How to send a rehit to your receivers yourself

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    Not sure if this was posted previously, but I couldn't find it here & thought this might be helpful for anyone (travelers that take a receiver around, etc.) that might need this, after I found how to do it...

    I had a receiver that had been out of the stream for almost a month & lost it's authorization. I really hate having to call ANY companies these days & was trying to figure out how to get a simple rehit without having to call, like you can on DirecTV & Comcast. So in looking around & even trying to find it on my online account to no avail, I found somewhere else where it said if you had DISH Outdoors service, you CAN do this yourself thru your online account. I don't specifically have DISH Outdoors, but thought why not at least give it a shot anyway - so I did & sure enough, it got the hit within a couple minutes.
    You simply go to your online account & on the left black menu bar, click on DISH OUTDOORS; you'll then see a red box that says WAKE MY RECEIVERS - click that box & you'll get a small green box near the top of the page that says "success"'re all set.
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    Nice to know, thanks!
    Calling support is AWFUL these days. Automated systems are terrible.

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