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Hoping to be the best installer I can be!

Discussion in 'DIRECTV Tips and Resources' started by DTV Tech, May 22, 2007.

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  1. DTV Tech

    DTV Tech New Member

    May 17, 2007
    Okay folks, here I am. A DTV Installer in AZ and I'm hoping to be the best one I can be, HONEST. :grin: With less than six months in this position and a less than admirable training program, I'm still alive and kicking. In some ways against all odds, but thus far have survived the "throw him to the wolves" training program, or lack thereof.

    After having wandered my way around this website (and hats off to it's fearless chief and all the wonderful contributors :goodjob: ), I know that I am in the right spot to learn, improve, and maybe even contribute in some small way (if I can).

    First things first... I'm not 100% certain that this post is in the correct location so please cut me a small amount of slack if I'm not posting where I should.

    Also, I'm not a DTV customer so I don't interact with the equipment other than for a few minutes each day when I go over the basics with people when doing upgrades, installs, and service calls. So I am honestly not that familiar with all the features and what can or can't be done with the various receivers. Hence, this is what brings me to be posting here and now.

    Next, the meat and potatoes of this post:
    I had a new customer recently (great people too!) where the wife was a devoted, and knowledgable TIVO user. She loved it! Since I was of course installing a new system for these folks, the living room tv was getting an HD-DVR (HR20-700s). All went well with the installation, but they needed a wireless modem/phone jack because of where the tv was situated (with no relatively close phone outlet). Since I was out of them at that moment I returned to their house two days later with phone jack in-hand, and was abruptly confronted by the wife about the new HD-DVR. She was, well, pretty well pissed off about some recent events and how it compared to her old TIVO. :mad: She immediately proceeded to tell me how the DTV HD-DVR does not stack up to TIVO and a few other issues (the crux of my query here).

    After she experienced some of the woes that I've read about on this website, she of course had to press the reset button a number of times over the course of just her first few days with her new receiver. After having done so, she went back into the guide and/or her favorites to view some of her scheduled recordings and (this is where she really got ugly with me :box: ) and unfortunately, there was nothing there. No scheduled recordings, no favorites listed. She was as mad as :flaiming !!

    Not being a day to day user of the receivers, I was left standing there :scratchin my head and feeling like the other half of this sign >>> :imwith: .

    Never wanting to go thru that !pu****! again, well, here I am. It is hard for me to believe, but I swear it's true; I couldn't get my question answered by any of the techs/installers that I work with nor the head nut. So I pose it to all of you...

    Should the HD-DVR hold all those settings or customizations even though the reset button has been pressed? Did she miss something in the process in order to get it to "save" what she desired? Or does she just need another replacement receiver?

    Thanks so much for any and all input you can offer up. I look forward to being a part of this great forum. :newbie:
  2. litzdog911

    litzdog911 Well-Known Member

    Jun 23, 2004
    Mill Creek, WA
    Welcome to DBSTalk ....

    Whew! Lots of background for a fairly simply question. Yes, the HR20 should be saving all of those settings, even after a reset/reboot. The only features that require re-setup is the Active Channel stuff (weather zip codes, etc.).

    But you should be sure she and you are clear exactly which settings she's losing.
  3. carl6

    carl6 Moderator Staff Member DBSTalk Club

    Nov 15, 2005
    Seattle, WA
    As you are well aware of now, the HR20 is a totally different machine that is the Tivo. The menus are different, the user interface is different, the remote is different. That womans reaction to the HR20 is fairly typical of a devoted Tivo users initial reaction to the HR20.

    There are two sticky threads at the top of this particular forum. One is the undocumented tips and tricks for the HR20, and the other is the Tivo to HR20 survival guide. If I were you, I would print out both of them and make a couple of copies. Then any time I had an install where a Tivo user was getting an HR20, I would explain that they are two very different machines, and give them a courtesy copy of both documents, along with a reference to DBSTalk.com.

    Probably one of the single biggest issues is that with Tivo a person would almost always use a wish list to record programs - a form of search and autorecord on the HR20. Doing that with the HR20 is almost certain to result in dissapointment if for no other reason the current absence of the channels I get function. An autorecord may well choose the wrong channel to record from resulting in no recording. This is a perfect example of how the units differ, and how the user will need to adjust their operating habits accordingly.

    You will see many posts on these forums from prior Tivo users who actually prefer the HR20 once they get used to it. You will also see posts from prior Tivo users who will never understand why DirecTV would make a DVR so different from what was previously offered. Almost like arguing religion or politics.

    Thanks for working to be a good installer. That's what differentiates a professional from someone who is just getting paid to do the work.

  4. GollyGee

    GollyGee AllStar

    Feb 5, 2007
    Here are some of the advantages of the HR20 over the DirecTV Tivo:

    * Supports the MPEG-4 high-def channels. This gives you more HD channels.
    * You can plug in an eSATA hard disk and expand the recording capacity. So instead of the 250 GB drive, you can attach a 500 or 750 GB drive. However, you lose access to the existing recordings; you basically start over.
    * It's much faster than TiVo.
    * You can set up the remote as an RF remote. So you don't have to point the remote at the receiver. You can even have the receiver in a different room and use the remote.

    There are other differences, but those are the key advantages, and they're significant. Next time you have a customer gripe, you'll be prepared to point out the advantages.
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