I need HELP, PLEASE!!! Transponder problem??

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    I have had DirectTV for 4 years, but recently upgraded one of our two receivers to an Ultimate TV receiver. My husband installed it a few months ago, but didn't get around to installing the Multi-switch until a couple of weeks ago. Everything appeared to be working fine.
    A few days ago, I noticed that a few of the channels are not coming in - the banner shows the Channel number and program info, but the screen is black and says "searching for satellite signal". This is only happening on the receiver with Ultimate TV and it is only happening on HGTV, DIY channel, TLC, and Lifetime Movie Network. (personally I think it's a conspiracy against me... all I watch is decorating shows! LOL)
    When I first called DirectTV, they went through all of the normal tests and found nothing wrong. They eventually de-activated my service and re-activated it and the channels came back. Well... It has now happened again! I called DirectTV again, went through the same tests, nothing seemed to be wrong. However, this time they had me do the test where you check the signals on your Transponders and it turns out that Transponder 4 has no signal. As soon, as DirectTV heard that, they told me I needed to have a technician come out for a service call. They say it's an equipment problem and there's nothing they can do. I told them no thanks, and here I am! (my husband installed everything and "insists" there is nothing wrong with the equipment...)
    Does anyone have a clue as to what the problem might be?
    I've heard of the even/odd problem, but I thought that was where every other transponder doesn't work. Mine is just Transponder 4 - all others have a signal.
    Please help me!!!
    Sorry this is so long! I would appreciate any advice!
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    This may NOT be a problem with your equipment or with DirecTV. Now that the new spot beam satellite is up and pumping data, various transponders from that satellite are unavailable in various areas. I live on the west coast, and the following transponders are MIA: 4, 12, 20, & 26. And that's as it should be, now. In other areas, different transponders are unavailable. Furthermore there have been reports of troubles with UltimateTV receivers since the spot beam satellite went operational. Some sort of software glitch. DirecTV and UltimateTV are aware of the problem and are working on it. Typically, CSRs are the last to know what's going on. I suspect a software update downloaded in the data stream from DirecTV will soon fix the problem. You were probably correct not to jump at the chance to pay for a service call. Just be patient (frustration is allowed, though).
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    I recently installed a new Ultimate TV receiver.
    At one point I came up with several transponders not working.
    I had found that one of my favorite stations was not coming in, and had the 'seaching for signal' bit show up.
    Doing a signal strength search came up with at least 4 transponders not working.
    I verified the problem on my other receiver.
    This was on the 101 satellite.
    have not seen the same problem again.
    I figured it was just a temporary problem.

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    Hey Wayne,

    Welcome to DBSTalk. Thanks for joining us!
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    Hey Wayne,

    Welcome to DBSTalk. Thanks for joining us!
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