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Independent D* installer in southern Michigan? Recommendations?

Discussion in 'DIRECTV General Discussion' started by Rob67, Jul 29, 2006.

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  1. Rob67

    Rob67 New Member

    Jul 29, 2006
    Hey everyone. I am looking for a D* tv installer who covers the greater Detroit area (actually just south of the airport). I have lost all confidence in Michigan Microtech who is the “company” sponsored installer in Michigan. Their techs are incompetent, or at least the two they have sent out are. They all tell you different things. Some tell me you can't do longer then a 50 foot run wiht the new dish, but DirecTV says it can. DirecTV even three way called the loac office who then agreed to do the install, but the tech showed up and said he couldn't do it cause it was over 50feet. It ook two days off from work. I even told them specifically what needed to be done before the last time out but the guy who showed up had no idea.

    I need an AT9 (5lnb) dish install, ground mounted about 125 to 135 feet from the H20 receiver. It’s at the end of a 4 unit townhouse. Clear sighting to the SW.

    Anyone have any ideas?
  2. Rob67

    Rob67 New Member

    Jul 29, 2006
  3. D-Bamatech

    D-Bamatech Godfather

    Jun 28, 2006
    Ill see if i can send ya somebody. PM me w/ a e-mail adress. This guy IS great.. well tenured and does large sat rollouts (lotto ect). Not the adverage HSP wanna be. (as we call them HSP "hacks"). He's in Mich but i dont know how close to your location.

    BTW in "our tech forum" currently there is pictures and jokes concerning your almighty DTV HSP = Mich Micro tech(they sell hot tubs too LMAO). You are Not alone this whole country percentage wise goes through the SAME exact stupidity and underqualified nightmares of the "approved DTV Home service providers".

    I'll send your post to the tech now.
  4. D-Bamatech

    D-Bamatech Godfather

    Jun 28, 2006
    :lol: View attachment 6036

    Microtech is part of the Monopolized racketeers currently running DTv HSP installations.

    (below is a short list of some of this 2 yr war against "the oppressors". You customers have NO clue what is going on as ive said time and time again here. These companies ARE "connected" (more than one meaning) beyond anything resembling TV . Full blown crooks and deceptors who need federal prison not a HSP contract. Plenty Plenty of evidence. (enough said )

    Dove Digital Services, Inc, Winnfield, LA (MSP)
    American Digital Services, Inc, Winnfield, LA
    Bluegrass / JBM Inc, Maysville, KY (HSP)
    Bruister & Associates, Meridian, MS, (HSP)
    Comm Craft, Inc, Winnfield, LA
    Directec, Inc. of Delaware, Dover, DE (HSP)
    Directech Southwest, Winnfield, LA (HSP)
    Directech, MS (HSP)
    Directech of Kentucky, Maysville, KY (HSP)
    Michigan Microtech, Mount Pleasant, MI (HSP)
    and JBM, INC.

    Use your state's Secretary of State web sites to search corporations info.

    {This list is from a post from 2005 BTW from a tech forum when "this war" and uncovering of truth was in its first few steps. Since then.. well i could put docket numbers and excepts from afidavits from cases pending and have moved with in this nations court system. This lists and the connected names outside DTV HAS grown to things fit for only a episode of the Sopranos to be honest} This list now has changed some and GRowN in leaps and bounds and now INCLUDES names that are NOT "connected" to Tv in anyway shape or form. It IS a *Racket by definition ... AND APPROVED AND AWARDED BY THE NATIONS LARGEST DIGITAL PROGRAMING PROVIDER..

    STAY AWAY FROM THE HSP! >morally(supporting "sydicated biz" and their practices), as a tech, and as a customer!

    Like i said "the Mastec story here" in this forum aint Shhhhhhhhh!

    BTW Mich man needing help.. I just did TWO of these same things here in less than a week . =At-9's with HSP Bruister and Asc. "bached" idioticy UNderpaid wanna be's. ONE cust had 3 AT-9's on site fro a new install. All claimed to be broken by tech from factory(only 1 was broken and it was from the "installers" not some factory). Cust had his phone line cut in to underground with 1st attempted pole mt. and STill had no TV OR Phone serv.. 3 HSP trips to home.. still no tv.. but they fixed the ph. (lol).. Next story (just 2 days ago). Cust orders DVR and new serv. Hsp comes after cust waits fro ever for appt to come after order date.. Installer has NO plole.. AND NO DVR.. (lol).. Cust gets IRATE... ect ect.. its never ending with Brtuister around here. My contacts and "fighters" around the country pronounce and SEE the EXact same thing. (just some areas of country DMA's are much worse but with an adverage and Number status as way below what DTv requires in each and every catagory practically. The contracts of the HSP stays in tact at whose expense? even when DTV's OWN #'s dictate a serious need for change. hmmmmm... the paper trail continues... ('nough said) . I pitty a DTV customer from 1800 DTV to be honest.. This digital camera and my eyes dont lie despite the paper and the intel involved. sad sad sad..Sworn statements from PAYING patrons dont lie either.. (if i typed for ever and pasted 2 yrs worth here.. there wouldnt be a soul in this forum call a HSP Again IMHO.. especially those who have a since of morality in their blood.)

    Hail hail to DTV's HSP and MSP racket of money driven Greed AND CROOKS! (chuckle)
    Victums? hmmm You guys the customers! The racket has reaped more profit with rate drops and now the most UNderqualified and careless workforce per a national service provider of any sorts in this country.

    Are you guys even aware that the siamese RG-6/ Ph line cble recently implimented as part of the standard HSP install(ph line conected to rg-6 from factory) IS NOT LEGAL PH LINE PER THE FEDERAL GOVT FOR A RESIDENCE for instance?. Want the list of what DTV *openly acknowledges by awarding contracts to blatant violators and then continues for yrs to keep them as the "approved" contract holder?

    DTV and their HSP's Are clear violators of Laws Galore and have been for yrs.. It Now has became nothing but a profit based Greed stand at your expense. There is not a real technician in this country that will work for those HSP rates of today.. . We techs laugh at the HSP debachery while at the same time tear it to part with Nothing BUT TRUTH!

    A Federal web search of JBM in ohio (bluegrass name of HSP). and see . Federal court witness' threatened in open court by JBM henchmen. Blatant disregard for fed law.. you name it.. A Forced lock box of money that has no destination or route but in crooks pockets.(employess FORCED to pay into a "fund" that has no tangibility or has No witness to its route)This (bluegrass/ JBM) is a Key player in this whole racket . .. Look for one name to surface in each and every one of those company names listed above.....

    Threats and lawyers.. union busters.. strong arming of employees .. illegal firings.. NLRB violations.. ect ect.. the list here can go on and on.


    approved HSP!????
  5. Cap'n Preshoot

    Cap'n Preshoot Godfather

    Jul 16, 2006

    Custom job, for sure.

    The distance is the issue and for 2 reasons. First of all severe non-linear signal attenuation (slope) in that length of cable at those frequencies. If the dish location is 125 feet away "as the crow flies" then quite likely the total distance from the dish to your receiver is going to be more like 150 feet or greater.

    Secondly the I/R voltage drop in that length of RG6, even with a solid copper center conductor, is likely to require an external power supply and power-insertion device to power the electronics in the dish.

    Both issues can be addressed by using RG11 coax and ground-mounting quite possibly will dictate the use of direct burial-rated cable, which means the gooey, icky-pik flooding compound that's nothing short of hell to work with, but guarantees a waterproof job and is something I would recommend (and insist on if it were mine).

    All of which means a custom job and the contractors that work for DTV are not custom installers. Likely close to 100% of them have never even seen RG11 coax and it's a sure bet none of them have the tools or connectors to use with it.

    4 runs of RG11 is going to give you a wire bundle the approx. size of a half-dollar coin, if any of you can remember what a half-dollar looks like :)

    Quad-Shield RG11 may also be appropriate for this long a run since you don't want ingress radiation from any nearby transmitters leaking-in and screwing up your Ka signals.

    Running it all inside grey PVC electrical conduit would also be a consideration as well as an alternative to using icky-pik direct burial cable. Just be sure to put all the cabling you're every going to need inside from the get-go because pulling-in another wire later is going to be a tough row to hoe. Minimum bending radius for RG11 I believe is approx 4" which requires prefabricated conduit bends and no "jakes" or "LB's" unless you use oversize pipe, i.e., 3".

    I smell some dollars here.
  6. D-Bamatech

    D-Bamatech Godfather

    Jun 28, 2006
    Capt that training video those HSP kids watched i dont think said anything about RG-11 or flooded cable. Lmao.

    How bout this for an example. UNconfirmed #'s (working on them ) state that the adverage tenure of the Local HSp "installer" on adverage is 3 months. lol.
    The experience number per tech dramatically decreases as the month total increases. = When counting HSP techs with over 1 yr tenures.. well.. there IS NONE practically.!!!!.. ( its a joke at evcery D* Cx 's expense!)

    As a tech count displays .. 65%-80% of ALL HSP work is subbed out to other wanna be outfits who will work for anything and pull 20$ from each install while "the man" sits still and RAPES profits from the sweat of the installers.. In Actuallityhe HSP is nothing BUT a call center with Nothing but subs and a UNderqualified and weak tenured work force. Why all the subbing? HSP's have EMPTY white vans and 10-12$ per hr ex Mc donalds employee's.

    There is a joke here between me and another tech about the last "white vans We pulled over"> Question: how long have you worked for the HSP? Answer about 2 months. Questions: what did you do before you did DTV? Answer: "I was the chief cook for waffle house".. QUOTE UN QUOTE!

    So "TV watchers".. welcome to your DTV HSP approved contractor's workforce!
    (LMAO).. Ya may not get a real install (PERCENTAGES DICTATES THIS TO BE HIGHLY LIKELY).. But if your hungry ask the "installer" to make ya waffle!
  7. D-Bamatech

    D-Bamatech Godfather

    Jun 28, 2006
    View attachment 6039
    (mich micro tech parking lot pic)

    So if all these vans Never even had a ladder on them. Who is doing the HSP work.. Lol... SUBS and any "joe" that will take the work. Who comes to the cust Home?.. Good question.. what a crap shoot!

    ( WHile on the Mich Micro Tech (JBM's Mattingly bunch) topic of the back of Mich Micro tech and their unused vans due to pay and the stance that this trades REAL techs have taken and will continue to take UNTIL FURTHER Self IMPLOSION is Complete!)..

    DTV' AND THEIR HSP "made this Bed.. WE say say let them LIE in it!".

    View attachment 6040
    (this pic Is from My area Bruister and Ass on a saturday afternoon when HSp is supposed to be Busy)

    This perception and reality of dormant insufficetcy is NATION wide from All of the Hsp's. DTv dicates a 80% "in house work force" also.. lol... Sub to sub to sub to sub.. while the Hsp Vans sit still without a tech to drive them due to their OWN hands. The ones who are Fool enough to go.. dont stay long.. thus waffle house donates "*a body*".( he he)

    Call on the 1800 #'s to get D* service.. Dont say ya wasnt warned "tv watchers". Turn over rates dictate they cant keep anyone and NO real tech will work for such pay and requirements. Your HOME is at risk!

    = They made their bed.. let 'em lie in it"!... Sub away while the Cx perception plummmits worse, service call rates go through the roof to a never before scene total, and No call No shows.. and and and.. ect ect ect.

    Say hello to the APPROVED HSP racket and sub -a thon!
  8. DCSholtis

    DCSholtis Up The Irons!

    Aug 7, 2002
    I dont know about others but Ive had nothing but great service from Bluegrass Satellite and would use them again if needed.
  9. Cap'n Preshoot

    Cap'n Preshoot Godfather

    Jul 16, 2006
    The HSP's give the kid the VAN and the gasoline, and insurance but the kid has to furnish all tools, safety-approved ladders, crimper tool, drill, etc and the $450 Birdog meter.

    They give the kid all the coax cable, connectors, mounting hardware and etc but the kid has to furnish the F-81 barrel connectors if he uses any, which he's not supposed to.

    The kid makes $50 per install but has to give back $15 of that per install for the truck & fuel.

    They charge $65 to $100 (area depending) for concealed in-wall wiring. The kid makes half of that, the other half goes to the HSP.

    They charge $30 for service calls. The kid gets half, the HSP gets the other half.

    Any tools, ladders, test meter, etc the kid needs is "fronted" to him when he starts, then they collect (Garnish) $50 per paycheck to pay for it all. The average fiberglass 24' OSHA approved ladder costs the kid $300. A full set of tools, ladders, Birdog meter, crimper, heavy dusy cordless drill, etc will cost the kid about $1200 minimum. Any tools the kid loses or leaves behind at a job he has to replace out of his own pocket.

    The kid has to pay $10 each for his uniform shirts. He is required to purchase a minimum of two and always start the day in a clean shirt.

    Anything stolen out of the truck the kid is responsible for.

    Around here the kid gets to take his truck home with him at night but if he's caught doing any side jobs off the books or using the truck for personal use he gets fired.

    Any uncollected monies for tools, etc are deducted out of his last check. If his final check is insufficient to cover what's still owed then he gets no check and has to give back anything that's not yet paid for.

    The kid gets a $30 monthly "credit" towards his D* subscription if he wants one. If he doesn't then he gets nothing.

    Great place to work, huh? Oh by the way, the kid is carried on the books as a contractor, which means he works strictly by the job, not by the hour. Translation: No overtime pay and no benefits.

    Do you want to biggie-size that?
  10. D-Bamatech

    D-Bamatech Godfather

    Jun 28, 2006
    LMAO... not too far off for someone on the sidelines Capt.

    BUT its ALOT worse than that to be truthful(ALOT worse). I know by reading the posts in this forum WHO the HSP "installers" are here.. lol.. not hard to spot AT ALL. ITs funny as all heck to be honest.

    Hey but for a guy that made 6.50 an hr last month @ waffle house and now he makes 10-12$ per hr.. Heck he thinks he has a good job. Little does he know that the pay for this same job less than 2 yrs ago from the SAME company paid him about 80$ more per job. They dont know the history or what the job is worth even. Lets see now.. here and at Most all JBM sydicated racket and criminal based HSP's the pay to drive the "pretty white van" is 10-12 per hr. Ok If a 4 rec job takes 4 hrs to do.. thats 40-48$ pay before taxes (if ya work for MAstec then they MAKE you lease THEIR company van and that is also deducted> Yep you are MADE to lease a COMPANY owed Vehicle to work for a corporation and bring them profits LMFAO.. these kids have No clue.. if they would just go to the NLRB and get a case # and JOIN the fight!. Il help any and every one of them get LAW based Justice btw and send them to the proper Union or NLRB office or lawyers(their choice).. they wouldnt be alone and theeir would be help already in a large network waiting for them to express simple justice)..
    Back on track ... ok 48$ max on install. Well that same install paid 60/20/20/20 2 yrs ago ... SO lets see 120 - 48= ? ... hmmmm... LOL..the sydication and racket gets richer and the cust's get screwed while the HSP racket just made 80$ more than it did less than 2 yrs ago off the sweat of another man for one Single install.

    Now here is "somebodies" (somebody just might be ME) rate on a 4 ird basic = 130-150$(depending on the source.. An at-9 pays 225-250 per on a 4 ird)... So kids of the HSP who is a fool?.. I came from the birth of DTv and used to get 199 per basic install. Hell the private contractor for the HSP and the same work order gets a national nominal now of 60/15 or 65/15. So lets see 110- 48$.=?.. Lmao.. same work order, same cust address, same company just one an employee and one a contractor.

    Why any body works for the HSP now days is beyond me. Oh thats right .. the HSP's keep the contractors separated and they dont even let them pick up EQ at the same time, so the kids in the white van are segregated with purpose and as a told fact from the HSp managemennt themselves. Hsp's ILLEGALLY fired all the real techs for suporting rightousness and standing up or for suporting a Union and then hired nothing but new Green blood to make up a work force that knows NO better. Get the kids in and pull wool over their eyes.. I recnetly stopped another one on the road and this guy was so proud he made 12$ he bragged on it.. Well then in turn i let him talk by ph to a HSP contractor who told him his rate.. then i told him mine.. The guy quit that night ! The hourly employes are so lost and they cant keep any (turn over rate) that now most all the HSP 1800 DTv work is subbed out to any and everybody through an HSP and now the pay plummets worse. Theres a middle man raping even more now. Heck i see them advertising at 50/10 all the time now. Heck for that .. you wont even get an English speaking installer most of the time.

    Why ya think those vans are so empty? (PICS).. wHY has there never been a ladder on the trucks?

    AND captain brother you hit the nail on the head with the reference to the contractor vs employe BS.. There are more cases currently involving that than you could ever imagine... federal cases!. Look NO further than the precident set by the FEDEX case and the ruling concerning employee vs contractor. ITS nationwide right now with one heck of an explosion coming in the very near future to be frank . The HSp's pissed off the IBEW and the CWA and thats not good (lol). They sabataged and hired union busting firms(a firm that has ties also to organized activity and is built on protecting criminals as a fact) to keep the unions out. Not gonna work everywhere.. lol.. (mastec Tampa, Bruister Gasden ALA, ect = CWA and IBEW)

    IF.. you are dictated times and places and have to call some office 15 times a day to open and close jobs ect. then you ARE NOT a contractor by Federal LAW but an employee without a benifit one and it is ILLEGAL in every facit!. Wanna know how many HSP's currently are doing this? EVERY D*** ONE OF THEM! They call ya a contractor , charge you back for BS that excedes the pay for the job to start with, Force and dictate to a Private contractor and then when the case comes before the court they threaten them in the parking lot or even in the court rm (as JBM bluegrass in Ohio) for saying anything. AND No benefits!

    Wallmart isnt Shhh..as far as labor practices goes. wallmart is a saint in comparison.

    BTW the ones that werent fired quit and guess where all the tenured EX DTV HSP techs work now?... you guesed it.. Dish network!.. Why ? no instAlled free phone lines, pole mts, and a pay rate that makes DTv look like min wage. Each d-net install will pay a tech at least 40-100$ more per install.

    DTV and their approved HSP's made this bed.. by golly there is more of me than can be counted and WE all say Goliath WILL fall.
    ( =See ya at the next open federal court ...you criminal enterprising racketeers!)

    So see TV watchers of DTV.. the guys at your house ARE left overs from the trade and new hire's.. No experience.. nothing but a body with a drill in your home... Hey but ya know what.. they ARE approved from DTV to be there LMAO!.

    Id give a mint for a pictue from these "posters" of their installs from around the country who have been installed within the last 2 yrs. Then compare them to the pics from the posters prior to the 2 yr period. Ill bet the house on a destinctive night and day difference. SEE another thing is "joe general DTv cust" doesnt know what a proper install is to start with.. dont think HSP racket managemnet doesnt know this either... they BANK on it

    I wonder if this forum even knows that DTv installations is the ONLY trade in this country that has scene steady and Massive pay reductions over the time period DTv has been in existence and here recently that is unbelievable.. This is the ONLY trade that has scene this kind of decrease and injustice in pay cuts in this country as a fact. BY certain lawyers and officials it has been compared to the railroad of the 1800's in american history.

    How many of you here would accept a pAy decrease each yr?.. Instead of a cost of living raise each yr .. what about a cost of living depletion? Remeber i saw 199$ per install now its to 40-48$ from an HSP. funny thing is DTv pay has not changed that much at all over their existence to the sales or the install side. So No pay and more requirements per job (free pole mts to obtain LOS and free ph lines outside 25ft)... You guys wanna watch Tv or put it in?.. Lol not a hard choice when ya know truth NOW is it?.. would you Put DTv in your home for 40- 48$? Why is it IF one of you guys called me for dtv ( Im not a dealer either) that.. well heres a fact.. this week i did a 2 Ird sale install and was paid 220$ for it.. But yet the pay for the HSP and the approved route is less than 120$. Hsp's get 100 plus for the 1st IRD from DTV per install.. So a 4 rec job pays them near 200$(which grows higher on most installs) and thats without ph hook up incentives and upsales.. the actually labor and sweat gets 40-48$ of that... Told ya wallmart wasnt shhhhh!

    Rejects, achoholics and dope attics will do this type work for the pay of today.. (you WILL NOT find a REAL sat technician anywhere near a HSP now either practically).. tell me who the heck else will for this PAY and abuse.? What about being charged back because your cust got the remote off of channel 3 or input.. The charge back IS 100$.. you got paid half that? Hmmmm and you people probably think i just raise cane for No reason here huh?...(chuckle)... well go throughout the internet.. You will find ME and Hundreds more with these same exact tells of TRUTH!..

    If you believe in 3rd world country labor and Love Wallmart then call the Criminals of the HSP.. If ya dont like what TRUTH depicts then dont read what i write. If ya believe in the rights of American workers then Dont call A HSP or 1800 DTv again for service.. its all to simple for the backbones of REAL people.

    HSP techs here? did ya know all of this... Not hardly.. and i dont have to ask it either.Want change? Contact Me. I have quite the proof and then some and will Help anybody who has had enough involving DTv and their HSP racket>! This country and its designed protection of the general working man has laws and organizations set up and in place with plenty of help waiting . If you have proof and documents that may state your case.. then i definately want to talk to YOU. Wrongfully fired? Are you an employee or a contractor OR do you even know? Have you been charged back as an employee status?.. it goes on and on.. Forced to rent a comapny truck? forced to pay for small parts and called a employee?.. Not paid for trips to pick up EQ? Not paid for those company captured audienced forced upon meetings? Not paid overtime? (or as MAstec does paid 3$ period. Not 3$ per hr either.. 3$ total pay for over 40?)

    See there forum .. would you and your grandparents support this.. i dont think so? would you go to your job and tolerate such without a fight?... i dont think so..?

    And you guys think the word racketteer is just an adjective i may use HUH> not hardly as John wayne would say.. The word is is used in its truest sence by websters definition and has quite the proof in its use to back it up. I could post a name here that would shock the world in HIS involvement in this racket too.. And no he has not a thing to do with DTV officially.. But yet his name is quite prominant when looking for KNOWN criminal *organized crime..

    SHOCKED YET?????

    My uttmost suggestion to all here is to use LOCAL private dealers and technicians. Dont support the tyranny any more. This one post should be enough to make you think anyway.

    Heres some History of the JBM "sydication racket" with the federal govt and the NLRB. Rememeber my LIST above.. This can be spread all across this country to where JBM and Mattingly's crooks are connected.(forget the Union words in some of these cases and just read the actions preformed to rec the complaints of this HSP Giant under different names in this country)


    BTW one man in these cases is mysteriously NOW DEAD... how thats for an HSP shock!?!?!

    There IS a train comin' to DTV and their HSP network.. Goliath is weak at the knees and its time for "him" to FALL!!

    Think about this post the next time ya call 1800 DTV or an HSP. Make every complaint you have to cx retention over their BS at your homes. Then call the Indy Tech/company and make DTv pay for it in the HSP's name. Heck if ya live down this way.. then you might just see me after the fact.. lmao.

    Do it for US the real technicians that Built DTV from the ground up only to be spit on by corporate greed and sydicated organizations within the Hand picked by DTV (not bid on contracts).. but a contract awarded from the INSIDE) HSP rackett.

    Now is this the HSP and DTv install network you thought was out there layman of this forum?.. hmmmm....
  11. nhguy

    nhguy Mentor

    Jul 16, 2006
    Based on my limited and unpleasant experience w/ D* techs I agree w/ every negative thing said about them. going the independent installer route is the only way that the non technical homeowner has half a chance to get a working installation.
  12. D-Bamatech

    D-Bamatech Godfather

    Jun 28, 2006
    THANK YOU for expresing and seeing "the light".

    Heck i just had a cust run the Bruister HSP off their property by Gun point. SHE yes SHE was a irate to say the least. Then theres another who the installer that came destroyed a brand new home AND cut the phone sevice into. Cust had NO tv and NO ph when i got there. Then theres the one recently tyhta a man threatend to KILL the Bruister hsp Installer.. WHY? the boy made sexual responses to the customers daughter who was in elementry school. That man will find this guy (No doubt in my mind either) and either hurt him really bad or recieve a murder charge. Then there one where the house had 6 masts mounted on the roof (never removed) and keep moving the dish tryin to rec a signal. The cust roof was destroyed and HE still had No TV.

    Ive got pictures and cust and technician signed statements from all over this country.

    SAD SAD SAD.. but yet call that 1800# and the numbers say 69% of you guys will repeat these same stories in some shape or form.

    Its a fact not some bunch of words,
  13. Rob67

    Rob67 New Member

    Jul 29, 2006
    Thanks for the info guys. Seems like some of you are quite passionate about this!

    I don't care who does it, as long as it makes sense, money wise, and it is a feasible installation resulting in a strong and sufficient signal.
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