If E* & D* merged, what would be their new name?

Discussion in 'Archive' started by -, Aug 15, 2001.

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    Most likely it would remain Dish Network but any speculation as to what a good new name would be?


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    I like DishDirect:)
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    Funny, that's exactly what I was going to say. I think DishDirect flows better than DirectDish.
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    Chris, you sholud change this thread to a poll.....
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    I thought about that but I wanted to see how creative we could get ;)
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    DishDirect, a subsidiary of "Microsoft-GE-AOL-Disney-Time- Warner-Fox, Inc.

    I may be thinking a few years further out than the rest of you ;)
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    BTW, they don't give a rat's posterior what you call them, as long as you keep sending them checks each month.
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    for Charlie's Country Cable:
    Same great picture as cable, same choice, only cheaper
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    DishDirect, a subsidiary of "Microsoft-GE-AOL-Disney-Time- Warner-Fox, Inc.

    I may be thinking a few years further out than the rest of you...

    How about Sky America? Seems more likely a few years down the road.
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    Why did I pick one current name over the other one? Simple. I think DirecTV is the most recognized of the two -- and I think the name would be extremely important. Especially since a lot of people are unaware that DTV is entertaining offers for buyout.

    So one of the two names should remain intact -- DirecTV has more subs, and more commonly recognized by the public, and so that is why I'd suggest it.
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    I agree that it should remain DirecTV since the name is so popular. I like the ring of DishDirect though.
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    Just finsihed installing new dish while cable was still hooked up. HARDLY the same picture. The poeple that say that either have a raging cable system, or forgot what cable was really like. Cable is fuzzy - like an OTA station that doesn't quite come in. Dish is pixeled, but I'll take pixels over fuzz and blur anyday. Not to mention PVR! :)

    I think Charlie'd leave it DirecTV by Echostar or something like that - why get rid of the better name recognition?
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    I agree with you. My OTA or cable analog signal has to be perfect to be able to compete with DBS. While DBS can be fuzzy on larger TV's, it's better than interference patterns, snow, etc.
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    Well, after tonights news, I dug this thread out of the archives. Im sure this will come up anyways. Any more suggestions?

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    Okay, I've got another one. ONE CHOICE COUNTRY TV. Let's face it, with no cable running to rural areas and no OTA, Dish would have a monopoly.
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    Well, theres always C-Band or a grey market subcsription to BEV or *c.

    Dish One
    Digital One

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    "Gotcha coming or going" he he he he he

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