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HR20: 0x120 - Discussion

Discussion in 'DIRECTV HD DVR/Receiver Discussion' started by Earl Bonovich, Feb 1, 2007.

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  1. Feb 1, 2007 #1 of 61
    Earl Bonovich

    Earl Bonovich Lifetime Achiever

    Nov 15, 2005
    National Release: 02/01/2007
    Manufacture 700 - 0x120

    Release Notes: http://www.dbstalk.com/showthread.php?t=78410
    Issue Thread: http://www.dbstalk.com/showthread.php?t=78412

    CE - Discussion: http://www.dbstalk.com/showthread.php?t=78145
    CE - Issues: http://www.dbstalk.com/showthread.php?t=78146

    PLEASE DONT POST... DIDN'T GET IT, or GOT IT tracking posts in this thread, they will be deleted

    National Release:
    All HR20's should have 0x120 by 02/02/2007

    The more detail the better Simply put... the more detail you can provide the better the feedback.

    Revision History: (Note Builds that did not go national, are no longer listed)
    Version 0x11b (01/23/2007): Discussion Thread
    Version 0x10b (12/20/2006): Discussion Thread
    Version 0xFA (11/22/2006): Discussion Thread
    Version 0xEF (11/15/2006): Discussion Thread
    Version 0xE3 (10/19/2006): Discussion Thread
    Version 0xDC (10/11/2006): Discussion Thread
    Version 0xD8 (10/04/2006): Discussion Thread
    Version 0xD1 (09/26/2006): Discussion Thread
    Version 0xCC (09/16/2006): Discussion Thread Issue Thread
    Version 0xBE (09/01/2006): Discussion Thread Issue Thread

    The Original HR20 Review Thread

    Tips and Tricks Threads
    Official Tips and Tricks
    Unoffical Tips and Tricks v2.9

    Unoffical Feature Request Survey

    Unoffical eSATA Feature Discussion
  2. Feb 1, 2007 #2 of 61

    JJaret Legend

    Aug 25, 2004
    A feature change that is not it the release notes is the History list no longer contains any future cancelled programs.
  3. Feb 1, 2007 #3 of 61

    Teronzhul Godfather

    Sep 20, 2006
    Not specifically 120 related, but after each of the last 2 updates, my receiver has spontaneously decided that it is no longer receiving either 110/119 or both.

    The only way to fix this is to repeat guided setup twice, first setting it to a round dish, then back to 5lnb. This is exceptionally annoying and has caused me to miss 2 recordings thus far.
  4. Feb 1, 2007 #4 of 61

    bnglbill Icon

    Nov 29, 2006
    This is getting rediculos, I can't believe D** released this buggy A** software!! I have had very little issues other than the black screen, now, I have audio drop outs, Audio synch problems, black screen and all of that is just what I noticed after the first couple of hours of use. I have RBR and that didn't help with the audio. Also the mpeg 4 locals look like crap. THIS IS GETTING OLD!!!!!
  5. Feb 1, 2007 #5 of 61

    shaun-ohio Icon

    Aug 24, 2002
    zanesville ohio
    yeah tell me about it i have reset my box so much, that the red button is flush , with the receiver now, have to use a pointed object to reset it now, when it locks up
  6. Feb 1, 2007 #6 of 61

    Drewg5 Icon

    Dec 15, 2006
    St. Louis
    The only issue I have had is taring in the guide, and menu system. The longer the HR20 is running the less I even see that bug.
  7. Feb 1, 2007 #7 of 61

    Vinny New Member

    Sep 1, 2006
    Long Island, NY

    a) Currently recording The Office D* NBC (MPEG4) and The War at Home D* FOX (MPEG4).
    b) Went to playlist to watch The Office; but get gray screen.
    c) Can't FF passed it; but remote is still working.
    d) I tune to NBC 4 and The Office is playing and I am able to watch it; but no trick play functions. So I miss the first 5 minutes; but still can view the rest of the show.
    e) While I'm watching The Office; I hit menu/playlist and select The War at Home. It plays fine; and all trick play functions work.
    f) I retune to NBC to watch The Office and again, I can watch; but no trick play.

    Has this ever happened to anyone?

    Update 1:

    After The Office ended; Scrubs was having the same problem; but Greys Anatomy was recording and was playable.
    I cancelled the Scrubs recording; cleared the buffer by changing channels; went back to NBC Scrubs; hit record and everything is fine. Both NBC and ABC are recording normally and trick plays are functioning on both stations.

    Update 2:

    All other recording on NBC and ABC are recording and watchable. So it seems after I cleared the NBC buffer; everything went back to normal.

    This is also posted in the issues thread.

  8. Feb 1, 2007 #8 of 61

    inzane Cool Member

    Oct 25, 2006
    well I had my first major issue. was recording CSI and Grey's on the NYC mepg 4 channels, was watching greys 20 min after it started. all was fine, then went to watch CSI, no go, just the a black screen, can't even jump into it. Shark us currently recording and I can't do any trick plays to watch from the beging. I'm assuming that this recording will also be hosed. What really sucks that 9pm thursdays it the only time my wonderfully working tivo does not record the same exact shows, since I need to record 3 shows at 9pm thursdays, and I picked the wrong one to watch live, should of watched CSI. I just can't understand how they can have all these recording problems. It's just Bits from a stream, what comes to the tuner get saved to the drive. If I can see it on the screen then the bits are good. I can understand things like scheduling issues and such, but not saving bits. off to cbs.com to watch CSI
  9. Feb 1, 2007 #9 of 61

    Vinny New Member

    Sep 1, 2006
    Long Island, NY
    This seems to be the same issue I and others have had tonight.
  10. thekochs

    thekochs DirecTV 10yr+ Customer

    Oct 7, 2006
    My 30 second slip forward seems to work fine....but hitting 30 second slip backward produces no effect. Has anyone seen this ?
  11. MDTerp

    MDTerp New Member

    Jan 28, 2007
    Well I have been lurking around for a while getting a feel for what to look for and and now feel I should post as my frustration actually got in the way last night. I had my HR20 installed on 1/23 and have had little or no problems up until x120. Lets see, all of my issues below have become drastically noticeable with this latest release. First and probably most annoying; my local HD MPEG4 channels picture quality has gone from almost perfect to breaking up all the time along with audio drops. For example picture problems during GREY's last night, along with audio drops made the wife very angry. These two things didn't happen this problem last weeks program. Also before GREY's I tried watching a recording of Poker after Dark and audio was off by at least 6 secs right after pressing play, so I played around with FFW and the Pause buttons to sync up. But I didn't have to do this before with any recordings thus far. Also noticed the famous "Pinky" for the first time. It was in the right >> box at the bottom of the screen. Then to top it off my OTA connection most notable 5-1 FOX- WTTG DC takes almost 20-30 seconds to locate its signal. I get a searching for signal notice on the screen now before the current programming appears. Before this x120 update, all my OTA channels were trouble free. After spending some time reading everyones experiences, I don't think my issues or frustrations are in the minority. I already can't wait for the next release, maybe before Super Sunday! This release has made my HR20 worse.

    HR20-700 release 0x120 (Automactic 2/2/07)
    Slimline Dish No Multi Switch
    Configured: Native OFF | 720p Stretch | DD ON | BBC's Connected | Network: NOT Connected | OTA | Power off when not in use.
    HDTV: Sony KDFE55A20 connected via HDMI to HR20
    Home Theater: Sony connected via optical cable to HR20
    DirecTV Remote
    DirecTV since 1999
  12. Capmeister

    Capmeister Large Hairless ApeCutting Edge: ECHELON '08

    Sep 16, 2003
    The slip back isn't 30 seconds. I think it's more like 6 seconds or maybe 10. Not sure. It's not 30, though.
  13. mtnagel

    mtnagel Hall Of Fame

    Sep 18, 2006
    It's about 6 seconds. I've tested it with HDNet's Test Patterns (it has a timer). But his bigger issue is that his isn't working.
  14. cygnusloop

    cygnusloop Hall Of Fame

    Jan 26, 2007
    I have posted what I think is clearly the same issue in the issue thread as well:

    (from 0x120 issues thread)
    LIST>PLAY HD-program OTA, recording still in progress.
    Black screen when attempt to play. Transport controls respond on screen, but continued black screen and ticker/time does not move.

    Other tuner: buffering SD local over satellite for 90 minutes +

    What may be new information:
    Since this program was still in progress, I exited and changed the channel to the live feed of this program. Program appeared to be playing fine, but no response to any transport control (rew, ff, jumpback, pause). Multiple channel changes away from, and back to the "live" recording channel yeilded no change in behavior (I did this to cycle thru different format 480i, 720p, etc...). I let program complete recording, and attempted to play again from list, still black screen with "responsive" but non-functional transport controls. Trick play on "live" TV returned to normal once recording ended.

    (end quote)

    It is clear to me that this is somehow related to the state of the buffer. In my experience, a full 90 minutes in the buffer GREATLY increases the chance of this happening. I have not yet seen a well articulated documentation of the version of the BSB, if that is in fact what it is. I say version of the BSB, because it seems the "classic" BSB is more related to standby, and requires at least a menu reset. In this case, all that is required for return of functionality is the completion of the affected recording. Hence, many users are not noticing a problem until the attempt to playback the recording. To them, all is well except that they have a black screen on a particular recording. I hope we are closing in on this one. Before the Super Bowl starts on Sunday, I will most certainly make sure the buffer is clear.
  15. Vinny

    Vinny New Member

    Sep 1, 2006
    Long Island, NY
    It definitely looks like the same issue. I didn't wait for the recording to finish, though; I
    a) ended the recording;
    b) changed channels which cleared the buffer;
    c) went back to the original channel and began a new recording of the same show; and everything worked.

    So, I agree; it seems its something to do with the buffer.
  16. Justinto

    Justinto AllStar

    Jul 15, 2006
    I had the problem with the last two releases on Denver's 7 KMGH - macroblocking on HD constanly switching back and forth from HD to SD; plus last night's Ugy Betty, the audio sync was off 3 seconds on a recording and was unwatchable.
  17. PhilipDC

    PhilipDC AllStar

    Aug 16, 2006
    Software loaded overnight Wed./Thur.--had a lot of short audio dropouts last night on my Mpeg 4 local NBC affiliate (WRC Washington, DC). Rewinded a few times and recovered the audio...
  18. spolaski

    spolaski Legend

    Sep 12, 2006
    I haven't noticed any audio dropouts on mine. I have had them before but wasn't sure if it was the HR20 or the signal that was dropping out.

    I like your test of rewinding and seeing if the audio drops out the second time through in the same places. Next time I have a dropout I'll have to try that.

    My issue right now is that despite it being addressed in the release notes, I still lose connection to the server when playing shuffled music. I think it's still an unsupported feature, but it would be nice if they could get this fixed for good.

  19. legacydoor

    legacydoor Cool Member

    Dec 13, 2006
    I had a complete lockup last night and had to RBR. This happened right after a recorded show would not play or even FF over black to real show. Have had audio and video dropouts as well that come and go in severity depending on version but it has never gone away .

    I'm really getting tired of making excuses to my wife for the HR20. Some updates have been better than others but it's becoming clear they can't find a way to solve some of these issues. I'm starting to wonder if it is in fact a internal hardware issue. "D", it's getting awfully hard to be patient much longer.

    My HR10 had an issue once in a while but nothing like this.

    Clock is ticking "D"
  20. Tom_S

    Tom_S Icon

    Apr 9, 2002
    It's funny, with each previous release at or around day 3 funky things would start happening. With this release the opposite is happening. It seems to be more stable now than when I first downloaded it.

    No lost recordings in days. Keeping my fingers crossed.
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