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HR20-100: 0x18a - Discussion / Issues

Discussion in 'DIRECTV HD DVR/Receiver Discussion' started by Indiana627, Aug 28, 2007.

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  1. Aug 31, 2007 #41 of 192
    B A Doe

    B A Doe Cool Member

    Jul 10, 2007
    I lost all of my shows off of the internal hard drive. I do not have an external drive attached to my unit.
  2. Aug 31, 2007 #42 of 192

    19secord Cool Member

    Sep 23, 2006
    I downloaded this version last weekend without any problems but with this forced national release I have lost all recordings, playlist, everything. What gives?
  3. Aug 31, 2007 #43 of 192

    Marvin Godfather

    Sep 13, 2003
    I didnt have any recordings to delete, but it did fix one bug where the names "Custom 1" and "Custom 2" where blank in the favorite channels menu (I could still access the custom lists but it didn't give a name for them).

    Also, it seems as if Im having problems changing channels now as all I get is black screens and about 1/2 the time it never switches over to the channel, the other half it takes like 5 seconds.
  4. Aug 31, 2007 #44 of 192

    Pluvious AllStar

    Jun 12, 2007
    Question for the people who lost their play list after the update:

    Did you loose your K)eep listings as well or just the non kept ones??

    (I have about 23 episodes of Bikini Destinations that I don't want deleted accidentally)
  5. Aug 31, 2007 #45 of 192

    dingJam Cool Member

    Jul 19, 2007
    My first issue post.

    I mentioned this in another thread, but after the software update I have had a couple of instances where channel changes have been very long - 10+ seconds. I don't know if its significant, but I noticed it just after I checked the "test" channels in the upper 400s. All channel changes after I did that seemed to take much longer than normal. I did a menu-reset and the change time improved. Native is "off", and has been for me both before and after the software update.

  6. Aug 31, 2007 #46 of 192

    coota Legend

    Apr 10, 2007
    I received my download and have had no problems....play list is intact, etc.
  7. Aug 31, 2007 #47 of 192

    mroot AllStar

    Mar 12, 2006
    I've found that scrolling up and down in the guide seems a lot slower than before.
  8. Aug 31, 2007 #48 of 192

    bigmac94 AllStar

    Aug 18, 2006
    Sneads Ferry NC
    Has anyone noticed any changes on Networked HR 20s
  9. Aug 31, 2007 #49 of 192

    Chilli_Dog AllStar

    Dec 26, 2005
    After the upgrade, one of my HR20-100s became possessed. The others seem to be perfectly fine. The possessed DVR is exhibiting the following symptoms from time to time:

    1) Channel changes suddenly become very slow.
    2) Custom channel list reverts back to default name.
    3) When custom channel list reverts back to default name, it does not allow me to update it to another name. Also, changes to channel list will not "stick".
    4) Recorded shows will prompt for deletion the moment I start to watch them.
    5) Deleted shows appear to go away... until a menu reset. Then, they are suddenly in my play list again.

    Usually, if one symptom appears, they all appear. A menu reset will fix all of these issues, then they're back in about 24 hours. I've had to reset twice in the last two days. The other HR20-100 is just fine. And my HR20-700 is working good as well. Only this one is acting up. Very strange.


    Problem HR20-100: dual tuners enabled, no network, HDMI connection, native on, very flaky at this point.

    2nd HR20-100: single tuner enabled, network connected, HDMI connection, native on, working great.

    HR20-700: dual tuners enabled, network connected, HDMI to DVI connection, native on, working great.
  10. Sep 1, 2007 #50 of 192

    Mozella New Member

    Aug 31, 2007
    I lost everything THREE times. At first I thought I got the change three times, but after thinking about it I believe that after the latest download the HD was spontaneously rebooting for some reason.

    I did a menu reset and it has been ok for 24 hours so far. :(
  11. Sep 1, 2007 #51 of 192

    Maleman Icon

    Apr 17, 2007
    Like a previous post suggested I also lost my HD locals. :(

    What can I do to get these back?

  12. Sep 1, 2007 #52 of 192
    Fish Man

    Fish Man Godfather

    Apr 22, 2002
    Forgive the question if it's too obvious, but have you tried a reset from the menu?

    I lost the HD locals on my -700 (but not my -100) a couple of days after it downloaded 0x18a, but I'm pretty sure it was a side effect of all the new guide data that's being added to the satellite streams for the new HD nationals that are coming on line soon, and not directly related to 0x18a.

    A reboot fixed this problem for me.
  13. Sep 1, 2007 #53 of 192

    Maleman Icon

    Apr 17, 2007
    Well I have three choices under the RESET.

    Which one shall i select? :confused: :confused: I don't wanna screw things up.
  14. Sep 1, 2007 #54 of 192

    jmschnur Icon

    Aug 30, 2006
    HD Locals much worse after CE 194 download on HR20-700
  15. Sep 1, 2007 #55 of 192

    Maleman Icon

    Apr 17, 2007
    Can I get back to the older software?
  16. Sep 1, 2007 #56 of 192
    Fish Man

    Fish Man Godfather

    Apr 22, 2002
    There is no way to go back from a national software release.

    If your box has lost authorization for your HD locals, it's extremely unlikely that would help anyway, and I have my doubts that the new software has anything to do with the loss of the channels anyway, there've been several reports of boxes getting "confused" by all the new channel mapping being fed into the data streams on the birds in preparation for the new channels.

    Whenever D* does a major reorganization in preparation for a new satellite to come on line this sort of stuff happens.

    The good news is that the correction for this is relatively simple.

    Please try the following two things, in this order:

    • Do a reset from the menu. Just a simple reset, don't delete anything.
    • If the reset doesn't bring them back (it did for me) have DirecTV re-authorize the box, either via the website or by calling them.

    It just about 100% certain that will get the channels back.
  17. Sep 1, 2007 #57 of 192
    Lord Vader

    Lord Vader Supreme Member DBSTalk Club

    Sep 20, 2004
    Galactic Empire
    I've learned that calling DirecTV and asking them to refresh a particular receiver doesn't always work, especially when one has a dozen or so receivers on his account, like I do. I gave them the specific access card # of the unit needing to be re-authorized, but for some reason they kept refreshing a different receiver. So, I just went back in to my DirecTV.com account, looked for the specific receiver/card #, and clicked on refresh. My programming was resent to that specific receiver--an HR20-700 in this case--and my local channels came back.

    It was also quicker to do it this way rather than having to call DTV and wait on the phone.
  18. Sep 1, 2007 #58 of 192

    Maleman Icon

    Apr 17, 2007
    Excellent! Reset worked and I now have my Locals back albeit quality isn't as good but maybe with all the reworking of the transponders/satellite etc influencing the PQ.

  19. Sep 1, 2007 #59 of 192

    josejrp Legend

    May 5, 2007
    I found a possible pixellation/breakup bug....

    I had my HR20 set to record Cliffhanger on HDNet-Movies and X-Men:The Last Stand on HBO. At 9:10PM or so, I switched from the Cliffhanger feed to the X-Men feed, and it had pixellation/breakups in about 10-15% of the screen. I waited a minute or so, and it did not resolve itself, so I stopped the recording and tuned to another channel and then back to HBO. That seemed to clear the issue, and X-Men was coming through clear now. Of course, my recording was ruined. My other tuner was still recording Cliffhanger, so I know it's not a tuner/cable/signal issue in my side (clear weather tonight, and same tuner and cabling came in clear after switching the channel).

    I think this happened to me once before months ago with HBO (I had a bad recording with the same symptoms), but I wasn't there at the time to change the channel and then back, so I attributed it to bad weather.
  20. Sep 2, 2007 #60 of 192

    cineplex1 Mentor

    Jul 10, 2007
    Where are the new HD's? What are the slated channel assignments?
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