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How has the DP upgrade been treating you?

Discussion in 'General DISH™ Discussion' started by -, Nov 26, 2001.

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    Well, the going has been so-so for me. No major problems with losing recordings or timers. Just an occasional reboot. It is nice having faster reaction time when pressing buttons.

    I guess things are a little better but there is still work that needs to be done.
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    Things are quiet here too, jen isnt yelling about that %$# DP! So its better than it was.
  3. Dec 3, 2001 #3 of 10


    My DP turned itself off last night while watching a recorded program:(

    So the bug is still there. Even after I replaced the hard drive:( Which E tech fel;t was bad.
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    According to here there is another s/w upgrade. Version 115.

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    Twice in the past week my DP's have been losing the 110 satellite. A switch check and a new guide download brings it back. This did not happen before the 5709 upgrade.

    I don't thing it's a bad switch because both of my DP's are doing it and they both are on different switches.
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    Last night I was having blinkouts,, 5 seconds of video 2 seconds of black over and over again. 32768 fixed it, this has been my first problem since the new software came out.

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    Mine is now powering itself OFF while watching recorded shows, even without giving it a PVR command. Sometimes it erases the program too:(

    Were broke or we would get a replay 4000 with automatic commercial skip.

    I heard about a guy who got so pissed with his DP he sledgehammered it:) I am JUST about there....

    With new software AND a NEW HD at E suggestion my DP is now unstable AGAIN.
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    The other day I talked to Charlie's office and they told me that the 501 is not considered an upgrade to the Dishplayer. The 721 is more on target and we all know how much that is going to cost.

    My advice Bob, as soon as you get the money, dump E* and get a DirecTivo.
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    Mine has been working fine. No troubles (knock on wood)

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    So far mine has been better than it had been. It's recording what I tell it to when I tell it to and not giving me 1 min recordings or simply not recording the program at all(on an empty drive no less) as it was before.

    The only real problem I've had in the past week or two with the unit was some loss of picture ever few seconds last Sunday. It wasn't a connection or weather issue so I don't have an explanation for it. J
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