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I got my locals up on Saturday (8/3/02)!

Discussion in 'DIRECTV General Discussion' started by Jasonbp, Aug 9, 2002.

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  1. Jasonbp

    Jasonbp Godfather

    Jun 17, 2002
    Well I am posting this late but better than never.

    Last Friday I found out that the Grand Rapids locals were up and running. So, I went and called DirecTV up that afternoon and ordered the package. On Saturday I went out and bought a second 18" dish. Then went to Radio Shack and got the cable's I needed.

    Went home and put the dish together. Took it outside and mounted it to my barn. I got it so it was even with the 101 Sat Dish. Set it so the tilt (or whatever it is) was right. Then I thought I would try from there.

    I went and turned the TV to the window so I could see it from outside and then I started to move the dish to the right just a little bit at a time. I picked up the 119 Sat. I got a peak of 68 and it was jumping from 66 to 67. I thought that was good enough, I wasn't going to mess with it anymore. I went back inside and turned the TV around and went to channel 3- CBS, 8-NBC, 13-ABC, 17-FOX, 41-ABC, 47-PAX/WB. All coming in good. Plus some of those great Spanish channels, though some of them are pretty good. If I could only understand what they were saying.

    I go back outside to tighten the dish down and I bump the thing. So I go back inside swearing under my breath if I lost that dish I am going to $^%* something up. Well I go back in the program and now the peek is 87 and it's steady at about 85. So I am like jumping up and down now that I got better. So then I go back outside and tighten the dish down.

    After that I cut all the wires and put them together so I could get both sats and everything. Time working 1 hour 20 minutes, putting dish together, finding the Sat, running cable.. That's taking a 10 break and watching some TV too. Hey, it was hot out and I needed some AC.
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