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    Jan 20, 2019
    First time poster and new to Dish (or will be in two weeks) so sorry if this is addressed elsewhere:
    My cable complex is switching from Comcast to Dish (thru BroadStar). I have been with Comcast over 20 years here in Tallahassee and one of my favorite stations is not in the Dish local lineup.
    Dish does offer WUSF channel 11 (11.1) as a PBS station, but Comcast also offers another PBS station which has very different programs out of Pelham Georgia (we are very close to the Georgia line) WABW channel 14 (specifically 14.1). I have no desire to stream and as I live in apartment installing an antenna is going to be difficult as this channel is not especially strong over the air in Tallahassee. I recently began looking at issues such as "must carry" "significantly viewed" and such and even called the FCC, bud due to the government shutdown they are not providing customer service and it appears most of what I found refers to commercial television stations.
    Is there anything I can do to see if this channel, which Comcast carries and whose listings appear daily in our local newspaper The Tallahassee Democrat could be added to our Dish lineup?
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    WFSU/11 is in the Tallahassee market, WABW/14 is in the Albany GA market.

    Because of the way the rules are written, satellite providers are only allowed to offer neighboring stations on the significantly viewed list, and non-commercial stations like PBS can't qualify for significantly viewed status. So Dish and DirecTV can't pick up neighboring PBS stations even if they wanted to. Cable gets to play by different rules and is free to pick up neighboring stations not on the list, including PBS stations, as long as the in market stations that carry those programs don't object. For commercial stations, that's usually where syndex blackouts come into play, for non-commercial stations like PBS they tend to be okay with it when it involves a PBS station that has secondary status.

    Unless Congress rewrites the laws that allow satellite providers to carry locals to make them on par with the laws for cable providers, there's nothing Dish, the two PBS stations involved, or even the FCC can do to get it carried.
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    Jan 20, 2019
    Thank you very much....obviously not the answer I wanted but the first person to actually explain!
    Thanks again!

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