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HD channels not coming in

Discussion in 'DIRECTV General Discussion' started by rickeame, Dec 24, 2008.

  1. rickeame

    rickeame Legend

    Sep 5, 2006
    I am in the Seattle area and we are having snow right now. I am able to receive a bunch of channels, but things like TOONHD are not coming in. I have removed all snow from the dish.

    This is getting tiresome. I have had my dish aimed a billion times and if we get major rain or any snow, suddenly I lack channels.

    Is that channel on a particularly weak sat?

    In checking signal strength, I get 80's on 101, I get high 90's on 110, high 80's to 90's on 119, same for 99(c), 99(s) is nada, 103(s) is nada, 103(c) is high 80's and 90's.

    What should I be looking for?
  2. LarryFlowers

    LarryFlowers New Member

    Sep 22, 2006
    Could be wrong here... but the weather falling ON you is not nearly as significant as what is falling to the south and southeast of you.. the sats are generally over Texas... and looking at the weather radar for your area you are getting slammed to the south and southeast so this could be having an effect on you...
  3. curt8403

    curt8403 Hall Of Fame

    Dec 27, 2007
    your signals seem ok. check channels 480 - 482
  4. rickeame

    rickeame Legend

    Sep 5, 2006
    So in looking at another thread, it turned out there is some common problem where you get an error on tuner 2 (771) and you have to reset your receiver.

    This happens again, and I go back to comcast. I have swapped out enough DVR's and lost enough shows. The only thing that might save me is a really good tivo box. The software for DirecTV is awful.
  5. hdtvfan0001

    hdtvfan0001 Well-Known Member

    Jul 28, 2004
    Sorry to hear about your experiences....but just so you know...many of us do NOT have the problems you reported, so its not a universal or "common" issue.

    Since you provided very few details...it could be caused by a myriad of things, including a poor dish alignment, defective LNB, one poor cable or connector installation, a poor multiswitch, and last....a defective unit.

    Perhaps you might want to call DirecTV to have someone check out your setup?
  6. prospero63

    prospero63 Godfather

    Aug 30, 2008
    It's not a pink elephant either. Far, far too many people are having far, far too similar of issues for it to be a non-existent issue. The all too common response to posters with these issues is "well I don't have that problem". That doesn't mean that they don't however, or that others don't.

    I agree though, this issue is best handled by calling DirecTV to determine what the problem really is.
  7. rickeame

    rickeame Legend

    Sep 5, 2006
    We have had the installer out (and another one), and signal levels "look fine" to both of the guys who have come out. They have checked everything. I simply thing the dvr's we have gotten have been crap. Two HR21 Pros, and 1 HR21-700 that crapped out.


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