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    Aug 2, 2011
    Before i start i need to say SORRY FOR MY ENGLISH.
    Ok this is my story, I bought 3 used HD Receivers on eBay 2 H25 ($70 each owned) and 1 HR24 ($120 owned) before I buy this receiver I call to directv to verified that are owned receivers, but I make a mistake I don't call to ACCES CARD department that is the department that check if one Receiver could be activate or not (leased or owned) because some receivers that are owned don't be activate for some reason like unpaid account or because are from employed of DirecTV, when i received this Receivers from eBay i called to ACCES CARD department to order 3 acces cards for my receivers (I'm a Directv customer since 3 months ago and only had 1 receiver on my account) but they told me that the 2 H25 receivers are effectively owned receivers but those can't be activate because are from a employed of directv and the HR24 (owned too) don't be activate because are from unpaid account , so i decided try to order only 1 acces card and take the RECEIVER ID from a auction on eBay, when i called to order a new acces card i give that RID# that was take from eBay and they send me the acces card, when i received the card called to directv for activate a new receiver (not for activate the receiver that i told they) and not for automatic sistem that they have to activate this news acces cards with the MAILGROUP CODE, the person that attended me only asked me for RID # and the ACCES CARD # and my HR24 that was from unpaid account is now activated and working since 2 months ago, so i decided to order 2 new acces cards for the H25s (taken 2 RID# from eBay auctions) when i called to activate the person asked me many question like this receiver was before activated on your account or where i got this receiver many question, when i told the RID # and the ACCES CARD # she told that have some problems to activate my receiver that she needed transfer me to ACCES CARD department to check what was my order so i hang up the phone and called again and try to a new assistant, and this only asked me for the RID # and the ACCES CARD# and my H25 was activated, so hang up again i do the same for my other H25 and this was too activated and working for 1 month ago, now I don't know if this receivers are in good status or what happens when i deactivated this receivers??? Now i upgraded the HR24 hard drive to 2tb and working flawless

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