HR20-700 OTA Issues Denver KCDO-TV 3-1, 3-2 etc

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    Apr 7, 2009
    KCDO-TV Denver DTV channel 3 from lookout mountain OTA using HR20-700 tuner with Over the Air Antenna pointed at Lookout mountain Does not Find KCDO-TV HD 23*(channel3) but a regular HDTV with OTA tuner does find it after a re-scan, does DTV's guide data need to be refreshed to allow this to work Over the Air, this is a problem as KREG-TV shows up programming in from Glenwood springs only in a SEARCH but shows 3-1 as a channel number, the Real guide shows the correct programming, and No there is NO secondary local zip code entered into the Antenna setup. I searched for Star Trek Enterprise, and it shows episodes on 3-1, but when you look in the guide at channel 3-1 for that time and slot, it does not show up, but 3-1 and 3-2 OTA do not work it says Error 771. KMGH-TV Denver 7 said that we would need a rescan for the OTA broadcast, but this does not work, Is the OTA relying on Guide data to find the REAL OTA signal? and does not scan the OTA like a HDTV does ???

    Whats wrong and can this be fixed ??????????

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