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How many people are sick of Polls?

Discussion in 'Archive' started by -, Nov 24, 2001.

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    Hey, I like 'em!

    Both Hitler and Stalin tried to kill them off, but they lived on.
    They were even instrumental in bringing down the iron curtain.

    And what would we do in a world without kielbasa, kolaches, dill pickles, and perogis?

    What?... oh... polls not Poles.

    Never mind.
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    As with this thread, polls kill conversation. People just click away and don't add anything to a discussion as to why they voted the way they did.

    With each poll I did, I practically BEGGED for comments on why to spur on discussion. It didn't work. Hundreds of resposes on the poll and only 5 or six posts. My nickel store psycological view of this is that there is no effort really involved in clicking on an option and doing NOTHING to back up the choice. When you click yes or no and your name doesn't even pop up, you never have to defend your POV. It's too easy. After a while just boring.

    Exchanging viewpoints is what discussion boards are all about. The polls were intended to spur on discussion. They rarely did.

    This is really the only reason I voted to kill the things! :)

    Now, if a poll REQURED comments before the vote could be tabulated, then I'd be all for it and the discussion that should follow.

    See ya
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    Well... So far 35 responses to the poll. More than 3 to 1 in favor of the polls in one form or another. TWO responses!

    Will some of the people that LOVE the polls please say WHY? What do they add to the board other that completely anonymous opinions with no words to explain why?

    This is exactly why I have gone from liking the polls initially to detesting them.

    See ya
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    Well, I never bothered to vote on this poll before so I just did. I like polls because its a great way to know what the majority AND minority thinks or wants. The best poll I think I saw here was Marks on PQ vr More Channels. As I see it there are 2, well maybe 3 problems with these polls. 1) Overstuffing by some non registered users 2) What Tony mentioned about lack of posts on reasons why you voted the way you did and 3) Too many polls at one time in one forum, there have only been two useless polls that were given a chance to go somewhere but didnt and were close within 2 days. When there are 3 or more polls going on the feature is temporarly turned off. Choice #3 is an option, but if we have a seperate forum for polls, it would be most likly be restricted to only registered users which would elimate problem #1 from my list above.

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    If a person doesn't like polls, isn't he/she less likely to participate in this one as opposed to people who vote for them?
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    Well it looks like 2 of my grips no loinger exist. :)
    Poll is now closed.


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