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How many order Movies on PPV???

Discussion in 'Archive' started by -, Dec 25, 2001.

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    With other Technologies out there like DVD's, how many rent PPV on Dish Network or Directv?
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    I bought one movie on Dish On Demand back in June of '99 and have yet to pay for it. I buy the movies I want on DVD.

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    Pretty much never. I used to buy PPV movies here and there but ever since I got my 16X9 TV, there really is no point since anamorphic DVD's give me much better PQ.
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    I seem to fall into much the same category as the rest. In the past 6-7 years I've maybe rented only a handful of movies via ppv. They definitely aren't finding much of a profit from those of us posting here lol

    Below is a link to an interesting graph showing how perceptions have changed about such things as PPV over just the last year. Granted the graph may be a bit off as such features or capabilities may have been added over the past year thus decreasing the desire for such. J

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    Used to order 1 or 2 a month. But after DirecTV jacked the price, I stopped cold until Enemy at The Gates aired - nothing else since. I realize it's only a lousy buck, but it's a psychological barrier for me. DirecTV doesn't have a dollar "last chance" discount, either.
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    Since I've had Dish, I have ordered three PPV movies. It comes to less than one per year. I did order a PPV boxing match once. So that's it.

    I have not rented a movie from a store in years and years and years. I have purchased on average 2 movies a year from a store.

    So...NO ONE is making a good profit from me in this media! :)

    Now if we bring in the movie channel? There's where E* is making a killing on me.

    See ya
  7. Guest

    Very few-probably two a year.
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    I've order PPV only once. I think it was Project X. Most of the time, I purchase the movie I want to see on DVD.
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    Just to give you a Canadian angle, I'm probably good for 2-3 a month in winter with Star Choice. Bonus is not having to warm up the car, go get it and then not having to warm up the car a second time to return it. (-4 F tonight in Edmonton)
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    I have a neighbor who buys virtually every DVD that comes out, and he has a very generous open door policy. We borrow five or six at a time and I never have time to watch them all. We only buy DVD's we REALLY like.

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