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    The Ultimate HD Locals Resources

    The links below provide Interactive Access to the official Directv.com website, providing information regarding different aspects of HD Local Service

    Neighboring DMA Local Channels
    Often referred to as “Significantly Viewed Channels”. These channels from an adjacent DMA are offered by County and then by Zip Code within that County. Portland, OR - Fringe Locals is a good example.

    Local Network Channel / DNS Availability
    Responds with a listing of your HD and SD Local Satellite Channels and Over-the-Air (OTA) Channels. Also indicates if Distant Network Service (DNS) is available for your location.

    DNS – Distant Network Service Information
    Links to a DBSTalk thread providing a wealth of information about DNS Service.

    Local Channels Lookup
    Returns available Local Channels based upon your Zip Code.

    Coming HD Local Markets
    Unfortunately, no forecast market launches are presently shown. The last HD Locals DMA added was in September, 2014. Directv already covers 99.54% of the US Domestic Market; but if you are in a market awaiting HD Locals – check this link regularly !

    Coming HD Local Channels
    This link takes you to the TPN Map thread which provides a current Excel of all channel information. Think of active CONUS or LIL channels as 'normal' satellite broadcast channels. The TPN Map Excel then has a HYBRID tab to contain all the 'abnormal' channels. Among these other types of Interactive and Test channels are Test: Local-into-Local Channels. New HD Local Channels typically pass through this stage of testing before lighting up and becoming active.

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