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    Mar 26, 2007
    One of the requirements for an HTPC for me was remembering playback and the ability to "Bookmark" certain points of a movie. For me I ended up with Dell Zino PC's which they don't make any more (at least that I know of) and went with Windows XP and for play back I use an old version of Xlobby for my graphical front end and TheaterTek as my DVD play back software. I have been using this combo for years. I don't know if Theater Tek Supports Blu Ray.

    That said does any of the suggestions mentioned here remember play back and offer the ability to bookmark things? I am always interested in finding something new / better.
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    Apr 8, 2009
    Kevin, I'm going to send you PM to avoid any feathers getting ruffled over what can and cannot be done with your media.
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    Dec 19, 2006
    For those wondering, I use DVD Shrink to rip regular DVDs, and DVDFab to rip Blu Rays. Once they're ripped and on my local hard drive, I transfer them over to the NAS (Yeah, I could probably just rip them right to the NAS, but just my preference).
    With the movies where I just ripped the ENTIRE disc, I have the folder structure, with all the .vob or .m2ts files in them. With my Western Digital Tv Live Hub, when I highlight the title folder and hit play, it tells me there aren't any media files in the folder. The ONLY way to get it to play is to either hit play on the actual file itself that I want (The movie), or hit play on the folder that contains all the files. The problem is, it then just starts playing back the files in order, and I'm not getting any sort of Menu system or anything (I've checked and made sure the disc HAS a menu).
    I have attempted to use IMG Burn to make all of the files into an .iso, but then the WD doesn't see the .iso file. I'm at a loss.
    This: is the media player I'm using.
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    I've had good luck with the ASRock ION series and it meets your criteria for BD playback and low wattage. Had mine up and running for two or three years now without any hitches.

    Also added a diNovo Mini and I can do pretty much anything with my htpc.
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    Shrink, is, well old? What do you use for a decrypter? Just do a disc copy to .iso for DVDs. Been awhile but I'm pretty sure the WDTV supports full DVD menus.

    For BluRay, use BDInfo to find the correct playlist the use the main playlist in TSMuxer for the correct .m2ts (or whatever extension for that movie). Note: I think that WDTV supports full BD .isos but only plays the main movie.

    Have you tried use the .IFO file for your DVD's (if staying with the full structure approach)?
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    If you use Windows 7 and run Media Center, there is a nice add-in called Media Browser.

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