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Help Vip722 install this coming Monday

Discussion in 'General DISH™ Discussion' started by digital223, Nov 6, 2007.

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  1. digital223

    digital223 Legend

    Dec 18, 2002
    Hello All,

    Finally bit the bullet. Vip722 Top 250 and locals to be ihstalled next week.
    I am apprehensive about the upcoming installation.
    Presently I have a 508, Connected to a 32" lcd f/p tv. The 508 feeds an upstairs bedroom tv via rf/RG-6. It also is conneted with Svideo and RCA L/R audio, to a 17" lcd f/p monitor/tv tuner in the kitchen. This is a convience type install I did myself.......only 1 receiver so all tv's view the same programming. No DVD or VHS.
    I also have an ota roof antenna since I live in the NYC area and pull many PBS and local networks with very good pq.

    On my roof there is a DP Dish 500, and a DP Dish 300 interfaced with a DP34. The RG-6 down lead travels directly to the 508 in the living room.
    The system is properly grounded and has operated flawlessly since the first day I turned it on.
    Since I can not do the 722's install myself, I have not bothered to do too much resesrch for HD installations. So I have some questions that you may have answers for.
    I couldn't find a 722 manual to download, so I did visit E*'s tech portal and found it user unfriendly and cumbersum.
    Will E* supply an HDMI or component cables ? Wierless phone jack or anything I may have missed ?
    Can the existing dishes and cable routing described above be utilized for this installation ?
    1- I would want my RG-6 downlead replaced with new 2500 mhz cable. Will the installer replace it ?
    2-Do I need a new s/w to replace the DP34 ?
    3-Is a diffrent lnb required ?
    4- Will the installer connect my uhf roof antenna, [flat rubber roof] and should that also be cabled with 2500mhz RG-6 ?
    I think I read that 1 downlead with an adapter at the roof and also at the receiver will accomodate both dish and ota program information.

    Needless to say I am excited to be entering the world of HD, but because I am not able to do the install, I am a little, [ maybe a lot] Apprehensive !
    Hope some replys will be forthcoming.

    Thank you all.
  2. KeViN_VSC

    KeViN_VSC Mentor

    Nov 7, 2007
    Firstly is yours a new connect? Or is it an u/g to a 722??

    If its a new connect is it through a retailer? Or is it directly from E*?

    If retailer, you may get HDMI cables.

    If u/g to 722, no HDMI cables. No phone jack. But installer will connect the phone line to the rcvr if its within 25 feet from your phone jack. If you dont have your phone line connected, $5.00 fee. So, make sure you get it connected.

    You may need a switch, its usually free unless you needs more than one s/w.

    If a different LNBF is required, will be replaced at no cost.

    Installer will not do any other installation other than E*.

    Any questions, I will answer them.
  3. digital223

    digital223 Legend

    Dec 18, 2002
    KeViN_VSC Thank you for you assistance,

    I negotiated the VIP 722 with E*. I am presently an E* sub.
    I will only use the ViP 722. I will disconnect my 508. Do you think it's worth anything ?

    I assmue the 500 and 300 DP dish antennas that are on my roof will be ok since you didn't address if they will have to be replaced.

    Also the 2500 mhz downlead cable, will they replace it ? I am sure the RG-6 downlead cable I now have connected to the 508 is not 2500 cable.
    From what I have found out, NYS does not fall into the 129 footprint. Which would require Dish 1000. Aslo I heard it is difficult to get a strong signal from 129.

    I also heard that the dish 300 and 500 for 61.5, 110 and 119 is better than an Dish 1000.
    Will those satellites give me all my HD programming, or is 129 also required ?

    I already ran a phone line.

    I am confused about receiveing ota on 2 tv's. Is that possible.
    You stated that "Installer will not do any other installation other than E*." I would think you are referring to the ota antenna hook up.

    If that is so, could I just run a new 2500 downlead to the 722, so that TV1 and TV2 could receive the ota signal ?

    Thanks again :)
  4. Charise

    Charise AllStar/Supporter DBSTalk Gold Club

    Jan 25, 2004
    In order to get my locals in HD, I hooked up an indoor antenna directly to my 622. It works just great, so I'm sure you can use your current lead or upgrade it if you feel the need.
  5. digital223

    digital223 Legend

    Dec 18, 2002
    Thanks, Charise.........can't wait to try ota HD.
  6. jkane

    jkane Icon

    Oct 12, 2007
    I forget, but it the 508 is like the 501 and DVR fee free, it is worth something! If it's like the 510, and had the DVR fee with it, then not so much. ;)

    I kept both of my 501's. One is still getting service, but the second is on a shelf since it is only $5 a month to add it back some day. Mabye we'll run out of recording capacity. $5 a month isn't bad. $11 is pushing it!
  7. digital223

    digital223 Legend

    Dec 18, 2002
    Thanks jkane,

    I don't think I would consider to use the 508 even though it is fee free.
    The VIP722 has 350 SD and 55HD recording time, and I am pretty sure an option to connect an eSata hdd. for additional storage.

    I am trying to get my sisters to sub to E* and would pass it on to them, buy they are both intimidated by stb's.
    I will do research re 508 prices, and probably wind up selling it.
    I still have D's Hughes stb [no dvr], and dish/mast etc. still in the box they came in.
    Got to start getting rid of all this clutter !
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