Hopper w/Sling Upgrade happening Saturday! Questions about wifi and more . . .

Discussion in 'Hopper System Support Forum' started by pmjones, Aug 15, 2013.

  1. pmjones

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    Aug 3, 2012
    Hello All,

    We are moving from a (leased) Vip 922 and (owned) Vip 211k to a 'Hopper + two Joey' arrangement this weekend. Will cost us about $ 9 more per month, but the initial upgrade is free and 2 TB of space seems pretty ample. renewed my two-year deal but gave me some freebies (premiums, PPV, etc.) so its all good.

    I have a couple questions about the wifi quality and the sling functionality.

    (1) Right now, I use a powerline broadband connector for the slingloaded 922 and, for the streaming funtion, the powerline adapter seems *ok* - I tend to get about half of my Internet speed (i.e. about half of 6 Mbps or about 3 Mbps streaming) when grabbing something from Blcokbuster @ Home (can't believe they are cancelling the blu ray part of that service but don't get me started). On release, the Hopper w/Sling was talked up as having this great new chipset and built-in wifi. How does the wifi speed compare with the powerline connection? Should wifi work good enough to stream a movie (right away - no waiting) like I do now?

    (2) Other question is on the sling feature. Right now, the 922 'takes over' TV#2 when I sling. I understand that, with the Hopper, when you use one of the three tuners for DVR recording, you can "hit the red button" to select a different (unused) tuner. Does the sling feature work the same? That is, if someone is slinging and (I assume) taking one of the three tuners, can you "red button" your way to a free tuner from the remaining two?

    Comments are appreciated. Thanks.
  2. kick4fun

    kick4fun Godfather

    Aug 9, 2006
    Wifi works great.. I currently have fast internet and streaming movies from On Demand are very fast. HD movies while Streaming are like watching the regular reception from the satellite. You don't even notice you're streaming. Of course I have 40 Mbps download speed from Comcast.

    The Sling will take one of the receivers, unless you sling from a DVR'd show or movie then it won't affect the available tuners.


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