HuluLive the latest to drop the Sinclair RSN's

Discussion in 'Internet Streaming Services' started by garn9173, Oct 22, 2020.

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    I looked at Mediacom’s deal last night to see what they were doing. They don’t have anything quite like Entertainment either, and of course the usual additional fees like Comcast does. $119/month including internet, tv and worthless phone service. When I was with them even using my Tivos the additional fees were about $25 a month.

    While ATT’s Entertainment is a good deal for those that care little about RSNs, it isn’t quite as good a deal as what other streamers are charging for similar or better lineups.
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    The market is putting pressure on all parties. Sinclair wants to get their RSNs on other providers, while the providers don't want to overpay for the RSNs.Personally - I think there is more pressure on Sinclair than on the other providers - Dish has said sayonara for now (they aren't even mentioned in the EPG anymore). Sinclair is going to have to tell pro sports (and maybe college) that the money is no longer there.
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    Dish is not really a concern. It’s all the others. Dish has never been a sports pushing entity. Everyone else does.

    If the nba starts up in December as currently rumored then by January we may know how much of this has been companies not wanting to pay for channels when there is literarily nothing new on them vs them actually taking a stand against RSN channels.
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    Mar 19, 2015
    The new TVision will have an "Entertainment" styled package called "Live TV" which is about the same as AT&T TV Now Plus. However you can get TVision's Live TV ($40/mo) and Vibe ($10/mo) packages for $50/mo which will be very close to AT&T TV/DirecTV Entertainment at half the cost. The only omission is A&E, History, Lifetime & Vice on TV. TVision currently doesn't have the A+E Networks (A&E, FYI, Crime & Investigation, History, Military History, Lifetime, LMN, Vice on TV) and legacy CBS channels (CBS, CBS Sports Network, Pop TV.) Those are the only two groups TVision will be missing.

    Getting AT&T TV Now Max ($80/mo) + TVision Vibe ($10/mo) will give you all the major channels that are on Hulu + Live TV along with good Cloud DVRs out of the gate (no add-on required.)

    AT&T TV Now Max & TVision Vibe will also have the Crown Media (Hallmark) and legacy Viacom channels that Hulu + Live TV does not carry. TVision Vibe also has the AMC & Discovery family of channels.

    So if someone switches from Hulu + Live TV to a potential AT&T TV Now Max & TVision Vibe they would only be missing the A+E Networks (which Hulu has.)

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