Historical cost of Total Choice package, just an observation

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  1. Steve

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    Aug 22, 2006
    FWIW, the differences I spotted between 2002 and 2004, when the cost jumped $8/month. I wonder if they may have passed some of the NFL ST costs over to the general population, via the NFL Network? The rest may have been the ESPN tax, because none of the other channels look like they're worth the $$$, iMHO.

    080202 ($31.99):
    All News Channel
    The Health Network
    The National Network

    072404 ($39.99):
    America's Store
    Court TV
    DIRECTV Freeview Events
    Fine Living
    NFL Network
    Spike TV
    TV Guide Channel
    World Harvest Television

    (I believe 2002's "National Network" became 2004's "Spike TV".)
  2. slice1900

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    Feb 14, 2013
    It isn't just channel additions that raise the price, but re-negotiations for existing channels. When did TNT get rights to NBA basketball? They're one of the higher priced channels now because of that.
  3. Barcthespark

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    Dec 16, 2007
    We joined D* in 1997 and here are some billing items from 1997 to 2004.

    1997 - Total Choice - $29.99
    (NHL Center Ice - $109) (additional receiver - $4.99) (Pay Per View - $2.99)

    1998 - Total Choice Plus Encore - $33.99
    (NHL Center Ice - $109) (additional receiver - $4.99) (Pay Per View - $2.99)

    1999 - Total Choice Plus Encore - $33.99
    (Local Channels - $5.99) (additional receiver - $4.99) (Pay Per View - $2.99)

    2000 - Total Choice Plus Encore - $35.99 then dropped to $33.99
    (Local Channels - $5.99) (additional receiver - $4.99) (Family Pack - $5.00)

    2001 - Total Choice Plus Encore - $35.99
    (Local Channels - $5.99) (additional receiver - $4.99) (Family Pack - $5.00) DIRECTV The Guide ($39.96 annual) (Pay Per View - $3.99)

    2002 - Total Choice Plus W/Locals - $39.99
    (additional receiver - $4.99) (Family Pack - $5.00) DIRECTV The Guide ($39.96 annual) (Pay Per View - $3.99) (STARZ - $12.00)

    2003 - Total Choice Plus W/Locals - $39.99
    (additional receiver - $4.99) (Pay Per View - $3.99) (STARZ - $12.00) (NHL Center Ice - $159.00)

    2004 - Total Choice Plus W/Locals - $42.99
    (additional receiver - $4.99) (Pay Per View - $3.99) (STARZ and SPORTS - $23.00) (NHL Center Ice - $159.00)
  4. coolman302003

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    Jun 2, 2008

    Additional Receiver/TV fees has only went up $1.01 since 1997 ($6 in 2014), very little increase IMO.
    You were paying $23 for Starz/Sports in 2004, 10 years later and it's only $25 for both ($2 increase). Not to add many more channels plus on demand, Starz/Encore Play, DirecTV Everywhere, HD feeds etc. etc.
    You were paying $12 for only Starz in 2002 and today that would only be $13.99, so only $1.99 increase in all those years...
    Locals are now included in the base package price (or $3 discount if their not carried at all on D*)
    PPV in 2001 was $3.99 and only SD, today in SD there $4.99 or less in most cases. $5.99 on average for HD/1080p PPVs.. again, very little increases
  5. SomeRandomIdiot

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    Jan 6, 2009
    The programming costs of the basic packages run between 22%-25% depending on the MVPD.

    As thus, $44.95, programming costs are roughly = $11.24 and DirecTV takes roughly $33.71

    At $69.49, programming costs are roughly = $17.38 and DirecTV takes roughly $52.11

    So who is it that is really taking your money?

    Someone has to pay for the 3 or so times DirecTV has been sold and each new owner has to make more to pay the nut, not to mention a bunch of new Satellites etc with new technology and swap outs to receive them.

    And do you really think NFL ST is a profit center or a loss leader now - especially as they give it away to anyone these days to keep a sub. They have to find the money to pay for it somewhere!
  6. SomeRandomIdiot

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    Jan 6, 2009
    Actually you have no idea what you would get for $35 or $5 per channel.

    Right now most cable channels get 50% of their revenue from subscriptions FROM ALL USA TV HH on a MVPD (or about 100 Million Households and the additional commercial accounts) and 50% from Ads.

    ESPN is one of the few exceptions on the high side, getting roughly $6B from subs, $3B from Advertising and $1B from other.

    OTA local channels are the exception on the other side getting the majority of their revenue from Advertising and very little from retransmission.

    Regardless, you are calculating costs based on a total unknown - how many people would subscribe at the inflated prices and how much they could get for advertising with the lower amount of viewers.

    $5 for what is now a channel will not give them the same revenue that they get under the current structure (at least the ones that you want to watch). And that means they cannot provide the programming you now see on the channel under the current structure.

    ESPN could easily start somewhere north of $50 a month and could run as much as $150 a month if a la carte.

    Bottom line, if a la carte ever comes to be, people will find they are paying as much as they are now - or MORE for only 10 channels - especially if they want Sports Programming. People will then complain about the good old days when you got everything for 1 "cheap" price.
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  7. SomeRandomIdiot

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    Jan 6, 2009
    According to story in Washington Post Yesterday

    "ESPN has become a network of networks of its own. It runs ESPN2, ESPN3, ESPN Classic, ESPNews and ESPNU and makes more than $7.2 billion a year just from subscription fees. "

    So ESPN sub fees are up to $7.2B, up from the $6B's...


    "Why do cable subscribers end up with so many channels they have no interest in watching? Blame ESPN, says a small Cedar Falls, Iowa, cable provider.

    Recently, the municipally-owned Cedar Falls Utilities renewed a long-term contract to broadcast Disney’s ESPN channels to its town of 40,000 residents. But this time, it said it was also forced to take on two Disney-owned channels it didn’t want — SEC Network and Fusion.
  8. lokar

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    Oct 7, 2006
    I don't know why so many people say sports events are not time shifted, I shift them all the time. Football in particular is impossible to watch live, there are so many play stoppages and commercials.
  9. HDTVFreak07

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    Sep 12, 2007
    That's why I complain that each year, it increases $3 for ALL TV service providers. People don't realize that even though it's "only" $3, in 10 years, your bill is $30 higher than 10 years ago. 10 years is NOT a long time.

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