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Discussion in 'HDTV Equipment (Closed Forum)' started by sbturner, Feb 12, 2005.

  1. sbturner

    sbturner Legend

    Jul 24, 2002
    I am looking at HDTVs and want to upgrade, but I am trying to keep it economical and am looking at rear projections. I want about a 46 inch and I am really concerned about the brightness of the set. I am also worried about the burn-in problem how long does something stationary on the screen for it to happen. What about those channel monikers on the screen usually at the bottom will that cause burn?
  2. Jason Nipp

    Jason Nipp Analog Geek in a Digital World Staff Member Super Moderator DBSTalk Gold Club DBSTalk Club

    Jun 10, 2004
    LCD on DLP have come down is cost a lot in the last year or so. With either of these 2 technologies you will never have to worry about burn in. However you will have to replace a light bulb (Lamp) every 6,000-10,000 hours or so. Bulb is user replacable and cost about $250. I have had my LCD RP for about 8 months now and it is on pretty much everyday all day for my kids. Still on original bulb. There is a great antiglare filter on the screen and it also has a day/night mode. It is being moved to another room now but for the last 8 months it has been in my great room which has fairly good sized windows and 2 overhead skylights in it. I have never had a glare or washed out picture.

    DLP is a little brighter than LCD, however DLP suffers from a issue known as "Rainbowing". Although only real sensitive viewers can notice it. I could, on golf, which is why I chose LCD. I watch my LCD more than my Plasma. I believe you will be very happy going LCD RP or LCoS (ILA).

    I recommend going to a high end store that will allow you to put the displays side by side. Run a variety of content, golf, action, broadcast TV, etc. Compare your list of likes and dislikes. Then price shop and go for it. Be sure to take into account the cost of any additional gear like a HDTV tuner, Progressive or Up-converting DVD player, Cables, etc.

    Expect to pay $2,000 and up for a LCD RP or LCoS, size and brand of course will determine price.

    Good luck,
  3. Ric

    Ric Godfather DBSTalk Gold Club

    Apr 26, 2002
    I purchased an Hitachi RPTV around Christmas. I wanted to stay under $2000 and found a 51 inch on sale for $1400. Extremely happy with the purchase - great picture, has the Day/Night mode, etc. I just reminded all my family to turn it off when leaving the room if they ever want to watch it again and no issues so far. Wish I could have gone with an LCD or DLP and if your budget allows, definitely move up. I bought the extended plan which includes having someone come in every year to clean and validate the settings for the bulbs - figured this was one time to take the extended warranty.

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