Hopper 3 and Swap Feature Equivalent on Joeys

Discussion in 'General DISH™ Discussion' started by js0873, Jun 21, 2021.

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    Today I have Hopper 2s and some Joeys covering 5 TVs. I love being able to use the Swap feature, which I use a lot in 2 rooms. The Swap feature isn’t available on Joeys as far as I know. I’ve been told that I’d really benefit from having a Hopper3 vs. my Hopper2s, since the technology is better, changing channels is faster (my 2s lag a few seconds on a channel change), and so on. But I can’t have 2 Hopper3s. Dish won’t let me.

    I need the Swap feature to be able to watch 2 channels, basically pausing one and watching something else, then coming back to the paused channel and resuming. I’d be fine with doing that on a Joey Multiview, as long as Multiview allows you to pick the channels it shows, and to pause one. I don’t know if it does though. On the latest Joeys, is there any way to pause a channel, watch something else, and come back to the paused channel later on, without having to record something?
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    you could buy second one somewhere , perhaps from dish
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    Numerous viewers here have 2 H3's. Dish will not lease you the second H3, it must be purchased.
    Joeys do not have the swap feature.
    One way to mimic the swap feature on a Joey is to record both shows that you are swapping, that way you do not lose the buffer when you switch to the other show, but during a recording in progress, if you swap to another channel or another recording, you lose your place on the DVR timeline.
    The problem can be eliminated by not watching live broadcasts but shows that have completed their recording.

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