzer Beater HD (Part Time Sports Channel)

    New Wednesday 1/21/2015
    342 Fusion HD
    677 Longhorn HD

    New Friday 1/30/2015
    410 NBC Universo HD (Mundo 2)

    Channel Number Change Friday 2/27/2015
    352 NASA TV (MPEG 4 SD Channel) from 346

    New Friday 3/6/2015 :
    260 We TV HD
    346 BBC World News HD
    557 Sundance TV HD

    New Wednesday 3/18/2015
    112 IAC HD also 332 (Ad Channel)

    Channel Number Changes Saturday 4/4/2015
    525 STZeHD from 527
    526 STZwHD from 528
    527 STZKHD from 525
    528 STZCHD from 526

    New Wednesday 5/13/2015
    425/624 FOX Deportes HD
    128 CINE HD
    131 CINE HD
    133 CINE HD
    134 CINE HD
    135 CINE HD
    137 CINE HD
    138 CINE HD
    140 CINE HD
    144 CINE HD
    168 CINE HD
    169 CINE HD

    Duplication of 5 Spanish HD Sports Channels Wednesday 5/27/2015
    455/464 UNIDHD
    425/465/624 FOXDHD
    432/466 ESPDHD
    426/467 beINHD
    458/470 TWCDHD

    New Monday 6/1/2015
    301 NKJR HD

    New Wednesday 8/19/2015
    99/255 XTRAHD Shopping Channel

    New *TEST HD Sports Channel Wednesday 8/26/2015
    612 PAC12HD (This Didn't Work out so well :(( )

    New Thursday 9/10/2015
    5 New CINE HD Entries
    131 CINE HD
    146 CINE HD
    170 CINE HD
    171 CINE HD
    172 CINE HD

    New Wednesday 9/23/2015
    358 CASH HD (Shopping CH)

    New Wednesday 9/30/2015
    339 Fuse HD

    New Wednesday 10/28/2015
    318 NOW HD (Infomercial HD)

    New Monday 11/2/2015
    347 Al Jazzera America HD

    New Monday 11/30/2015
    380 Impact TV (MPEG 4 SD)

    New Thursday 12/17/2015
    385 MBC Drama HD

    New Thursday 12/24/2015
    384 Revolt HD

    New Monday 12/28/2015
    382 Comedy TV HD
    383 Justice Central HD

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    doctor j

    doctor j Hall Of Fame DBSTalk Club

    Jun 14, 2006
    Birmingham, Al.
    SIXTO Last Update
    [SIZE=12pt]Updated 05/27/2013[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=12pt]DirecTV HD National Channel Summary[/SIZE]

    124 HD Networks
    30 HD Full-time Regional Sport Networks (RSN's)
    154 HD with Sports (RSNs)
    37 HD Cinema
    191 HD with PPV
    3 3D (3net, Cinema, ESPN3D)
    194 HD with 3D
    8 HD DNS Locals: CBS/NBC/ABC/FOX East & West
    202 HD/3D with DNS
    2 HD Spanish on D7S (119)
    205 HD/3D with DNS

    [SIZE=12pt]DirecTV National HD Channel Listing[/SIZE]

    DNS Local: 390/391 CBS HD (u) MPEG4(Ka)
    DNS Local: 392/393 NBC HD (u) MPEG4(Ka)
    DNS Local: 396/397 ABC HD (u) MPEG4(Ka)
    DNS Local: 398/399 FOX HD (u) MPEG4(Ka)
    OLD 99 PPV HD (0001) MPEG2(Ku) - Removed on 8/14/2008
    NET 101/201/ Audience Network HD (p) MPEG4(Ka)
    PTM 103 n3D 3D (yy,ooo) MPEG4(Ka) 3D
    NET 104 Cinema 3D (yy) MPEG4(Ka) 3D
    NET 106 ESPN 3D (vv,kkk) MPEG4(Ka) 3D
    NET 107 3net 3D (ggg) MPEG4(Ka) 3D
    PTM 122/124 PPV HD Special Events (?) MPEG4(Ka) Event-Only
    OLD 125 Cinema HD (f,ll,mm,fff) MPEG4(Ka)
    (Replaced by Altitude HD 681,
    added back by replacing 9215 1080p, removed)
    CNM 126 Cinema HD (f) MPEG4(Ka)
    CNM 127 Cinema HD (f,pp) MPEG4(Ka) (Replaced by 9178 HD NCC TEST, then
    re-added back)
    OLD 128 Cinema HD (v,kkk) MPEG4(Ka) (Replaced by ESPN3D)
    CNM 129 Cinema HD (v) MPEG4(Ka)
    OLD 130 Cinema HD (w,tt) MPEG4(Ka) (Replaced by Univision HD)
    CNM 130-133 (4) Cinema HD (xx) MPEG4(Ka)
    OLD 134 Cinema HD (xx,kkk) MPEG4(Ka) (Replaced by @MAXHD)
    OLD 135 Cinema HD (zz,kkk) MPEG4(Ka) (Replaced by HB2wHD)
    OLD 136 Cinema HD (mm, iii) MPEG4(Ka) (Replaced by 568 SHRTHD)
    CNM 137 Cinema HD (mm) MPEG4(Ka)
    OLD 138 Cinema HD (k,kkk) MPEG4(Ka) (Replaced by 5MAXHD)
    OLD 139 Cinema HD (k,kkk) MPEG4(Ka) (Replaced by WMAXHD)
    CNM 140-143 (4) Cinema HD (k) MPEG4(Ka)
    CNM 144-147 (4) Cinema HD (v) MPEG4(Ka)
    CNM 148 Cinema HD (k) MPEG4(Ka)
    CNM 149-153 (5) Cinema HD (v) MPEG4(Ka)
    CNM 154-155 (2) Cinema HD (v) MPEG4(Ka) (World Cup/Tennis uses these two slots)
    CNM 156-157 (2) Cinema HD (w) MPEG4(Ka)
    CNM 158 Cinema HD (v) MPEG4(Ka)
    OLD 159 Cinema HD (jj,rr) MPEG4(Ka) (Replaced by Versus HD 603)
    CNM 159-160 (2) Cinema HD (xx) MPEG4(Ka)
    CNM 161 Cinema HD (zz) MPEG4(Ka)
    CNM 162 Cinema HD (ddd) MPEG4(Ka)
    OLD 163-164 (2) Cinema HD (ddd,???) MPEG4(Ka) (Removed for Mix)
    OLD 165 Cinema HD (ddd,fff) MPEG4(Ka) Added and then Removed
    NET 202 CNN HD (0002) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 204 Headline News HD (uuu) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 205/600 Sports Mix HD (yyy) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 206 ESPN HD (0001,u) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 207 ESPNEWS HD ® MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 208 ESPNU HD (uu) MPEG4(Ka) (from 614 to 208 on 6/30/2010)
    NET 209 ESPN2 HD (0001,u) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 212 NFL Network HD (0002) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 213 MLB Network HD (bb) MPEG4(Ka) (Replaced PPV HD 144)
    PTM 214-1 MLB Network HD - Alternate (gg) MPEG4(Ka) Game-Only
    NET 215 NHL Network HD (j) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 216 NBA TV HD (i) MPEG4(Ka) (Moved from 601 to 216 on 7/1/2009)
    NET 217 Tennis Channel HD (o) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 218 Golf HD (aa) MPEG4(Ka) (Split from Versus and moved from 605)
    NET 229 HGTV HD (f) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 230 DIY HD (rrr) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 231 Food Network HD (e) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 232 Cooking Channel HD (uuu) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 236 E! HD (nnn) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 237 Bravo HD MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 241 Spike TV HD (k) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 242 USA Network HD © MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 244 Syfy HD MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 245 TNT HD (0001,u) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 246 TruTV HD (mmm) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 247 TBS HD (0002) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 248 FX HD (f) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 249 Comedy Central HD (cc) MPEG4(Ka) (Replaced PPV HD 146)
    NET 252 Lifetime HD (ww) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 253 Lifetime Movie Network HD (ttt) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 254 AMC HD (lll) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 256 TCM HD (ppp) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 264 BBCA HD (qqq) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 265 A&E HD (0002) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 266 Biography Channel HD (l) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 269 The History Channel HD (0002) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 271 H2 HD (uuu) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 276 National Geographic Channel HD (e) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 277 Travel Channel HD (uu) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 278 Discovery Channel HD (0002) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 279 OWN HD (www) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 280 TLC HD (0002) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 281 Velocity HD (0001,u) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 282 Animal Planet HD (0002) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 283 Nat Geo Wild HD (qqq) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 284 The Science Channel HD (0002) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 285 Investigation Discovery (ID) HD (ttt) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 286 Destination America HD (v) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 289 Disney Junior HD (qqq) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 290 Disney Channel HD ® MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 292 Disney XD HD ® MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 296 Cartoon Network East HD (f) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 299 Nickelodeon East HD (k) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 304 TV Land HD (ttt) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 305 ION East HD (rrr) MPEG4(Ka)
    PTM 306-1 HDNet Alternate (x) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 307 WGN HD (uu) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 311 ABC Family HD (v) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 312 Hallmark HD (ww) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 327 Country Music Television HD (k) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 329 BET HD (ii) MPEG4(Ka) (Replaced Cinema HD Old-138)
    NET 331 MTV HD (k) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 335 VH1 HD (k) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 340 AXS.TV (0001,u) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 353 Bloomberg TV HD (xxx) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 355 CNBC HD (e) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 356 MSNBC HD (uu) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 359 Fox Business Channel HD (f) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 360 Fox News Channel HD (x) MPEG4(Ka) (Replaced PPV HD 149)
    NET 362 The Weather Channel HD (0002) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 402 Univision HD (tt) MPEG4(Ka) (Replaced Cinema HD 130)
    NET 405 Mega TV HD (ccc) D7S (119°) MPEG?(Ku)
    NET 408 Telefutura HD (tt) D7S (119°) MPEG?(Ku)
    NET 455 Univision Deportes Network HD (vvv) MPEG4(Ka)
    OLD 456/627 GolTV HD (aaa, qqq) MPEG4(Ka)
    RSN 458 TWC SportsNet Deportes HD (sss) MPEG4(Ka)
    PTM 471-1 (6) MLS Direct Kick HD (MPEG4(Ka) part-time,
    thru 476-1 mostly re-map of D10/D11 RSN's)
    PTM 478-1 (2) Cricket HD (MPEG4(Ka) part-time)
    thru 479-1
    NET 501 HBO East HD (0001,u) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 502 HBO2 East HD (ww) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 503 HBO Signature East HD (hhh) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 504 HBO West HD © MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 505 HBO2 West HD (kkk) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 507 HBO Family East HD (hhh) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 506 HBO Comedy HD (jjj) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 509 HBO Zone HD (ww) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 511 HBO Latino HD (jjj) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 515 Cinemax East HD © MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 516 Cinemax West HD © MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 517 Cinemax MoreMax HD (jjj) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 519 Cinemax ActionMax HD (jjj) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 520 Cinemax 5 StarMax HD (kkk) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 521 Cinemax WMax HD (kkk) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 522 Cinemax ThrillerMax HD (jjj) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 523 Cinemax @MAX HD (kkk) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 525 Starz Kids & Family HD (0002) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 526 Starz Comedy HD (0002) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 527 Starz East HD (0002) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 528 Starz West HD (0002) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 529 Starz Edge HD (0002) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 530 Starz in Black HD (ww) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 531 Starz Cinema HD (ww) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 535 Encore East HD (ww) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 541 Encore Action HD (uuu) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 545 Showtime East HD (0001,u) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 546 Showtime West HD (0002) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 547 Showtime Too HD (0002) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 548 Showtime Showcase HD (v) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 549 Showtime Extreme HD (v) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 550 Showtime Beyond HD (ww) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 551 Showtime Next HD (ww) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 552 Showtime Women HD (ww) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 554 The Movie Channel East HD (0002) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 556 The Movie Channel XTra HD (ww) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 559 IFC HD (uuu) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 560 Hallmark Movie Channel HD (uu) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 561 HDNet Movies (0001,u) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 562 MGM HD (e) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 563 Sony Movie Channel HD (eee) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 564 Universal HD (0001,u) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 565 Smithsonian HD (0002) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 566 Crime & Investigation HD (y) MPEG4(Ka) (Replaced PPV HD 139)
    NET 567 Palladia HD (d) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 568 Shorts HD (iii) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 603 NBC Sports HD (0002,aa,jj,rr) MPEG4(Ka) (Replaced Cinema HD 159)
    NET 607 Speed Channel HD (f) MPEG4(Ka)
    PTM 609-1 (seasonal) Big Ten Network HD - Alternate (kk) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 610 Big Ten Network HD (0002) MPEG4(Ka)
    PTM 611-1 (seasonal) Big Ten Network HD - Alternate (kk) MPEG4(Ka)
    PTM 612-1 (seasonal) Big Ten Network HD - Alternate (kk) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 613 CBS College Sports HD (o) MPEG4(Ka)
    PTM 615-1 (seasonal) Big Ten Network HD - Alternate (?) MPEG4(Ka)
    PTM 616-1 Mountain West Sports Network HD - Alternate (?) MPEG4(Ka)
    PTM 617-1 Fox College Sports HD - Alternate (?) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 618 Fuel TV HD (f) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 619 Fox Soccer Channel HD (bbb) MPEG4(Ka)
    NET 620 beIn Sports HD (qqq) MPEG4(Ka)
    PTM 623-1 Fox College Sports - Alternate (h) MPEG4(Ka) Game-Only
    PTM 625-1 (seasonal) Big Ten Network HD - Alternate (h) MPEG4(Ka) Game-Only
    RSN 628 NESN HD © MPEG4(Ka)
    PTM 629-1 NESN HD - Alternate (gg) MPEG4(Ka) Game-Only
    RSN 630 Comcast SportsNet New England HD (k,z) MPEG4(Ka) Game-Only
    (Replaced PPV HD 150, Now Full-time)
    RSN 631 YES HD © MPEG4(Ka)
    PTM 632 YES Bonus Cam HD (ff) MPEG4(Ka)
    PTM 633-1 YES HD - Alternate (ss) MPEG4(Ka)
    RSN 634 Madison Square Garden (MSG) HD (m) MPEG4(Ka)
    RSN 635 MSG Plus HD (m) MPEG4(Ka)
    PTM 636-1 MSG/MSG+ HD - Alternate (n) MPEG4(Ka) Game-Only
    PTM 637-1 MSG/MSG+ HD - Alternate (n) MPEG4(Ka) Game-Only
    PTM 638-1 MSG/MSG+ HD - Alternate (?) MPEG4(Ka) Game-Only
    RSN 639 SportsNet NewYork (SNY) HD © MPEG4(Ka)
    RSN 640 Mid-Atlantic Sports Network HD (q,ee) MPEG4(Ka)
    (Replaced PPV HD Old-134, Now Full-time)
    PTM 641-1 Mid-Atlantic Sports Network HD - Alternate (t) MPEG4(Ka) Game-Only
    RSN 642 Comcast SportsNet Mid-Atlantic HD © MPEG4(Ka)
    PTM 643-1 Comcast SportsNet Mid-Atlantic HD - Alternate (?) MPEG4(Ka)
    PTM 644-1 FSN Tennessee HD (?) MPEG4(Ka)
    PTM 645-1 FSN Carolina HD (?) MPEG4(Ka)
    RSN 646 FSN South HD (k,v) MPEG4(Ka) Game-Only
    PTM 647-1 Fox Sports South Plus HD - Alternate (m) MPEG4(Ka) Game-Only
    PTM 648-1 Fox Sports South HD - Alternate (n) MPEG4(Ka) Game-Only
    RSN 649 SportsSouth HD (k,v) MPEG4(Ka) Game-Only
    PTM 650-1 RSN Overflow HD - Alternate (?) MPEG4(Ka)
    PTM 652-1 RSN HD - Alternate (ll) MPEG4(Ka) Game-Only
    RSN 653 Sunshine Sports HD (k,v) MPEG4(Ka) Game-Only
    RSN 654 FSN Florida HD (k,ww) MPEG4(Ka)
    PTM 655-1 FSN Florida Plus HD - Alternate (k) MPEG4(Ka) Game-Only
    PTM 656-1 Sunshine Sports HD - Alternate (k) MPEG4(Ka) Game-Only
    PTM 658-1 RSN HD - Alternate (ll) MPEG4(Ka) Game-Only
    RSN 659 FSN Pittsburgh HD (g,v) MPEG4(Ka) Game-Only
    PTM 660-1 FSN Ohio HD (k) MPEG4(Ka) Game-Only (Full-time delayed since 8/14/2008)
    PTM 661-1 FSN Cincinnati HD (k) MPEG4(Ka) Game-Only
    (Full-time delayed since 8/14/2008)
    RSN 662 SportsTime Ohio HD (s,ee) MPEG4(Ka) (Replaced PPV HD Old-145, Now Full-time)
    RSN 663 FSN Detroit HD (f) MPEG4(Ka)
    PTM 664-1 Fox Sports Detroit HD - Alternate (oo) MPEG4(Ka) Game-Only
    RSN 665 Comcast SportsNet Chicago HD © MPEG4(Ka)
    PTM 666-1 Comcast SportsNet Chicago Plus HD - Alternate (t) MPEG4(Ka) Game-Only
    RSN 668 FSN North HD (k,v) MPEG4(Ka)
    PTM 669-1 FSN Wisconsin HD (k) MPEG4(Ka) Game-Only
    RSN 671 FSN Midwest HD (g,v) MPEG4(Ka)
    PTM 672-1 FSN Kansas City HD - Alternate (k) MPEG4(Ka) Game-Only
    PTM 673-1 FSN Indiana HD - Alternate (m) MPEG4(Ka) Game-Only
    PTM 675-1 RSN HD - Alternate (ss) MPEG4(Ka) Game-Only
    RSN 676 FSN Southwest HD (f) MPEG4(Ka)
    PTM 677-1 FSN Southwest HD - Alternate (m) MPEG4(Ka) Game-Only
    PTM 678-1 FSN Houston HD - Alternate (k) MPEG4(Ka) Game-Only
    PTM 679-1 FSN Oklahoma HD - Alternate (?) MPEG4(Ka) Game-Only
    PTM 680-1 RSN HD - Alternate (hh) MPEG4(Ka) Game-Only
    RSN 681 Altitude HD (k,ll) MPEG4(Ka) Game-Only (Replaced CINEHD 125,
    Now Full-Time)
    PTM 682-1 Altitude Sports HD - Alternate (m) MPEG4(Ka) Game-Only
    RSN 683 FSN Rocky Mountain HD (k,v) MPEG4(Ka) Game-Only
    PTM 684-1 FSN Utah HD (k) MPEG4(Ka) Game-Only
    RSN 686 FSN Arizona HD (k,v) MPEG4(Ka) Game-Only
    RSN 687 FSN Northwest HD (k,v) MPEG4(Ka) Game-Only
    PTM 688-1 FSN Northwest Plus HD - Alternate (?) MPEG4(Ka) Game-Only
    RSN 691 TWC SportsNet HD (sss) MPEG4(Ka)
    RSN 692 FSN West HD (f) MPEG4(Ka)
    RSN 693 FSN Prime Ticket HD (f) MPEG4(Ka)
    RSN 694 Fox Sports San Diego HD (www) MPEG4(Ka)
    RSN 696 Comcast SportsNet Bay Area HD (k,ww) MPEG4(Ka)
    PTM 697-1 Comcast SportsNet Bay Area HD - Alternate (m) MPEG4(Ka) Game-Only
    RSN 698 Comcast SportsNet California HD (k,ww) MPEG4(Ka)
    PTM 699-1 RSN HD - Alternate (nn) MPEG4(Ka) Game-Only
    PTM 728/729 CBS College Basketball HD (qq) MPEG4(Ka) Game-Only
    PTM 702-1 (17) NFL Sunday Ticket HD MPEG4(Ka)
    thru 718-1
    PTM 720-1 (30) MLB Extra Innings HD (MPEG4(Ka) part-time,
    thru 749-1 mostly re-map of D10/D11 RSN's)
    PTM 751-1 (18) NBA League Pass HD (MPEG4(Ka) part-time,
    thru 768-1 mostly re-map of D10/D11 RSN's)
    PTM 770-1 (16) NHL Center Ice HD (MPEG4(Ka) part-time,
    thru 785-1 mostly re-map of D10/D11 RSN's)
    PTM 795 (4) NASCAR HD (MPEG4(Ka), part-time)
    thru 798
    OLD 9178 HD NCC TEST (pp) MPEG4(Ka) (Replaced Cinema 127, then moved to Cinema 159)
    OLD 9215 TEST 1080p HD (dd,mm) MPEG4(Ka) (Replaced Old PPV HD 133
    - Replaced by Cinema 125)
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    doctor j

    doctor j Hall Of Fame DBSTalk Club

    Jun 14, 2006
    Birmingham, Al.

    [SIZE=10pt]Code # Satellite Date Day Channel Change[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]---- - ------------- ---------- --- --------------[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]yyy 1 D1x MPEG4(Ka) 05/27/2013 Mon SMXHD[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]xxx 1 D1x MPEG4(Ka) 04/15/2013 Mon BTVHD[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]www 2 D1x MPEG4(Ka) 04/01/2013 Mon OWNHD,FSSDHD[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]vvv 1 D1x MPEG4(Ka) 03/15/2013 Fri UNIDHD[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]uuu 5 D1x MPEG4(Ka) 01/31/2013 Thu HLNHD,COOKHD,H2HD,EACTHD,IFCHD[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]ttt 3 D1x MPEG4(Ka) 01/24/2013 Thu LMNHD,IDHD,TVLDHD[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]sss 2 D1x MPEG4(Ka) 11/15/2012 Thu TWCDHD,TWCSNHD[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]rrr 2 D1x MPEG4(Ka) 09/19/2012 Wed DIYHD,IONEHD[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]qqq 4 D10 MPEG4(Ka) 08/15/2012 Wed BBCAHD,NGWHD,DSJRHD,beINHD[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]ppp 1 D10 MPEG4(Ka) 07/19/2012 Thu TCMHD[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]ooo -1 D12 MPEG4(Ka) 06/04/2012 Mon Removed n3D[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]nnn 1 D12 MPEG4(Ka) 04/19/2012 Thu E!HD[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]mmm 1 D11 MPEG4(Ka) 03/07/2012 Wed TruTVHD[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]lll 1 D12 MPEG4(Ka) 09/09/2011 Fri AMCHD[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]kkk 5 D12 MPEG4(Ka) 07/27/2011 Wed ESPN3D,HB2wHD,5MAXHD,WMAXHD @MAXHD5[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt] CINEHD replace(128,134,135,138,139)[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]jjj 5 D1x MPEG4(Ka) 05/25/2011 Wed HBOCHD,HBOLHD,MMAXHD,AMAXHD,TMAXHD[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]iii 1 D12 MPEG4(Ka) 05/04/2011 Wed SHRTHD replaced CINEHD 136[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]hhh 2 D12 MPEG4(Ka) 03/30/2011 Wed HBSeHD,HBOFeH[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]ggg 1 D12 MPEG4(Ka) 02/13/2011 Sun 3net[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]fff -2 D10 MPEG4(Ka) 10/29/2010 Fri 2 CINEHD Removed[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]eee 1 D12 MPEG4(Ka) 10/18/2010 Mon SONYHD[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]ddd 4 D11/D12 MPEG4(Ka) 10/07/2010 Thu 4 CINEHD[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]ccc 1 D7S MPEG4(Ku) 09/29/2010 Wed MEGAHD[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]bbb 1 D12 MPEG4(Ka) 08/11/2010 Wed FSCHD[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]aaa 1 D12 MPEG4(Ka) 08/04/2010 Wed GOLHD[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]zz 2 D12 MPEG4(Ka) 08/02/2010 Mon 2 CINEHD[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]yy 2 D12 MPEG4(Ka) 07/01/2010 Thu CINE3D,n3D[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]xx 7 D12 MPEG4(Ka) 06/28/2010 Mon 7 CINEHD[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]ww 14 D12 MPEG4(Ka) 06/23/2010 Wed LIFEHD,HALLHD,HB2eHD,HBOZHD,SBLKHD,[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]vv 1 D10 MPEG4(Ka) 05/20/2010 Thu ESPN3D part-time[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]uu 5 D12 MPEG4(Ka) 05/19/2010 Wed TRAVHD,WGNHD,MNBCHD,HLMKHD,ESPUHD[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]tt 2 D11/D7S MPEG4(Ka/u) 04/28/2010 Wed UNIEHD replaced CINEHD 130,TFTWHD[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]ss 2 D1x(PT) MPEG4(Ka) 04/14/2010 Wed YESA and RSNA[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt] 6 110 MPEG2(Ku) 04/01/2010 Thu MPEG2 Legacy removed from 110[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]rr 1 D10 MPEG4(Ka) 03/15/2010 Mon Versus HD replaced CINEHD 159[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]qq 2 D1x(PT) MPEG4(Ka) 12/30/2009 Wed 728/729/730 added[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]pp 1 D11 MPEG4(Ka) 12/18/2009 Fri 127 added, 9178 moved to 159 slot[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt] 11/17/2009 Tue 9178 replaced CINEHD 127[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]oo 1 D1x(PT) MPEG4(Ka) 11/12/2009 Thu FSSaHD[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]nn 1 D1x(PT) MPEG4(Ka) 10/28/2009 Wed RSNa[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]mm 3 D11 MPEG4(Ka) 10/12/2009 Mon 125 1080p replaced 9215,2 CINEHD[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]ll 3 D1x(PT) MPEG4(Ka) 10/02/2009 Fri ALTHD replaced CINEHD,2 RSNa[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]kk 3 D1x(PT) MPEG4(Ka) 09/03/2009 Thu 3 BTNaHD[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]jj 1 D10 MPEG4(Ka) 09/01/2009 Tue CINEHD replaced Versus HD[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]ii 1 D11 MPEG4(Ka) 06/26/2009 Fri BETHD replaced PPVHD[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]hh 1 D1x(PT) MPEG4(Ka) 04/17/2009 Fri RSNa[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]gg 2 D1x(PT) MPEG4(Ka) 04/10/2009 Fri MLBaHD,NSN+HD[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]ff 1 D1x(PT) MPEG4(Ka) 04/03/2009 Fri YBCHD[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]ee 2 D11 MPEG4(Ka) 04/01/2009 Wed MASNHD,STOHD replaced PPVHD[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]dd 1 D11 MPEG4(Ka) 02/26/2009 Thu 1080p replaced PPVHD[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]cc 1 D11 MPEG4(Ka) 01/21/2009 Wed COMHD replaced PPVHD[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]bb 1 D11 MPEG4(Ka) 01/01/2009 Thu MLBNHD replaced PPVHD[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]aa 1 D11 MPEG4(Ka) 12/03/2008 Wed GOLFHD[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]z 1 D11 MPEG4(Ka) 10/29/2008 Wed CSNEHD replaced PPVHD[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]y 1 D11 MPEG4(Ka) 10/22/2008 Wed CIHD replaced PPVHD[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]x 2 D11 MPEG4(Ka) 10/17/2008 Fri HDNaHD,FNCHD replaced PPVHD[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]w 3 D11 MPEG4(Ka) 09/05/2008 Fri 3 PPVHD[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]v 31 D11 MPEG4(Ka) 08/14/2008 Thu PLGNHD,ABCFHD,SHO3HD,EXTRHD,FSSHD[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]u 17 D11 MPEG4(Ka) 07/31/2008 Thu 8 DNS,9 Legacy[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]t 2 D1x(PT) MPEG4(Ka) 04/16/2008 Wed CSNCHD,MASNaHD[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]s 1 D1x(PT) MPEG4(Ka) 04/04/2008 Fri STOHD[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]r 3 D10 MPEG4(Ka) 04/02/2008 Wed ESNHD,DISeHD,DXDHD[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]q 1 D1x(PT) MPEG4(Ka) 03/31/2008 Mon MASNHD[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]p 1 D10 MPEG4(Ka) 01/23/2008 Wed T101HD[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]o 2 D10 MPEG4(Ka) 12/28/2007 Fri TNNSHD,CBSCHD[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]n 2 D10 MPEG4(Ka) 12/20/2007 Thu[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]m 7 D10 MPEG4(Ka) 12/05/2007 Wed[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]l 1 D10 MPEG4(Ka) 11/28/2007 Wed[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]k 30 D10 MPEG4(Ka) 11/14/2007 Wed[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]j 1 D10 MPEG4(Ka) 10/31/2007 Wed[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]i 1 D10 MPEG4(Ka) 10/29/2007 Mon[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]h 2 D10 MPEG4(Ka) 10/26/2007 Fri[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]g 2 D10 MPEG4(Ka) 10/17/2007 Wed[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]f 18 D10 MPEG4(Ka) 10/15/2007 Mon[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]e 4 D10 MPEG4(Ka) 10/10/2007 Wed[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]d 1 D10 MPEG4(Ka) 10/04/2007 Thu[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]c 11 D10 MPEG4(Ka) 10/03/2007 Wed[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]0002 21 D10 MPEG4(Ka) 09/26/2007 Wed[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10pt]0001 10 110/119 MPEG2(Ku) prior to 09/26/2007[/SIZE]
  5. Mar 3, 2015 #5 of 20

    RAD Well-Known Member

    Aug 5, 2002
    The only 3D channel left is the PPV on ch 104, all the others are gone.

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  6. Mar 3, 2015 #6 of 20

    KyL416 Hall Of Fame

    Nov 10, 2005
    Tobyhanna, PA
    It's just a repost of the last Sixto report from 2013, he didn't update the data yet. A LOT of changes have happened since then, several channels folded, new channels were added, several rebalances, a realignment of the HD Cinema channels, among other things.
  7. Mar 3, 2015 #7 of 20

    HoTat2 Hall Of Fame

    Nov 16, 2005
    Hey, nice work so far; :)

    Much appreciated for what I really thought was lost after Sixto's departure.

    Just xpndr 22 (TID 21) for D14 in the excel document should be listed as undefined and grayed out is the only minor error I see so far...

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  8. Mar 4, 2015 #8 of 20

    APB101 Icon

    Sep 1, 2010
    Thank you to Sixto, and to everyone else, who has ever done this for DBSTalk.com!
  9. sharonmu

    sharonmu New Member

    Oct 3, 2013
    can someone point me in the direction of finding out if they put in the right dish. I'm getting lexington kentucky locals due to a error in zip code and i looked it up today i'm supposed to get louisville kentucky. If i was with cable tv i would be getting lexington kentucky & louisville kentucky cause i'm in a rural area. Even with dish i got louisville kentucky locals. they surely didn't change it on directv. BTW so glad to get rid of dish. Please don't band me its the first time i've asked a question about directv. Its always been about dish. I have a 3 lnb dish. will they have to come to the home to reinstall the dish. Or can they do it at the office. the good thing about dish you could see exactly where there locals where located. which i don't understand why directv isn't like that. AGAIN please don't ban me.
  10. peds48

    peds48 Genius.

    Jan 10, 2008
    Why would you get banned? You are asking a perfectly good question. If you post your zip code, someone can tell you what you are supposed to get. Locals on cable vs DIRECTV® can vary greatly.
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  11. sharonmu

    sharonmu New Member

    Oct 3, 2013
    40601 actually they did have my zip correct they did the county wrong which is henry kentucky it plainly says louisville kentucky locals. the thing is my neighbor has a 5 slimline. I don't understand why mine is only a 3 lnb. thanks for helping me out
  12. tomspeer46

    tomspeer46 Legend

    Nov 17, 2011
    Eastern NC...
    The SL5S LNB your neighbor has, receives from satellites at 99,101,103,110,and 119 West Longitude. Your SL3S recieves from 99,101,and 103. You are not missing anything. His installation is probably older, when both Lexington and Louisville had Standard Definition local stations on the 119 satellite, that were not also on an MPEG4 spotbeam from 103. DirecTV, over the past year or more, for local markets served by 119, has been duplicating all of the local stations for a given market on either 103 or 99, and doing new installs with the SL3S. Many of us expect them to retire 119 from serving local markets over time. The SL3S is less expensive, both in hardware cost and installation labor cost. 119 is also closer to the horizon, so is more likely to be obstructed by trees, buildings, etc. The satellite at 110 is no longer in use for domestic markets, so if all of your locals are available with the setup you have (and they are for Lexington and Louisville), then you are missing nothing, except possibly a couple of Sonic Tap channels
  13. HoTat2

    HoTat2 Hall Of Fame

    Nov 16, 2005
    An obvious typo, but just so as not to confuse the reader the portion of the post above should read " ... either 103 or 99."

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  14. sharonmu

    sharonmu New Member

    Oct 3, 2013
    thanks so much for the responses. So i can call them now and get the right locals. I appreciate ya tomspeer46 & HoTat2
  15. Gary Toma

    Gary Toma UNIX

    Mar 22, 2006
    Post #1, the HD Transponder Grid, has just been updated with a fresh 5/16/2016 view by Doctor J.
  16. Gary Toma

    Gary Toma UNIX

    Mar 22, 2006
    Post #1, the HD Transponder Grid, has just been updated with a fresh 8/3/2016 view by Doctor J.
  17. Gary Toma

    Gary Toma UNIX

    Mar 22, 2006
    Post #1, the HD Transponder Grid, has just been updated with a fresh 10/5/2016 view by Doctor J.
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  18. tomspeer46

    tomspeer46 Legend

    Nov 17, 2011
    Eastern NC...
    I have produced an automated version of this chart, that includes all DirecTV domestic transponders, including Spot beams, HERE.
    (link updated)
    Last edited: Dec 17, 2017
  19. jeffwltrs

    jeffwltrs Godfather

    Apr 2, 2006
    Lakeland, FL
    Link doesn’t work!
  20. tomspeer46

    tomspeer46 Legend

    Nov 17, 2011
    Eastern NC...
    Sorry, this site is so bogged down with ads, that I rarely visit it. I refuse to pay a membership fee so that I can contribute to it. I was alerted by a friend on our other site about your valid complaint. The Transponder grids are available at: Satellite Transponder Information

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