How do you know if Directv received your equipment after canceling?

Discussion in 'DIRECTV General Discussion' started by bobcnn, Nov 9, 2019.

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    I canceled Directv a little over a month ago, after 25 plus years with them. They sent me a box, I returned all my equipment. When I try to sign into my account to see if they received it, I can, says I know longer have an account. I have not received an email telling me anything. I would like to know, I don't want to get a surprise credit card bill saying I have not returned anything. Thanks
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    DID you get a Tracking Number from the box you sent back? If so that's all you need -Since you cancelled your D* account - YOU will never be able to gain access again to it.

    IF you did not Get or keep a tracking Number -Then you have no real proof of anything -- Just keep your fingers crossed.
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    You get an email advising such.

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    I never got an acknowledgement that they received mine.
    The UPS store told me that they were paying the shipping and that they then were responsible for it and my responsibility ended.
    Sounded weird so I just kept close attention to my DTV bill for about 3 months to make sure a charge for them did not show up on the bill.
    That was a year ago and no charge for it.
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    Get a tracking number or receipt when you drop off, then you can show you did your part.
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