HDMI and Slingbox with HR34 Genie

Discussion in 'DIRECTV Tips and Resources' started by SpartanGA, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. SpartanGA

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    Dec 26, 2012
    This is a bit of a repeat, but also new and hoping to find a solution.

    I just got a slingbox and am hooking it up to one of my HR34 genie boxes (a client, the small ones). It only has HDMI and the Directv 10 pin connector which I am using for the slingbox (component plus audio). The HDMI cable goes to a monoprice 1x4 and then to my projector.

    The issue: I want to watch the Slingbox WITHOUT turning on my projector. For example, I will be in China and will not be turning on my projector. Therefore, the HDMI source is not on and cannot respond to any HDCP requests.

    I am getting this HDCP error on all channels...even just local Fox, channel 5.

    I can make it go away by unplugging HDMI from the HR34 box...but that is a PITA.

    What is the status of any HDMI splitters or workarounds?

    Also, I have only had Directv for a month...can I assume the firmware in these boxes are automatically updated?

  2. Yoda-DBSguy

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    Severasl work arounds.

    option 1:
    connect component from the HR34 to the slingbox, then component out of the slingbox to the projector (not using hdmi at all in the senario). Both the slingbox and the projector will display @1080i.

    option 2:
    use an hdmi splitter from the hdmi output of the HR34. One HDMI out of the dsplitter to the projector, the other to the slingbox. HOWEVER you will not be HDCP and some channels will be blocxked on the slingbox (you can not avoid this as the slingbox hdmi input is not compliant as stated in their manual)---to avoid this they state that you can also run a component set to the slingbox which leaves you in the same boat your already in....

    option 3:
    use an hdmi splitter in conjusction with an HDfury adapter. Same senario as above; however the HDFury adapter goes from HDMI to component and still remains HDCP compliant. So you can receive upto 1080P on the projector (given that your watching a ppv or on demand being sent at 1080P---other wise 1080i) and still get 1080i on the slingbox.

    *Option 1 is the easiest and least costly method of course.

    As to your question on firmware updates; yes, they are pushed out by automatically as they become available.
  3. jcrandall

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    Jun 18, 2004
    I'm pretty sure the problem is your HDMI splitter and HDCP compliance.

    I have a C31 connected HDMI to a projector and Component to a slingbox and can view any channel on the slingbox without HDCP messages, including premium channels.

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