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HD TiVo problems/concerns

Discussion in 'DIRECTV HD DVR/Receiver Discussion' started by acmca, Sep 6, 2004.

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  1. acmca

    acmca New Member

    Sep 6, 2004
    Have had my HD TiVo for about a month and have noticed several things and was wondering if they were considered acceptable or I had a defective unit. Tried calling support, but that was a waste. I have had a SAT-T60 for about 4 or 5 years, so these are things that are noticeably different.

    1. Slow switch between menus - when I delete a program after watching it or go to the now playing list or the TiVo menu from a show, it will often take up to 10 secs to switch over to the new menu. There will be a lot of times where I will have the last frozen image of whatever I was watching as the background (for several seconds) for the TiVo menu items.

    2. Dropped audio/video - it usually happens only once or twice for for a sec or two during any given recorded program, but this is something I almost never saw with my SAT-T60.

    3. Out of sync audio/video. This again is happening more often than I am used to, but it may have to do with the greater amount of surround sound programs that are getting recorded.

    4. Slow menus - I would say slow on both guides, certainly much slower than the SAT-T60.

    5. Not integrated SD OTA programming. Now this is the kinda strange thing that maybe I just don't understand. As an example, take CBS, which is channel 13 for me. Using my other Sony HD receiver, I can tune to channel 13 without having purchased local channels - it exists and is integrated into my guide. I can also tune to 13.1, 13.2, etc.
    On my HD TiVo, I cannot. I can tune to any of the 'digital' channel (13.1, 13.2, etc), but cannot tune to 13, without having purchased local channels via DTV. Is there some setup thing that I am missing?

    6. Amazingly long waits when changing program record priority. Average is around 5-7 minutes, long was almost 14 minutes.

    Other than those annoyances, I haven't had any other problems. No strange noises. No missed recordings, no reboots, etc. Maybe I should count my blessings?

    Sorry if I am asking repeat questions, I looked through the forum and the only thing I saw discussed was the slow menu thing - which didn't really indicate if it was slow or slower than the equivalent on the non-HD Direct TiVo's.
  2. dswallow

    dswallow Godfather

    Mar 31, 2003
    5) The HR10-250 cannot receive NTSC OTA programming, so there's no reason to include "channel 13" in the guide for it, unless you receive it from DirecTV.
  3. joema

    joema New Member

    Jan 7, 2004
    My HR10-250 is slowish, but not 10 sec. I'd say maybe 2-3 sec, sometimes.

    Never have this.

    I never have this.

    I have an HR10-250 and SD DVR120. They are both sluggish, less so with the List-style grid. Fortunately I've adapted to the "Tivo way", so mostly use wishlists, season passes, or browse by specific channel. Hence the slow guide doesn't bother me much. Also the List-style grid is a lot faster than the DirecTV Grid.

    I don't have this problem. Don't understand what would cause it for you.

    I've seen 1 min. waits when changing season pass priorities on my SD DVR120, but then I have 20 wishlists. I've never seen a 5 min delay, for anything, on either HD or SD Tivo.

    My SD DVR120 is actually somewhat slower for some functions, I think because I have so many wishlists. But overall the sluggishness I see is well worth the Tivo functionality. However your delays are much greater, and they may indicate some kind of problem. I don't know if it's hardware, software, or setup. You could re-try guided setup and make sure everything is as you expected.
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