HR 44/500 and Apple Router Problem

Discussion in 'DIRECTV General Discussion' started by pranaman, May 22, 2016.

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    May 22, 2016
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    I go to people's houses to fix computers and technical problems.

    Here in San Francisco, I had a client the other day, and she has Monkey Brains, a local ISP, a Smart TV, DTV with an HR 44/500, and Apple products - a Macbook, a Time Capsule at the opposite end of the house, which is the wifi router, and an AirPort Express Base Station Access Point, in the middle of the house, which acts as a wifi booster/repeater.

    The DirectTV box and SmartTV was working with wifi, then stopped. I found some posts that addressed that. Seems the Time Capsule and/or Airport Express would drop the connection, I guess the Apple equipment changes the IP assignment for whatever reason, and that stops the DTV from working:

    I read I should give the HR44 a static DHCP address using the Macbook. I also read about an RBR - a 'red button reboot', so I did that. I knew that would buy some time, and it would work for a while.

    Setting up static DHCP:

    I read:


    1. I tried to find the MAC address for the HR44. Per another post, I went to the HR44's Settings/Info/More Info

    and I saw several things, however, I did not see a listing explicitly stated "MAC address". I think the MAC address is 12 characters, the closest was a 'receiver ID', as I recall. It was under the access card listing. I used that.

    2. I went to the AirPort Utility application on the Macbook, and followed one the static DHCP instructions, using the MAC address I thought I had. The AirPort Utility offered an IP address. I used that too.

    Not sure if I did it right, however, the 'RBR' seems to have bought me time. it seems the process will work for a while anyway.

    If she calls again, and tells me things are not working,

    1 is there a more definitive guide?

    2 Is the MAC address in the Info section - does it go by receiver ID, or did I just miss it?

    3 Although I think I got it right, is there something that shows how to set up AirPort Utility application to properly work with the HR44?
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    You mat want to post this to a DirecTV forum, this id fro DISH Network.

    Though, Used to use the Apple Gen5 Airport Express Wireless Router. I stopped using it because the only way to maintain the router to be on a Mac. Also, ever time it was upgraded; one had to effectively set everything up again. Also, its range was not all that great. I replaced it with an ASUS RT-AC68U which runs much better. If you are constantly losing a connection, the Apple Router may be it. Also, it would be better to use a wireless bridge and use the Ethernet port. I use a DLINK DAP-1522.

    I had a Genie (HR44) and an HR24. The Genie was plugged into a wireless bridge and that bridge talked with the router. The same thing for the Genie. I thought, that like DISH, you could not set a static DHCP address on their equipment. All I recollect is providing the SSID and password. I did not tie IPs to the MAC address. Really not needed if one's home network is secure to begin with.

    I know people like to take all their equipment and place it in cabinets. Doing this partially blocks a wireless signal. Also, if the equipment si very far, from the router, they should not use 5 GHz; it does not carry as far as 2.4 GHz.

    Again, this better answered in a DirecTV forum.

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