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I'm confused about DISH HD package billing.

Discussion in 'DISH™ High Definition Discussion' started by jwortiz, Apr 10, 2009.

  1. jwortiz

    jwortiz New Member

    Oct 7, 2003

    I'm thinking of changing my current DISH network programming package. The goal is to trim costs without losing what we normally watch. All the programs we now watch are now in HD and I would like to get rid of the extra duplicate SD channnels (if possible). This got me to start looking into the TurboHD programming package(s), but when I called DISH Network, I could not get a straight answer from the 3 times I called. I'm even more confused now than I normally am. :)

    Here's a quick summary of what I have at home.

    America's EverythingPak with Locals

    DISH 500 w/ 2 dish setup pointing to 61.5, 110 & 119 locations.
    722 Receiver (Man Cave/Home Theater)
    211 Receiver (Living room)
    625 Receiver (2 daughters share/2 bedrooms)
    510 Receiver (Master bedroom)

    I know I have to upgrade my 2 SD receivers (510 & 625) to HD receivers for the TurboHD and Eastern Arc configuration. My question is, how much would my monthly bill be if I switch to the Eastern Arc configuration and TurboHD Gold w/Platinum + premiums? (approximate & after I upgrade the 2 receivers) :)

    With the additional access fees, DHPP (protection plan), etc., my current total bill is $ 136.45 a month. Will it be worth it monetarily a month, if I switch?

    Any help in trying to sort this out would be greatly appreciated.
  2. harsh

    harsh Beware the Attack Basset

    Jun 14, 2003
    Salem, OR
    You didn't say what channels you regularly watched. There are multiple levels of TurboHD so it may be important.

    Understand that some HD channels don't seem to be available in the TurboHD packages.

    There may also be some significant impediments (not the least of which is cost) to upgrading to four HD receivers.
  3. BattleZone

    BattleZone Hall Of Fame

    Nov 13, 2007
    Per Dish's business rules, Eastern Arc is for NEW customers ONLY at this time.
  4. coldsteel

    coldsteel Hall Of Fame

    Mar 29, 2007
    {EDIT: See #6 for equipment costs}

    Programming, TurboDVRGold is $60, 4 premium movie and Plat HD is $50, 2 addl HDDVR fees of $12 each and 1 addl HD rcvr fee of $7. Add the $6 for DHPP and you're at... $147 + tax. You have to pay DVR fees if you drop off AEP, adding $10, then another $4 for the 2 addl HD receivers.

    Unfortunately, I don't feel it's worth it, unless you really want the extra HDD space on the 622/722 and 612. Keeping AEP only would add $4 a month in total.
  5. CABill

    CABill Hall Of Fame

    Mar 20, 2005
    The exact $ total would depend on the ViP receivers you picked to replace the 510 and 625. Any ViP receiver will be $2/month more than the SD receiver (either lease fee or Addl Rec if owned is $7 instead of $5). I doubt you would be able to replace the 510 and 625 with two 211s and have the daughters continue to share a single tuner between them:). They would likely need to share a 622/722. That adds $2 to what you now pay for the 625 and another $5.98 for its DVR fee that is currently waived because you subscribe to AEP. If it weren't for the daughters sharing, you could replace the 510 and 625 with 211s and pay the $40 to add external hard drives to all three 211s and then you would NOT have the $5.98 DVR fees (other than for the 722) added. You don't have Dish DVR Advantage now, but that could be used to reduce the $5.98 DVR fee to $5 for each DVR. Adding two HD DVRs would add at least $7 each as replacements for your SD receivers, but only $2 each if they were 211s (add external HD to make them a "DVR").

    Depending on what you choose for replacement ViP receivers, you might not save any money, and you'd have to convince people to give you EA TurboHD, plus pay the cost of the upgrade receivers.
  6. coldsteel

    coldsteel Hall Of Fame

    Mar 29, 2007
    I braincramped something. Depending which existing receivers are leased or not, the upgrade/equipment costs could be much higher. A purchased HDDVR runs $400 for the 612 and $550 for a 722.

    If he went the 3 vip211 route, yes, he saves $3 monthly, but pays a LOT more for equipment. 3 211s, 1 leased (assuming the current 722 and 211 are leased) and 2 purchased will run $700, plus another $200 for another 44 switch.

    Also, he WILL NOT get EA. He already has the dishes needed and probably already has the first 44 switch.

    Again, honestly, the OP won't save any money. Unless he needs the HD output, I honestly recommend not going Turbo in his situation. Even then, I say keep the AEP, and go for a duo and solo, so you only pay $4 a month more.
  7. CABill

    CABill Hall Of Fame

    Mar 20, 2005
    Agree that TurboHD doesn't look like it would save much, but why would you want more than one DPP44 to feed 4 receivers? He has 4 receivers now and would have 4 after replacing two of them.

    Getting two 211s would be LESS, not a lot MORE, for equipment. No way to know for sure what is currently leased, but if it is just the 722 and 211 leased via DIU, you could get either a 612 or 211 as the "fourth leased output". Either could be about $75 installed, but for me it shows $25 for a 211 "shipped". A purchased 211 would be less than a purchased HD DVR. If his 722 is purchased and not leased, getting two leased 211s under DIU could be as little as $50 shipped. Three 211s (with external drives to be a feeless DVR) would be the only way the OP might save anything on monthly fees if AEP is dropped.
  8. coldsteel

    coldsteel Hall Of Fame

    Mar 29, 2007
    If he went your 3 vip-211 route to replace the 625/510, that's 5 receivers...

    All my pricing is worst-case, based on DIU and purchases after that. Agreed, we can't figure specifics unless the OP knows what's leased or not and tells us.
  9. CABill

    CABill Hall Of Fame

    Mar 20, 2005
    Adding 3 211s would make no economic sense. Paying the $12 fee on a 722 (mirror fee plus DVR fee under DDA) would be less than two additional ViP receivers ($14) for the siblings. My two 211s are straight replacements for the existing SD receivers, and finding ways that rooms can share.

    I'm going for best case as far as $. Maybe he could get by with a ViP222 and no DVR features?? Somehow, I doubt it would be acceptable once people have become used to a DVR. If the daughter's have to have a shared DVR with independent outputs, the best situation $ would be having the 625 be leased now and replace it with a DIU 622. That would take away $7/month of "savings" from dropping AEP for TurboHD. The 4 leased output restriction will probably be an issue. jwortiz will have to provide the info.
  10. Bob Ketcham

    Bob Ketcham AllStar

    Jan 2, 2006
    It looks to me like you have only two HD sets... man cave and the living room. And it looks like you only have four people in the house.

    If that is correct, you should be able to cut your hardware fees. If you are eligible for a second HD DuoDVR receiver using Dish'n It Up, you can cut your receivers down to two HD DuoDVRs, one in the man cave and one in the living room. The other rooms can be served via TV2 from these two units. You just need proper splitters, combiners and amps for the TV2 signals and a comfortable number of extra UHF remotes. Everybody has their own tuner and all have access to DVR playback. You can add a big hard drive to each DVR to archive your favorite movies, etc.

    The TV2 outputs are SD 4x3 and can be received by older analog TV sets. HD programming can be displayed letterboxed to show the full 16x9 or zoomed to 4x3. The TurboHD packages also include the SD channel for the HD channels that have an SD equivalent. These can also be seen on the TV2 outputs in full screen 4x3.

    Bottom line... I can see no reason to have / pay for as much equipment as you have. Two Duo HD DVRs (622s or 722s) should match your room configuration and number of people. Then you have the receivers needed to go to a TurboHD only package.

    Dish is usually fairly generous with Dish'n It Up to customers who have the high end programming lineup you have. After you get the ideal hardware installed, then you reduce your programming. You just have to maintain a minimum package. That used to be Top 100 plus HD, but I think a Bronze HD package will suffice. Check with the CSR.

    With DishDVR advantage, you pay $10 above the base package to get locals and the first Duo DVR, $12 for the second. And then you get a $3 credit. Total net hardware cost is $19 - $5 (what you would pay for locals ala carte) = $14.

    I switched to the programming listed below today - I've had the two Duo DVRs though Dish'n It Up for quite a while. The CSR indicated that my monthly cost would be $70.99 plus tax. Breaks down as $39.99 for TurboHD Dish DVR Advantage Bronze, $22 for premium packages, $12 for 2nd DVR, -$3 Dish DVR credit.

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