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    I recently had to replace an HR20 and I was sent an HR24. It is not connected to an AVR I am using a couple of external Altec Lansing 3 piece speaker system. I am having horrible audio dropouts with the problem presenting itself more on some channels than others. I researched this and it looks like a long standing issue with the HR24s.

    When I use the 6 second skip back the problem seems to go away for the most part. Also turning off Dolby Digital helps but the PCM sound suffers even through my cheap Altec Lansings. I think I know the answer will be that there is no resolution to this but I was wondering if I might luck out on getting a different HR24 unit? Directv tech support said that I have to have a service call before trying another HR24. Service call will not cost me because I am in a 90 day window so should I have the service call and see if another HR24 will help or is that going to be a waste of time?
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    Could be the 24 itself but I'd be looking at the HDD inside it as the culprit. What you have is a DVR that is probably close to 10 years old with the same internal HDD. These old HDDs are usually the reason we see audio drops and picture breakups. If this is the case you have a couple options. You can get a replacement, that might solve your problem...for awhile. Probably not the best thing to do. You can purchase an eSATA setup and use a new HDD externally. That should give you some more time. A new HDD should give you a couple years without issues.

    Best thing you can do? Put an external SSD on the 24. If that 24 is okay an SSD should turn that DVR into the fastest DVR you've ever used. You will not have audio problems.

    Or you can do what we see more more frequently. Do nothing and come here and complain about the 24. I'm pretty sure that is not why this site exists. The 24s, for the most part, can be fixed. Yes, it costs a few bucks. Yes, D* should be doing this, at the very least they should put new HDDs in the refurbs before they send them out. But that's not gonna happen. If we don't fix these problems ourselves nobody else will.

    In my signature below there is a link to a thread explaining how to use SSDs in an HR. You might want to read thru that. I started that thread because I was tired of audio drops and video breakups. The only time I see those issues now is when a storm disrupts the signal.

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    Thanks for the reply. Was not my intention to complain about the HR24 just wanted to see if having it swapped for another unit would be a waste of time. Never had a problem with the HR20 other than it being ridiculously slow so I did not know they had this audio issue and I have an HR44 with no audio issues so it is the HR24 that is the problem.

    I have a 2TB external drive esata connection so it is not the internal HDD being used. I'll read through your info on using an SSD.
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