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HR21-200/HR21Pro: 0x0251

Discussion in 'DirecTV™ Software Release Notes Forum (Non-Discuss' started by Stuart Sweet, Jul 1, 2008.

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  1. Stuart Sweet

    Stuart Sweet The Shadow Knows!

    Jun 18, 2006
    HR21-200 / HR21-Pro: 0x0251
    Staggered release began 7/9/08.

    Issues Only:


    The Contents of this Release: (Differences based on last National Release)

    • Stability
    • Accurate network connection status after reboot
    • Overall Media Share
    • Channel change speed
    • Tuning and Recording Robustness
    • Fixed incorrect blue background
    • Fixed R icon not displaying in Folder during recording of a event in Folder
    • Fixed unable to Clear Delete Marks in Folders in Mark And Delete Screen
    • Fixed unable to modify extension on single episode of a booked series
    • Fixed modifying extension of already booked series does not update episodes already in ToDo
    • Fixed no Keep or Delete On Screen Display (OSD) after FF4 to end, RW, Pause, then Advanced
    • Tuning Robustness
    • MediaShare – Fixed unable to play slideshow in PIG when browsing thumbnail
    • MediaShare – Fixed wrong song ordering
    • MediaShare – Fixed blank thumbnails
    • MediaShare – Fixed FF of pictures jumps back instead
    • MediaShare - Stability
    • Fixed channel banner program information being incorrect after using previous button
    • Stability improvements, including issue after deleting in response to K/D OSD.
    • Fixed recently searched keyword not saved in previous screen
    • Fixed stuck boot 1 of 2
    • Recurring manual records no longer share playlist folder
    • Faster deleting large folder from playlist
    • Improved history for manual records
    • Fixed DIRECTV On Demand results list
    • Fixed issue where KEEP ICON is missing after using mark&delete
    • Fixed mini-guide with guide tip
    • Lipsync improvement
    • Added ability to send a Diagnostics Report back to DIRECTV (See notes)
    • Added New Release category for DIRECTV on Demand homepage
    • Mediashare compatibility with Nero MediaHome
    • Favorite List handling of hidden ATSC channels
    • Fixed Auto-recording titles with symbols (e.g. Law & Order)
    • Fixed Mediashare media access issues
    • Fix for unable to acquire guide after repeated setup
    • Fix for loss of program guide
    • Program information updating in channel banner when tuning from the guide
    • Mediashare streaming video from the PC
    • Mediashare thumbnail display when using page down
    • Misc. minor UI tweaks
    • Improved HDCP support
    • Reordered Setup/Display Options
    • Fixed “Buy/Watch” option and Parental Control OSD on upcoming PPV
    • Fixed Queued DIRECTV On Demand items’ duration
    • Fixed unable to “Reset Everything” when in RF remote is used
    • Fixed OnDemand advancing channel using green key
    • Improved Mediashare handling an empty folder
    • Improved Mediashare Alpha sorting photo in the left hand menu
    • Improved guided setup
    • Improved misc UI text strings
    • Improvements to VOD Queueing
    • Improvements to Review buffer
    • Updates to manual recordings
    • Improvements in Satellite Setup for SWM
    • Improvements in Satellite Setup for multiswitch support
    • Improvements in Satellite Setup for changing from one or two tuner installation selections

    • History messages for recording and deletion events
    • Close Captioning Left Placement
    • Faster category search and sort
    • Faster loading DIRECTV on Demand listing
    • Program Info Screen text
    • GameSearch
    • User Interface (various issues addressed)
    • Issues with rebooting

    New feature(s)
    • Triple Tap support (e.g. title/name/keyword search screens, favorite list naming, etc)
    • Search for PPV Movies in guide options panel
    • 1-touch record hint for program cells/items
    • Add "Move to Top" hint OSD in the Prioritizer screen
    • Add a display settings option in the System Setup screen for the enabling/disabling of the 1-touch Record Tip OSD


    • You can now send a network issue report for any problem you are having. For more information, click here.
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