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Discussion in 'Home Theater Audio' started by Davenlr, Feb 16, 2012.

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    Not an option. It's a Mitsubishi DLP. And I think I am well aware of all my options, thank you. I didn't post seeking help but to compare my situation with that of the OP's and in agreement with the fact that not all rooms are built with home theater set ups in mind.

    I am glad some folks have the talent, time, money or whatever to have stands built or do it themselves. What those folks need to realize is there are other priorities for the rest of us.
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    Yes, you should run separate negatives to every speaker for current load and for compatibility for any amp you might use.

    Beyond that, you are incorrect Spock.
    MOST! audio/video receivers on the market ARE common ground. Go get an ohm meter and test if you don't believe me.

    The exception to this: some of the highend amplifiers that use BTL outputs (B&K, Old Harmon amps, etc...). Any amp that is bridgable is not common ground, and a lot of multi-channel distribution amps are not common ground.
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    Very much understood that one!

    Then there are lunatics like myself that take those considerations to heart when home shopping. In my younger years I always had to compromise for my toys (wife(s), kids, extended family, etc). As I've aged and have been able to afford what I want and I leverage those old longings to ensure I now get what I want. So I do get the priorities bit, though mine would be considered all wrong by most.:grin:

    I also know these times are fleeting as I age and head into the time when I lose mobility, I'll be forced into more traditional accommodations, so I look at now as being my time knowing eventually that by need things will change.

    When we moved out to the farm, after a few weeks my wife made a trip out of town and when she returned I had managed to get my two tall floor standing speakers up room front on 48 inch high ledges in the corners. She was most vocal despite the fact that I had warned her prior. My sympathetic response was "deal with it".

    For several years she'd try to set bric-a-brac on the ledges in front of them and I would remove it. Eventually she jokingly referred to that area as our "Gaza Strip". I heard her sister mutter once "I'd never let my husband do something like that" so her husband and I could hear her when she did. My reply was "good thing you are not married to me then eh?" while grinning at her.

    The room is massive with lots of art, antique furniture, and reclining leather seating for 8. Sound is exquisite. Everything I could have ever have wanted. A mixture of old world warmth and some high tech equipment to make it complete.

    Not for a second do I believe myself anything less than very fortunate to be where I am at this stage in life.

    I get the meaning of priorities. Mine are a bit twisted for now;) Ever so grateful that for now they can be.

    Don "if it can't be done right then really, what's the point?:sure: ("right" however is fleeting based on so many things)" Bolton


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