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HR20 Remote Question- How do I turn tv on?

Discussion in 'DIRECTV Tips and Resources' started by timatraw, Oct 8, 2007.

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  1. timatraw

    timatraw New Member

    Oct 8, 2007
    Just got the HR20. Problems with HR20 remote. I was able to turn on my Panny plasma and operate the hdtivo with one push of the button. Not with the HR20!
    CSR at D*TV told me I have to first slide the mode (on top of remote) to tv-second turn on tv turn then slide mode back to DTV before getting started. Anybody have the code to the panny remote? Is this what everybody has to do with their tv? Looking for a solution.
  2. bllreed

    bllreed AllStar

    Dec 25, 2006
    When you go into setup by hitting the MENU button you will have a column on the left with a main window to the right. Choose Remote then on the right choose to program the remote. When you select TV hit the Select button and a screen should popup with nearly every brand of TV made (in the last several years). Use the Down Channel button to scroll through the list until you get to your brand. (The down arrow button moves one item while the down channel button moves one screen.) Highlight it and press Select. A new window will open with the various codes for that brand and the instructions on how to set up the remote. Basically you choose the first code and if it doesn't work you keep going through the codes until you find one that works, hopefully. The one thing you want to keep in mind is when you start this make sure the remote is set to DTV. The slider at the top of the remote should be all the way to the left. It's pretty straight forward and the codes are provided for you, nothing to look up. AV1 & AV2 are used for other components like DVDs & VCRs (if you still use those poor things:))

    P.S. Do NOT try to use RF mode with a TV or any other component. It is only for the HR20. You can use RF on the HR20 and IR for the TV, etc., I believe.
  3. donshan

    donshan Godfather

    Jun 18, 2007
    I just went through this with connecting a new HR20-700 to a Toshiba LCD HDTV. Note the On/OFF power buttons in the upper right corner of your D* remote.

    You may find more than one code listed that appears to work, but one of them may work better than others so plan on some time ( mine took over an hour) for testing. Keep a record of what works or not for each code entered. It took some time to learn how to do the testing and find the best code of several that partially worked.

    •Start with the slider in the DTV position
    •Then move the slider to TV
    •Push mute/select simultaneously until the light above "TV" blinks twice
    • Enter the code and test that volume for the TV sound works and then test the small Pwr OFF button to see if the TV goes off. IF so test the ON button to power the TV on.
    •I then also entered (960 ? check this on the setup screen as it is from memory as I post this) which activated the upper left button for my TV to change inputs as needed. I used mine to connect the HR20 via HDMI, but still have both an HD antenna and the internal cable tuner hooked up for several local news cable channels ( TWC for example) and this lets us switch to other program sources and need to change the TV inputs.
    •Test all the codes and keep a record of which functions work. You may find one code best as I did.
    •Run the slide back to DTV and test everything again
    . Now, if you are lucky to have a supported code. the D* remote will turn both the HR20 & TV on with the upper right buttons, the volume/mute will change the HDTV sound, and the TV input will toggle your HDTV inputs all from the HR20 DTV slider mode.which operates the HR 20.
    •Run the slide back to TV and it operates as if the remote is your tV remote. This bypasses the HR20 and assumes you are using the antenna or other input to the HDTV

    If you use and external receiver for DD 5.1 sound it is a different situation and I recommend getting a Harmony remote as keeping power on/off synchronized and other issues are beyond the standard D* remote. I think the same applies to DVDs- Yes you can program AV1 or AV2 for DVDs but a Harmony does it better.
  4. cigarjockey

    cigarjockey New Member

    Oct 13, 2007
    Wish they had a code for my ilo hdtv...tried them all...nothing.
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