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HD Upgarde on DISH 501 PVR ?

Discussion in 'General DISH™ Discussion' started by -, Jan 10, 2002.

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    hey i got a dish 501 with pvr, and im wondering if its possible to just open the box up and stick in a new bigger hd. if thats possible how do i do it and what do i need. thanks !#@
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    Moving to PVR Forum...
    Yes you can, heres a thread that was on AVS and should provide some help.

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    You can't put a larger drive in the 501. The 40 gig drive that's in there is married to the receiver - probably with drive id numbers or something. A lot of people have tried, and none have succeeded. The new 508 is supposed to be out soon with a larger drive, but of course Dish is sticking it to us on the price - they've said $499 for basically a 501 with an 80 gig drive.
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    Whats the difference in price between a 40 gig and 80 gig drive? $20, $30 Bucks?

    I guess we should remember that the PVR's (including Tivos) are not meant to be video librarys but instead as a way for us to time shift our programming.

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    Well, according to dish, the price difference is $100...oh well...
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