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  1. Stuart Sweet

    Stuart Sweet The Shadow Knows!

    Jun 18, 2006
    HR20-100 0x1EA
    -- Staggered National Release started on 1/16/2008

    • Recording dependability
    • DoD - PgUp/PgDown consistent now
    • DoD - Resume playback of partially downloaded program
    • DoD - On Homepage the RED/GREEN will not lock up the STB when viewer is using a custom channel list that doesn't include the DoD channels.
    • DVR Scheduling - Recording reliability
    • DVR Scheduling - Properly handle cases where recording was already set
    • 30 sec slip correctly ends when at end of buffer
    • Incorrect resolution display
    • Stability Fixes and Stability after Software Download
    • Green key cycles audio tracks
    • Faster signal meter
    • Fixed frozen video frame
    • Fixed CC characters from dropping
    • Fixed review buffer from exceeding 90 minutes
    • Support play from playlist while getting 771 message on ATSC channel
    • Misc UI Corrections
    • Improved search stability
    • Interactive app performance improved
    • Stability improvements

    • Items in the DoD download queue, will remain after a system reboot
    • HDTV is a searchable term (=High Def)
    • Term "VOD" can be used in keyword search
    • Red Button Delete disabled on Mark and Delete screen
    • Mediashare ThumbNails improvements
    • Fix resolution indicator in native mode
    • Reliability when IP address has changed

    New feature(s)
    • Triple Tap Lookup for DoD: When on a DoD page, you can use the # keys on your remote to enter letters in "cellphone/SMS" style. AKA: Hit #2 Three times to get a C
    • Adult Channel Hiding: This is an update parental control that is currently on the R15. When you enable this, it completely REMOVES the adult rated channels from the listings, almost as if they don't exist.
    • SLB Updates: #1 - The live buffer should no longer EVER flush out for any other reason then changing the channel on the live buffer.
    • SLB Updates: #2 - Playback resumes from paused position on tuned channel
    • IP Callback: The ethernet/internet connection, will now be used for communication back to DirecTV for: PPV purchases, GameLounge, and other items that the phone line was required for
    • Mediashare Video Support: You can now access video files from your PC.
    • 30 Second Skip: You will now have the choice between 30s SKIP or SLIP. To enable: Keyword Search 30SKIP or 30SLIP
    • Boolean Keyword searching, 3 new keywords AALL, AANY, NNOT
    • 720p/1080i reminder pop up if TV supports but is in 480i/p and tune to HD channel
    • Guide: Channel Color shadding to represent subscribed vs unsubscribed channels
    • Shortcut for Closed Caption On/Off
    • Hitting DASH on a Full Screen, will display LAST 6 Digits of receiver ID
    • Edit Series Link options when no episodes are found
    • SWM Version displayed
  2. Stuart Sweet

    Stuart Sweet The Shadow Knows!

    Jun 18, 2006
    The FAQ for the HR20 has been updated, and a section has been added to help explain some of the newest advanced SEARCH features.

    How can I do more advanced searches?
    Advanced Search Tips
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